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    Back In To Society - Prison Profiteering of the backs of the incarcerated .

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    As an offender stands before a judge and hears the sentencing terms, the victims and the others are also listening. A two-year stint versus a ten year stretch in a privately operated correctional facility can make a huge difference in profit.
    We will one day arrive at the point where rehabilitation and a reduction in recidivism become less desirable because they ultimately compromises profit….

    By championing private prisons, we are condoning the profiteering of the incarcerated.
    In other words, we are saying that when times get bad,
    don’t worry, money will be made. If we look at the prison system as a business, we are disregarding the human element that makes the system work... When dollars dominate, one becomes blind to the real threat that lies within. In order to keep profits at a high, sometimes actions become motivated by the power of money.

    An increase in profit often leads to shortcuts
    and, thus safety and security will be compromised and lives will be lost.

    When business and profit margins supersede the value of a human life, we are in serious trouble, we can no longer allow the meat locker stocking of men, women and now children to get any bigger than it already is. Judges, police departments, sheriff departments as well as probation and parole officers are making a huge amount of money via the Prison for Profit system and the School to Prison Pipeline…
    Kevin W. Womble (Back In To Society – Breaking the Barriers of Injustice).

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    Let's talk about forgiveness....

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    Tonight we are discussing forgiveness. Sit back relax and enjoy the conversation. Feel free to add your comments and questions in the chatroom.....

    Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well. Forgiveness is different from condoning, excusing, pardoning, forgetting, and reconciliation.

    Gail Masondo. Experienced Speaker/ Author/ Chaplain/ Life in Recovery Coach Location Johannesburg Area, South Africa Industry Individual & Family Services shares her wisdom.

    Join the conversation on 3479457556









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    in Politics Progressive

    mike brown, unarmed african am teen, shot todeath by police aug 9 ferguson, missouri,area near st louis-Also-huffpost reprtr ryan j reilly+washington post reprtr wesley lowery also victimized aftr fuzz surrounded+invaded mcdonalds where 2 wer wrkng-police slammed lowery into drink machine-pushed reilly’s head against glass on way out

    "they essentially acted as a military force.it was incredible,"reilly said

    8-11-14 ezell ford-mentally-challenged african am.-shot to death in la-his mom, tritobia ford, said son lying on ground complying w/police when was shot 3times

    we had trayvonmartin gunned down-no apparent reason last year-george zimmerman-wannbe-cop nut

    illegal invasion-iraq 3-2003 opened up underbelly-this country unleashing huns of war & violence to run amok, from wall street insiders-to-paramilitary-strutting stazzi police-across amerika

    occupy wall street changed dynamics-new chapter began n u.s.

    magnificent struggle by ordinary kiev-ukraine citizens last winter saw downfall of their dictator, yanukovych-much inspired by occupy wall street movt which had earlier ushered n arab spring(cairo, egypt -libya)

    now-w/1% of this country possessing bulk of wealth they are condoning and very well served by law enforcement defense establishment to make further inroads into citizenry-employing overbearing force on citizens-especially of color-with no regard for individual liberties or rights

    occupy wall street movement taught us one thing that regular citizenry of this country badly needs to reclaim public commons thru public participation on mass scale against monied elite-politically well-connected.  movement still among us and w/us-must be employed-albeit along different lines-to combat rise in police force facism that is just other component of upper 1%

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    Titty-Twisting in School draws ACLU suit, CA; Mets 2nd Baseman, Paternity Leave

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    JohnBrislinShow.com - Twitter: JohnBrislinShow - Facebook: JohnBrislinShow

    Daniel Murphy - Mets 2nd baseman - taking 3 days paternity leave and getting ridiculed mercilessly in the press.

    And, ACLU suing CA school district for condoning Titty-twisting Tuesdays and Ass Slapping Fridays at school.

    And, what is parents' role in preventing these behaviors and dealing with their reality now.

    And, how are we shaping our next generations? What are the main influences that we should be looking at for teaching kids? It's surprising how EMPLOYERS have become one of the major influencers of young people.

    And, taking your calls at 702 257 5396, 257-KDWN!

    Or, we'll be monitoring Facebook during the show and possibly mentioning posts live on the air.

    Listen tonight on AM 720 KDWN AT 9:00PM

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    Are you a Leader or a Follower in your Friendships

    in Entertainment

    What type of friend are you?? Do you check your friends if they are doing something morally wrong that you don't agree with?

    Example #1 Your friend is a schemer. Constantly manipulating people and ripping them off. Do you turn the other cheek and ignore this, even though you are totally against it and still associate yourself with this friend?? Are you quiet about their behavior even when you don't agree with it?

    Example #2 You are a family person who loves your children and value being a great parent. Could you possibly still be friends with a person who has children but don't take the time to see or call or even acknowledge their children? Would you be able to ignore the fact that your friend is a "deadbeat" even though you are 100% all about family?

    A lot of us use excuses such as, "its their life" and "it's their decisions, not yours" but are we really helping them by ignoring behavior that we don't necessarily agree with? Are we in some way condoning their behavior by not speaking up and even distancing ourselves from them. 

    Are we in a sense, guilty by association? Join us Friday night at 10 pm est as we as and answer the question "Are you a leader or a follower in your friendships?" 

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    Let It Go and Find Healing!

    in Women

    Life is a lot like bumper cars. You know that when you get into your car you’ll get bumped, but you don’t know how hard.  The harder we get bumped by someone, the tendency is too bump back as hard as we can. There are perceived benefits to holding onto our anger. It makes us feel powerful and in control. However, we do great damage to ourselves when we hang onto an unforgiving spirit. Forgiveness is a powerful tool which can transform our entire being--from beast to beauty! Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with or condoning what has happened. Forgiveness means letting go and knowing that regardless of how challenging or difficult the experience may seem, God has ordained it in order for you to heal, grow, and learn.

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    Confessions Of A Mistress!

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    The Other Woman speaks tonight in a rare opportunity to peek into the mind of that faceless women who society refers to as a Mistress.

    And for those who do not know, a Mistress is a woman who is the willing girlfriend to a married man. His marriage is not something that she doesn't know about, she knows all about it and is fine with seeing him or rather working along with him in his limited time for them to see each other.

    This conversation wasn't shared as a means of condoning this arrangement as it is a personal decision to indulge in it, but rather a rare opportunity to understand what it is that allows this type of relationship to transpire.

    And while there isn't a "one size fits all" way of having an affair, this conversation at least opens the door to understanding what needs to be done to improve ones marriage by listening to one who specifically prefers a man who has a wife at home. Whether you agree with her or not, do know that there are plenty of women who you wouldn't believe are out here who are ready, willing and able to pick up the slack that the Wife has neglected with her Husband.

    They are in your church, they might be that friendly neighbor, your best friend or the elementary school teacher that really seems like a nice person at heart. You'll never know until you either find out in a messy encounter or your Husband ends up jumping ship because the grass may appear to be greener on the other side of the fence.

    Sure, most of us including myself may not agree with this type of union but since it is so very common we need to at least have a little knowledge as to how these situations go down.

    Leave your comments below and let me know if you would like to hear a part two to this conversation!


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    The Error of Marriage Equality

    in Lifestyle

    When the was drawn between State and Religion that was an earmark for destruction.  What amazes me is those so called churches that are for this so called "Marriage Equality" when we as the body of Christ is suppose to be living and following the way of the same Holy Bible, the same words, the same words in red (to depict the words of Jesus), So how do you justify condoning this so called "Marriage Equality"?

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    Are Schools condoning/encouraging underage sex?

    in Women

    How do you feel about schools making birth control and the morning after pill available to students in schools? Some people welcome it, saying that it could potentially lower the rate of teen pregnancy. Others are saying that by making these things easily available encourages underage sex. What do you think? Call up; Let's talk about it. 

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    Judges Help Attorney's Steal From the Elderly and Disabled

    in Family

    Join us this evening as Richard Kuse, Sassoon Sassoon, and Gary Wildman join the show to talk about the court run grand theft, embezzlement and estate theft, rackets operating in New York State.
    Friends of judges, utilizing their courts, are cashing in on estates via the buddy system operating in New York Surrogate courts. As and example: In the case of Ted Ammon (deceased) $10 mil in court approved attorney fees! 
    Estate theft, forged documents, murder and grand larceny. 
    Learn the difference between an exemplified vs. certified court docket.
    Judges are not only condoning the theft from the clients, they are helping attorneys do it. 

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    The One Percent Method

    in Self Help

    In this show we discuss the importance of taking baby steps, the power of compounding, and the joy of flow. If you are finding life to be tough and uncomfortable then perhaps you are over reaching and you need to pull back a bit. Accepting (not condoning) life as it is then taking a small step from there may be the qucikest route you can take to where you want to be. Tune in and discover how life is a cinch by the inch but harder by the yard.

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