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    G-20 Summit redistribute the wealth to tax you at 100%

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    My sources and cite can conferm that the UN and Obama does want to redistribute the wealth like it say in the social justice (Communisim) to include the taxation of all Americans to be taxed to a 100% level in order to suport the Sustainable Development Agenda. Which does mean thateven the middle class and the poor even those that are in poverty in the United States of America will have to pay this tax as well.

    The very same formula that all the Communist nationa like North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, Veitnam, all the  South American countries are using today and when they first began to be a Communist nation. 

    Obama just loves this very idea and wants it to happen. 

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    UN G 20

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    enable robust global growth; collective action with a view to lift the potential of the global economy or a redistribution of wealth or known as social justice which is communisim. 

    sustainable and balanced growth with no entrepreneurs for all there is to be is just government entitlements or we know this as government will provide everythings and all things.

    a key point is to have employment generation of employment or again everything is to be done by the government is to provide. this would include to eliminate entreprenurs and developing ones own wealth.

    Removing all forms of Investment[s]

    Removing the freedom and liberty to choose and to make any chioce that you wish in order to the pursuit of Happiness as it is found in U.S. Declaration of Independence, Paragraph 2 (1776).

    G 20 is going to setup a one world government and have a comminist government whereby every human being on the face of the earth is to be its slave and put everyone into bondage.

    estabishing a 100 percent taxation on every human being on the face of the earth.


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    More on Freedom and liberty

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    Obama is a hater of freedom and liberty, for all liberals, all democrats, communist, socialist, all those republicans,  that happen to agree with both the liberals and democrats, socialist, and communist all hate freedom and liberty.

    This nations beginnigs is all based on freedom and liberty, and that goes as far back as 1620. 

    Obama is a hater of private ownership of both private property. Obama does hate capitalism. 

    Obama is a lover of everyone in the whole wide world to have a redistribution of wealth, social justice which is (Communisim) by definition. 

    Obama loves the United Nations program called sustainable program agenda. meaning one word government.




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    Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann (RA) Amarteifio

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight's 'Progress Toward Democracy', is a Special 2 hr.show.
    "How do youth engage in politics?"
    Find out as we speak to two young activists.
    Justin Jones, currently 21 years of age, became engaged in politics at the age of 14 and still advocates for socialist causes and Black Lives Matter. He will discuss his thoughts on the current election cycle and how it plays into the class struggle, and how to liberate one's views from that dominated by the corporate run media.
    Next we will have Michaelangelo Hamilton, a 15 year old high school student at McArthur High in Hollywood, Florida, who has been active with Senator Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and with the Progressive Democrats of America. He will discuss what made him political aware at his age and his drive for progressive politics.

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    United States Supreme Court loves to persecute Chirstians

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    The United States Supreme Court does hate all true believers in God and hates God by allowing the persection of a true beleiing Chrstian woman because she is standing up for her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Savior, and a higher law which is God's law[s] which is by all means is even higher than any law[s] that come from a human being on the earth. 

    Leviticus a Hebrew word that means law and it is a book that is found in the Old Testiment of the Bible Leviticus 18:22 "You shall not lie with a male as a woman; it is an abomination."  Deuteronomy 22:5 " A man's item shall not be on a woman, and a man shall not wear woman's garment whoever does such a thing is an abomination onto God."

    U.S.Const.amend.I Violated and now we can see the liberals who are the ones that are part of communisim homosexual, same-sex marriages and all of these are communist.both liberals, and democrats who by the way believe in both immoral way of living and all forces of immorality like same-sex marriage, gay, homosexuality, LGBT, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, crisscrossing, all feminist, and other forms of perversion of life like these group represent are all communist in their way of thinking.

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    It is very clear that a shooting is to be blamed on the gun

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    Liberals, Democrats, and some Republicans want to blame a gun for doing the killing of others instead of the mental health of the person in which they have caused in the first place.

    To end all the kills is not to put on more gun control, but to keep and allow a person to be armed and to eliminate the Liberal Democrats, and those republicans that are saying gun control.

    U.S.Const.amend.II does have the right idea and is the way to keep all crime at a low rate. People the Second Amendment is the only amendment that does guarantee both freedom and liberty, and does preserve and protects the rest of the United States Constitution. Without it you have Communism which is what all liberals, democrats, and those republicans that happen to agree with the liberals, democrats, and communist a like. 

    Obama, Clinton, and the rest are all the greatest fools on the earth, for they believe in Communisim which also means gun control.

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    American Freedom Watch Radio - Phil Berg - ObamaScare - Obama's Crimes

    in Politics

    Welcome to American Freedom Watch Radio with Karen Schoen and John Estabrooks

    Tonight's Guest: Phil Berg - Author of ObamaScares

    "What Obama has done to this country is scary. It should scare you as well. The Obama Socialist movement will continue if not stopped. It is scary that an unknown man with sealed records about his entire existence became President of the United States.  Don't you find that scary! Given his association with communists & terrorists, a military background check would have long ago disqualified Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama's birth name) for the job of United States President. With his associations, the Chicago Police Department or hundreds of other agencies could not employ Obama.  Yet, he is president - something is very wrong with our focus! Barry Soetoro would not be authorized for access to the White House toilet much less access for the codes for US nuclear weapons. The USA has surrendered to an enemy within. A divisive America has accepted fiction as fact and lies as truth. A secret war rages across America!."     http://www.obamacrimes.com      philjberg@gmail.com

    Learn the Truth and Take Action!

    FB: agenda21enders

    TW: @agenda21enders

    karenschoen .com




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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Welcomes Xavier Toby

    in News

    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Hosts Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees are pleased to welcome Xavier Toby.

    With a background that includes engineering, journalism, creative writing and comedy, Xavier brings a unique skill set and perspective to his every undertaking.

    Over the last decade Xavier’s been performing on the comedy circuit and at festivals throughout Australia and around the world. At the same time as frequently contributing to several highly regarded newspapers, magazines and websites. After spending six months on a mining site in 2013, in February 2014 UWA Publishing released Xavier’s debut non-fiction book: ‘Mining My Own Business’. Following on from its success, a sequel will be out in August 2015. His first book of fiction ‘Alpha Male’ has just been sent to USA publishers by a literary agent. During 2014 Xavier has continued to perform at comedy clubs and festivals, as well as staging his regularly sold-out comedy and history walking tour: ‘When We Were Idiots’. His touring in 2014 & 2015 has taken him around the world, including a run of sold out shows in New York City, where he currently resides when not in Australia.


    ‘Mining My Own Business’ – released in Feb 2014 through UWA Publishing

    ‘Going out of My Mine’ – due out in August 2015 through UWA Publishing

    ‘Alpha Male’ – currently under consideration by several Australian and USA Publishers

    His website is http://www.xaviertoby.com

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    Obama and the lack of integrety

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    As most know that this is not a histoicl even, for now as we have seen it this is just the 1962 Missile crise all over again but with a twist. the twist being is this that if you happen to recall history it was first castro who wanted help by the United States of America's help in 1960. But Castro turns to the sovit union for help. 

    Cuba is and will always be a terriost nation and a threat to the United States of America. Now ISIS and the rest of the terriost groups can attach the United States of America and behead Americans.

    Every American and the rest of the world Obama does hate freedom and liberty. We Obama has the blind leading the blind by fooling the liberals to beleive communisim is the way to go. 


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    American Freedom Watch Radio

    in Politics

    2015 The Year of the U.S. Constitution or Communism?

    Tonght's Show:  What is Community Activism?  What do we do?

    Special Guests:  Thomas Pastore   Vietnam Veteran (68-69),  USMC. Tom started as a Community Activist in New York in 1985. Was a Community Planning Board member on Staten Island, NY, for 7 years  and now lives in the Orlando area.

    Time for Activism.....United Americans can make a difference in 2015
    Americans Must take Action in 2015 - It is Our Country to Lose
    The Power of the Boycott
    The Power of Peaceful Protest
    Economic Wars - Yesterday and Today
    Was the Civil War an Economic War or a Civil Rights War?
    2015 - Will the New Congress be different from the Old Congress?
    Thomas Pastore email wetheepeople@aol.com

    UN Agenda 21 is the UN agenda for the 21 century to inventory and control every aspect of human activity.

    You will learn:

    Nothing is random
    Everything is preplanned.
    All plans are designed to bankrupt America
    All plans are based on lies


    Learn the plans, learn how they affect you in your community and what you can do to stop them.

    Join us and invited guests from all over the country to share their Agenda 21 stories.

    Learn by their experiences, then call in and tell us your stories.

    Be an American, the largest group of free people in the world, UNITED WE STAND.

    Karen Schoen - kbschoen@bellsouth.net
    John Estabrooks - mudgod529@yahoo.com

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    The Pinko the Bear Show - Ebola, Capitalism, Racism, Anti-Police actions - 11:30

    in Politics Progressive

    I spent Tuesday afternoon and night helping out with an event addressing Ebola in Africa and its ties to capitlaism/imperialism/racism. I'll talk about my experience at the event as well as give updates on the rebellions happening in the wake of the two non-indictments of  murderous cops.

    Calls are welcome on these or related topcs, as usual.

    Showtime is 11 PM Eastern. Please share this show/link with your friends and allies.

    - Pinko the Bear -