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    Westchester On the Level

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    YONKERS, NY -- January 9, 2012 --  Hezi Aris is your host today. Richard Narog is on a foreign assignment. We'll review the news of the day. The Yonkers Charter Revision Commission, The Clarkstown, The Bronx, White Plains connection of Anthony Mangone and Joseph "Jay" Savino, the New Hampshire Primary, and the latest news.  Listen live at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOnThe Level and join the conversation by calling toll-free to 1-877-674-2436.

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    2010 Census

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    Census literally means an official count of the population, which the U.S. Constitution mandates being conducted every ten years. Since 1790, 22 censuses have been taken, and in March 2010, a simple questionnaire will be sent to every household in the United States. The questions ask you to provide information that is accurate for your household, which is completely confidential. The census counts all people living in the United States, regardless of citizenship, race, ethnicity or age. The U.S. Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s answers with anyone, including welfare and immigration.