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    The Doctor's Inn with Beverly Nadler & Helayne Waldman

    in Health

    Join co-hosts Suzanne Strisower and Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos for cutting edge interviews with doctors and healers who are sharing their perspectives on health and well being.
    Our Guest in the first hour: Beverly Nadler
    Beverly is an award-winning author, personal & professional coach, consultant who is a dynamic keynote speaker, workshop leader on topics of personal, professional & spiritual growth, natural healing & anti-aging. In 1994, she healed herself from cancer. Her material was also used in the film "The Secret."
    Our Guest in the second hour: Dr. Helayne Waldman
    Helayne Waldman, Ed.D., M.S., CNE, is a holistic health educator specializing in supporting women with breast cancer. Dr. Waldman graduated from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and obtained her doctorate from the University of San Francisco. She co-authored the Amazon bestseller, The Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors. Helayne also has a private practice in Oakland, California and lectures nationally.  
    Call in to speak with our guests by calling 646-652-2336. Listeners can also log into their blogtalk radio account and join us in the chatroom.
     Information about the show hosts & their websites:
    Kathleen: Surviving Cancerland & Access Your Inner Guide
    Suzanne: Your Next Step Coach & Awaken to Your Life Purpose

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    Protecting the Constitution

    in Current Events

    This episode will cover defending the Constitution, weapons safety rules, determining foreign and domestic threats and overall topic subject matter. Your opinions and questions are welcome. Thank you BTR

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    CNE Service Team - Join us to discuss the CNE Total Care system

    in Computers

    Join us today as I have a special guest to our program Drew Sosebee a Senior Engineer at CNE here is our agenda:
    -Where is CNE going today?
    +What did our service team look like two years ago?
    +What does our service team look like today?

    -What are we doing to make our client networks run smoothly?
    +std server support
    +remote server support
    +mobile device support
    +remote support to workstations
    +discuss Security and Perimeter Defense Service

    -Can you give me a rough description of what we are doing with the CNE Total Care program?

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    Wednesday - Spirited Wellness with Kris Dowling

    in Health

    Many healthcare providers are great at telling their patients how to take care of their health, but find excuses as to why they don’t take care of their own. “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have time to make healthy lunches”, “When I’m hungry, I just grab a quick bite of coffee cake in the break room”, “I’ll start taking care of myself tomorrow”… and so it goes.
    Kris Dowling, RDHAP, BS, CNE, CHC, will discuss this an her coaching on health.
    Join us Wednesday morning for a frank discussion on food and how it can affect your performance at work no matter what you do. http://www.thevibrantpalate.com/  
    Are you tired of the word wellness, but sure you're not well? Explore real topics with real world solutions to uncover the mysteries that plaque US citizens. Help us find out what can work for you and your family. Down n dirty health talk. Bring your spicy attitude for some straight talk. No swearing through.

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    tmcne radio free tj and cne mall

    in Blogs

    free my bros rt

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    Go Ye - HC 559

    in The Bible

      In the book of Matthew, Yeshua gave us what has cne to be called "The Great Commission." but the Church has forgotten what this really means. On today's Home Church program, Pastor Dave will be delivering a message to remind the Church just what Yeshua meant when He issued this commission to His Apostles, and to us.
      Hoin us for this message to the Terminal Generation and to the Church of Yeshua in the final moments of the Church Age.

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    Teri Mills of The National Nursing Network Organization

    in Health

    Teri Mills, MS, CNE, RN is the President of the Executive Board of the National Nursing Network Organization (NNNO), which is dedicated to insuring that the same quality of health care afforded to past generations of Americans is available to future generations.
    The mission of the NNNO is to promote, encourage, and support a National Nurse for Public Health and other projects that promote wellness and disease prevention.

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    Stupid Lawsuits

    in Comedy

    Smoke & Dinamite discuss lawsuits that just don't make no sense.  This week's Guest CNE !As always we have good music guests, stupid ffer of the week, Dinamite's pet peeve, the question of the week, and so much more....

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    true religion evertythang

    in Blogs

    rip jojo n chris

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    Tmc Boysss

    in Entertainment


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    Did Your Moma Name U That For Real?

    in Comedy

    Smoke and Dinamite discuss off the wall names that parents give to thier children. Our Music Guest will be CNE from the South Suburbs of Chicago. Also we will talking with a local  barber David Wyatt from Deez Cutz and have other music sent in to us from all over these United States. As always we will have the stuipd ffer of the week, Dinamite's fashion popo and more ! So sit back relax and jack slacks for a evening of good music, and lots of laughs.

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