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    America's Injustice System: Floyd Dent and Horrific Drug Test Tampering

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    America's Injustice System: Floyd Dent and Horrific Drug Test Tampering of Annie Dookhan. The Tim Black At Night Show 2/3/16 - Call in 323-870-4064 Tim Black At Night Show airs everyday 9P Est.Tune In! http://www.TimBlackTV.com

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    Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields - Floyd, Danny Swift, Thurman, Porter and more

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    Tuesday, January 26th, at 9PMET/6PM PT, War a Week Radio presents a special "Welterweight Tournament" edition of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!!

    To kick off this evening's 90 minute episode, Coach Ronnie share his thoughts on Deontay Wilder's KO victory over his fighter, Artur Szpilka, which took place in New York City on December 16th!!

    - How long with Szpilka be sidelined after breaking his hand?

    - How far can the Bronze Bomber go in the current version of the Heavyweight division?

    The three decade fight trainer will also give us his opinion on the landscape of the Welterweight division and give us details on this past weekend's big event in Los Angeles, California!!

    - How impressive was Danny Garcia's victory over Robert Guerrero?

    - Will Danny Swift be forced to face Amir Khan later this year?

    - Can the Philly native defeat either Keith Thurman or Shawn Porter?

    - Did Dominic Breazeale dodge another "bullet" in the ring?

    - How good is Sammy Vasquez?

    The elite level trainer will also expound on the Mayweather/Khan banter that took place at the Staples Center this past weekend?

    - Why was Floyd in attendance?

    - Will Amir Khan's obssession with Floyd Jr. prove to be his undoing as a professional fighter?

    - Does Mayweather eventually fight the winner of the PBC 147 pound tournament?

    Join us for another all-new edition of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!!

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    Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, drug test issues and more

    in MMA

    On this episode of The Majority Decision we will discuss Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather issues, the continued drug testing issues and more. 

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    Alysha Live! Double Dose Weekend with Guest Lamar & Vinny and Cliff Perkins

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    Let it Snow, and boy it did! Join me for a double dose weekend of the Alysha Live! Radio Show with my guest in the first segment starting at 6:00pm is two of the funniest guys on the internet and Youtube Lamar & Vinny.  And, in the second segment at 7:00pm, I will have one of smoothest, R & B recording artists you will ever hear, Mr. Cliff Perkins of Soul Generation.  So come on and hang out with your girl for the full 2hour double dose weekend!   To call in on-air 909-265-9195,

    Keep it locked to the Alysha Live! Radio Show for the Best In Talk Radio!!

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    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor "Don't bring race into my success"

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    Floyd Mayweather saying UFC champ Conor McGregor can be as brash and arrogant as he wants without catching any heat ... because of the color of his skin.


    Mayweather did an interview with the guys over at FightHype.com last week, and when the subject of the flamboyant McGregor came up ... Mayweather went off.


    "He talks a lot trash, and people praise him for it, but when I did it, they say I'm cocky and arrogant. So biased."

    He goes on to say ... "I ain't racist at all, but I'm telling you racism still exists."



    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2016/01/04/floyd-mayweather-conor-mcgregor/#ixzz3ws717PzV




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    Voices Carry for Animals # 74 : TS RADIO: Guest- Floyd Hamilton- Fidos & Vets

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guest will be: Floyd Hamilton- Founder & Project Coordinator at Fidos & Vets, Inc 



    Our mission is to assist in the preservation and rescue of all living creatures and their histories with priority given to Veterans of all wars and their families regardless of time period, race creed or species, endangered or not with in this country i.e.; U.S.A. We will accomplish this through therapeutically designed activities Fund raising, educating the public through networking and working with individuals, community and/or national organizations with similar goals.

    Commemorate our Veteran M.W.D.'s  Our Veterans who have served & Those who are serving them

    There couldn't be a better solution for our Vets and the many Dogs in need of the same , loving understanding guardians for each other

    It is a beautiful miracle the relationship between dogs and vets....it is such a heart-filled experience for them both....all blessings to the furthering of that love care and healing....



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    Religion Reality: The Official Plug - Olivia Floyd (619-768-2945)

    in Social Networking

    Tonight on “The Official Plug” Olivia Floyd and her panel will be discussing the topic of “Religion Reality”. We will be sharing our opinions on what certain religions mean to us. We will also be discussing certain stereotypes that follow certain religions. We want to hear your opinion! Feel free to call in at 619-768-2945 and press 1 so we can address your comment, question, or concern. Visit (TheOfficialPlug06) on Facebook. Call to listen to "The Official Plug Radio Station" for an On Demand replay of this podcast by calling 712-432-8863. Thank you for listening to The Official Plug Radio.

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    Problems In America - The Official Plug - Olivia Floyd

    in Real Estate

    Tonight on "The Official Plug" Olivia Floyd and company will be speaking about "Problems In America".  Take your pick of problems for there are many of them.  What shall she disucss tonight out of those problems ?

    Inflation, abortion, immigration, police shootings, jobs, prosperity, who will run for President Of The United States and who will win ?  Your guess is as good as anyones.........so feel free to call in and share your thoughts, ideas, or insight on the problems that exist in the United States Of America.

    Reach out to the Offical Plug on Facebook as well.

    Thank you for listening to the Official Plug and Call to listen on demand to the Official Plug Radio Station @ 712-432-8863.


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    Rev. Floyd Harris, Jr.: Black Lives Matter on MLK Day 2016

    in Politics Progressive

    Our guest, Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris, Jr., faces charges for participating in a "Black Lives Matter" march in Fresno, CA. He is prosecuted for obeying Proverbs 31:8-9, just as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other human rights advocates were throughout history.

    Rev. Harris is assistant minister at New Light for New Life Church of God in Fresno, CA and director of National Network in Action, a social justice organization and radio channel where MaryLovesJustice is host (NNIA1). Visit the NNIA website http://xyfloyd.wix.com/nnia >> He founded and directs the Freedom School to help children improve academically, develop a sense of social/civic responsibility and a strong work ethic. Dr. Harris patterns his advocacy after Dr. King's methodology, who was similarly targeted for standing with oppressed people and demanding that everybody's human and civil rights be honored.

    Congratulations on UNITY for JUSTICE, America. The "Black Lives Matter" movement evolved after wrongful deaths in 2014. Americans of all races and backgrounds object to police violence against unarmed citizens, which is reportedly nine times more likely to happen to Black men and boys. It is noteworthy that numerous recent protests after African Americans were killed under the color of the law had even more Caucasian participants than Blacks. We believe Dr. King would be proud to know that leaders like Dr. Harris and other freedom-loving people in 21st century America have chosen to "live together as brethren" rather than to remain silent about injustice and "perish together as fools" (MLK). 

    Interview pre-recorded at https://fccdl.in/CoKMz102O at FreeConferenceCall.com

    Happy Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Day 2016!

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    When Adversity Comes - The Official Plug - Olivia Floyd

    in Social Networking

    Tonight on The Official Plug your hostess Olivia Floyd will present to you (with your participation) "trending topics" of the day on the LIVE STREAM podcast for this evening. We will be discussing "When Adversity Comes" this your chance to be apart of the conversation by seeking advice or offering advice to those in need. Visit the Official Plug on Facebook and feel free to call The Official Plug Radio Station 24/7 to listen to "on demand" playbacks of this podcast @ 712-432-8863.

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    Cliff Schecter • Legalizing Marijuana on the Ohio Ballot

    in Current Events

    Cliff Schecter discusses the politics and potential impact of two proposed ballot measures to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in Ohio.