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    Citizen X

    in Politics

    "Citizen X"  A new podcast where we intend to build a community of listeners whom can collaborate amoung each other on topics of politic matters which matter to you. I am John Kurian and am your host/ moderator. I have created the podcast in an effort to introduce a political party in which I am a member of and from time to time will cover topics pertaining to the party movement to build its membership. We are a people powered party and our main focus is to get america back to america standards based on your (Citizen X) terms.Current Party members will be contributers as well as non party members. We will focus on working with other on building memberships withing our respected districts as well as efforts to obtain ballot status within our respected states. My personal objective is to get you invovled within your local municipal goverment structures as we progress and and to encourage all of tyou to think about running for local offices within your state and county elections.So lets get the ball rolling with some conversations.

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    Citizen-Police Relations and The Redefining of Power

    in Culture

    “Police don’t empower the community. The community empowers the police to give full time attention to that which is everyone’s responsibility” is a quote offered for discussion at a recent New Horizons’ Coffee House Volunteer Planning Meeting, by one of the volunteers, a retired police officer.

    The notion of it was so out of range for most in attendance as to create a bit of a stir in the ensuing discussion. That meeting discussion and its highlights is brought forth into this evening’s broadcast and will be carried over into our Coffee House Conversations by Conference Call Forum, promising to inspire energetic dialogue on both broadcast and the following forum.

    Anastasia and Jack are joined for this evening’s program by guest, Jason Keckler, Acting Captain Frederick City Police.

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    1) Birth in the US, 2) Birth abroad, 3) derivative citizenship, and 4) naturalization.

    See #MarcusJarvisBook.

    Waivers: sometimes an applicant has to file and get a waiver (a forgiveness) approved before (s)he can receive an immigration benefit such as a #greencard, #tps, #nacara, as examples.

    If a person gets deported from the US, that parson needs to file Form I-212 before returning to the US. If a person overstays his/her visa, that person may be subjected to a 3/10 year bar and would need to file Form I-601 waiver to overcome the bar.  Form I-601A is a special waiver uses for a person who overstays and may be used if a spouse files for an undocumented spouse who is in the US and eventually goes out of the US for consular processing.

    Form I-612 is called a #residencyrequirement waiver.

    Marcus Jarvis, Attorney. www.m-jlawltd.com. www.a-tbooks.com. 763 425 5447


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    The Conscious Marketing Crossover w/Special Guest Mike Martinez

    in Marketing

    Conscious marketing is the key to creating long term success in your efforts. The awareness of being more awake in your marketing agenda is the main componet to setting your marketing above the status quo. In this new era of next level science, learning the advantages of crossover marketing are going to be paramount.

    The advantages of crossover marketing allows entrepreneur the flexibility to expand their reach into other arenas and serve the masses outside of their traditional marketing tribe.

    In this segment of the Conscious Marketing Crossover, Cross Niche Journalist and Cross Industries Authority, Alicia Nicole Waters! shares concepts about crossover marketing. She will also be joined by special guest Online Marketing Mentor, Mike Martinez, who will provide the listeners with marketing tips and stratagies to help the listeners crossover into their weekned to get set for a successful Monday morning.

    Learn more about Alicia Nicole Waters! at www.aliciawaterscrossindustries.com

    Learn more about Mike Martinez at http://www.mike-martinez.com

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    Ministry, True Worship, & Serving Our Fellows with Dave Tucker

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of The Cosmic Citizen, cohost, André Radatus and Dave Tucker explore the nature of ministry as revealed in The Urantia Book.  Our host, Paula Thompson, and cohost, Christilyn Biek Larson, are both off this week and next.

    Dave Tucker is a regular contributor at 1GOD.com, YouTube, and serves as founder of Good Cheer Services, and as a member of The Urantia fellowship's Outreach committee. He aims to spread Good Cheer as far and as wide as possible with any who are in need of it.

    His ministry on YouTube, has new episodes every Thursday www.youtube.com/user/goodcheerdave

    Dave declares his mission is the living pursuit of slow, forward, progress; physically, mentally, and spiritually. But he never ceases to be fun and uplifting too!  We hope you can join us in a great conversation with Dave Tucker.

    It's déjà vu all over again for Dave as a "new" father--third time with a seven-week-old!

    Please call in to discuss how worship has enhanced your ministry and service of your fellows and how serving others has contributed to your worship!

    It will be wonderful to share thoughts, experiences, and, perhaps, some insights will ensue!

    Please join us!


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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Phil Catalano - Aerospace Engineer and Wizard

    in Spirituality

    This weeks guest is Phil Catalano, Phil is a Renaissance Man, holding multiple and diverse degrees as well as being a practicing Wizard and student of Ancient Wisdom. I've known Phil personally for a number of years, and his breadth of knowledge is amazing.  Tonight he would like to talk about the WingMakers, and maybe a bit about Magickal practices in our complex and changing world!

    Phil has 5 BS degrees from U of Massachusetts – the Multidisciplinary degrees including:  Parapsychology, 2 in Engineering - Electrical & Mechanical, Anthropology and Psychology. Phil has been a student of Alchemy,  Ancient Wisdom & Knowledge, & Occult Sciences, and ET/UFO research & investigations for 50+ years, he has studied with several Ancient Mystery Schools and has practical experience in research, field investigation, teaching and lecturing - and has a great deal of personal practical experience and application.. He has a personal passion for all New Sciences, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Psychic & Paranormal, ET/UFO Phenomena, Magick, and all Occult subjects.  He practices Magick in his daily life as well.

    Phil is also an Aerospace Engineer and worked for NASA/JPL; Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, Raytheon, and Sierra Nevada Corp. Phil was recently an Engineering Manager with Colorado Energy Research Technologies working with Alternative Science & Technology.

    As always, it promises to be a very interesting evening. Please join us with your questions.


    Listen on line, or call 1-646-478-3085 to listen, and press 1 to be put in the que to ask a question.

    Join Sierra and Don in Egypt this month. http://galacticu.com/sacredjourneys.html

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    Citizen X- epidsode#4

    in Politics

    On tonights epidsode I will stray away from current events and breaking news as I am sure the last thing anyone wants  to hear about is what you've listened to all week... right now its all the same ole stuff..and you know what it is already.. main stream media is riding that horse .. my focus this week will be a short personal rant..and the rant is for all of you so called "Thruthers"out there..I also feel the need to revisit our publics dismay as it pertains to law enforcement.... as well as a focus on Independent politics "The Citizens Party" ....and the need for  invovlvement within the independent party....and exploring  independent Canidates for 2016 ... and finally i will reveal my prediction for the 2016 pesidentail winner... you will want to hear that believe me.... i dont support my prediction by any means however ... it envitible... its gonna be one of the big 2  that win the election.. so i will simply state my prediction... we will look back at this episode after the elections and see how close I am... also our new show schedule will be every Monday @ 7pm est   http://www.votecitizens.org/    www.twitter.com/citizenx2016  www.facebook.com/citizenx2016


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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Dr. Lynne Kitei - The Phoenix Lights REDO

    in Spirituality

    The Phoenix Lights – Dr. Lynne Kitei REDO

    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen
    Monday, Aug. 17th, 7PM Mountain - 9PM Eastern 
    Week 26

    This Monday, Aug. 17th (7pm Mountain, 9PM Eastern) we have as our guest Dr. Lynne Kitei, Award Winning Documentary producer and author of "The Phoenix Lights Documentary and book. We will be talking about not only the Phoenix Lights event 18 years later, but also how this event affected Dr. Lynne and what it was like for a Professional medical doctor to go public on this topic. 

    Remember that Sierra and I are available to help others who are struggling with their own contact experiences. 

    Course based on my book:  Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen

    We always welcome your questions and calls. 
    Please keep your questions of general interests. 
    Call 1-646-478-3085 and if you wish to talk press 1 to be put in the cue.
    You can also listen (but not call) Online.
    Live show, Podcast, or Archives:  www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Sierra-Neblina   
    Don's website:                               www.EvolutionThroughContact.com
    Galactic University:                       GalacticU.com
    Podcasts                                       itpc://www.blogtalkradio.com/sierra-neblina/podcast 
    I am going to Egypt with Sierra. We will be doing at least one Meditation for ET Contact under the stars on the trip, most likely our night in the White Desert. Sign up at GalacticU.com to join us, and say Don sent you.

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Tolec from Dakote - Andromeda Council

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's special guest is Tolec from Dakote, an ambassador to the Andromeda Council. I was fortunate to meet Tolec in Pagosa Springs at the first presentation where he spoke live in many years. It was like we had known each other for years.

    Tolec has a website and has been interviewed many times, so we are going to focus on new information he has received in the last two months from the Andromeda Council about the changes and events that are occuring on our world NOW! He will share some very unique insights and perspectives with us tonight. Among the topics he wishes to cover are:

       *  what is this 'time' of dynamic changes we are in, right now?

        *  what are the specific changes happening within our whole solar system... not only on Earth?

        *  what does the immediate future look like... in terms of more dynamic changes on planet Earth?

        *  how can people have a 5D consciousness perspective about all of these changes... as to a 3D perspective.

        *  what can people expect out of the people of the aligned member planets of the Andromeda Council, especially those who will be visiting Earth including those from:  Ventra, Toleka, Nikotae & Ritol, also inclusive of:  Ambassador Tanka, Vice-Chairwoman Tania and Diplomat Maka.

        *  what are the literal differences between:  3D organic life...   4D & 5D fine essence, crystalline based, spirit matter life?

    It promises to be a very interesting evening. Please join us with your questions.



    Listen on line, or call 1-646-478-3085 to listen, and press 1 to be put in the que to ask a question.

    Join Sierra and Don in Egypt next month. http://galacticu.com/sacredjourneys.html

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    Citizen King: The New Age of Power with Les Jensen

    in Spirituality

    Please join us tonight when Les Jensen ... author, New Human Living founder, and New Human Living Radio show host ... discusses his most recent book, Citizen King: The New Age of Power. The book was released for sale by Balboa Press earlier this month.

    Before you were born your soul had a vision of what your life could be. To honor that vision can bring a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment into your life, producing feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude. Will you embrace the bold ideas of your heart and soul, and trust that there is a way for them to manifest? Can you do this from a place of personal forgiveness and compassion? When you master that, you start to purify your own heart, the source of your authentic power. When you put action to your inspiration, you give your soul influence in your life. Your soul becomes free to express as it intends. This is soul-level living. This is you living your life as a Citizen King.

    Share this journey with us and learn how you can become a Citizen King in your own life! To learn more and to purchase the book, please visit NewHumanLiving.com.

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    For God's Sake: Feel Good!

    in Spirituality

    Cosmic Citizen Welcomes Internationally Acclaimed Medical Herbalist and Nutritional Consultant Brigitte Mars!

    This week we are excited to welcome Brigitte Mars back to the Cosmic Citizen show, to help us explore what The Urantia Book has to say about natural health and healing. Brigitte is an internationally acclaimed medical herbalist and nutritional consultant, the author of 13 books and 10 DVDs.  She teaches Herbal Medicine at Naropa University, Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, The School of Natural Medicine, Living Arts School, and Integrative Earth Medicine in Colorado. She has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen, Kripalu, and The Mayo Clinic, She blogs for the Huffington Post and Care2. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild.  She has had a weekly radio spot called "Naturally" on KGNU public radio.

    Brigitte grew up in the northeastern United States from French Canadian heritage but has spent most of her adult life living in Boulder Colorado where she raised her children and has hosted & attends study groups for The Urantia Book over the decades. She found The Urantia Book in the early 1970s and began studying the revelation at the age of 19.

    Together with Brigitte we will be looking at what The Urantia Book has to say about health and healing throughout the ages and exploring natural remedies for common ailments. Science is now discovering what ancient peoples had known about healing with herbs and plants they could find from the natural environments around them. We also want to learn about what the book has to say about healing the planet "Urantia" ...and how to heal ourselves with things we have all around us, right outside our back doors, no matter where we live.

    Please call in with your questions for Brigitte!