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    FREE Angel Readings with Chris Alexandria

    in Spirituality

    Are you looking for guidance from the Angelic Realm? Please join Supernatural Girlz hosts Patricia Baker & Patricia Kirkman as they offer FREE Angel readings with Chris Alexandria.  Do the Angels have a message for you?

    Call in to find out! 646-478-0828

    Chris grew up near the ocean on the Eastern Shore. After a transformative trip to Glastonbury, England with her daughter over a decade ago, she pursued her dream of becoming an energy healer and counselor, and has since become a leading speaker and authority on angel healing. She is a certified Archangel Enlightenment Therapist, Soul Coach, Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist. Chris has since returned to the ocean, where she lives on a small island with her husband, two cats, and their goldendoodle dog, Gabi.

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    What's the Tea with Chris-Tea?

    in Entertainment

    Let's discuss our favorite "reality" shows, the Syrian Refugee crisis, update on BlackLivesMatter, Sports with Reen and MORE!! Call 713-955-0362 to talk live!

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    Steve G. Jones, Kerri Swope, Natalia Alexandria

    in Business

    Steve G. Jones board certified  Clinical Hypnotherapist. Avoiding the Holiday Blues.

    Kerri Swope Senior Director at Care.com HomePay

    Natalia Alexandria life enthusiast, Natalia is a certified life coach, expert in personal development, author, and motivational speaker. Legally blind, she uses her personal experience of overcoming setbacks to highlight her long-standing belief that anything is possible. A first-generation American, she’s an ex-Wall Streeter and business professional with a no nonsense approach to changing your life

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    What's the Tea with Chris-Tea?

    in Entertainment

    Let's talk about Bruce Jenner "Woman of the Year" award, building stronger communities in Baltimore, Black Lives Matter update, Sports with Reen, and more.  

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    Get free angel reading with angel reader, Chris Alexandria!

    in Spirituality

    Chris Alexandria is an angel intuitive and the co-creator of her business, Angel Chatter. She is committed to her mission of empowering people across the globe with the great assistance of the angels. Chris is an award winning author of two books and her exclusive set of angel oracle cards. She is a frequent radio guest, lecturer and contributing columnist and through her angelic insights and humor she offers great insights and empowering messages that have left many in awe of themselves and ready to embrace life again.

    For spiritual counseling and free initial consultation or reasonably priced past life regression with host, David Clarke, email dcowder@twcny.rr.com or call 315-478-1086 


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    Defending Your Gun Rights - Special Guest - Author Alexandria Kincaid

    in Religion

    Join us as we discuss guns, your rights and the villains trying to take them away! I will be joined by a special guest, author, attorney & podcaster Alexandria Kincaid. We will discuss our rights and how to keep them secure, her new book and her podcast! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    in Military

    Alexandria Maltezo was born in Seoul, South Korea to US Military parents.  Her father Jeff was her first hero.  Former Army 82nd Airborne, Military Intelligence and Weapons Specialist.  Her sister is active duty Navy Corpsman, a Chief at Top Gun NAS Fallon.  Alex is currently Steyr Mannlicher's Military/ Government Representative and a Certified Armorer, action actress managed under Rob Markovich and Dale Comstock.  She is an avid skydiver, scuba diver, mountaineer, mounted archer and has been taking professional racing schools for over 8 years with coach Justin Bell.

    Her father's assignment in Baumholder, Germany changed her life forever.  At age 7, she and her best friend K, shared the same babysitter.  The babysitter raped Alex's best friend, K.  K's father shot the babysiter in the head and is spending life in prison.  This tragic event gave her life purpose, create survivors...not victims.  Helping the good guys neutralize the bad guys.  So they may come home safely to their loved ones.

    She teaches Department of Defense courses for SAPR programs.  Trained in Ninjitsu, Mauy Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sambo, Krav Maga, and Hand to Hand Combat.

    She is currently assistant coordinator for the Annual EOTech Challenge benefiting Injured Police Officers and Annual Nevada Police and Fire Games, Shooting Competitions.  Look for her, Bryan Sikes from Team Bushnell, owner of Core Shooting Solutions and Wes.  As they start their East Coast Annual Shooting Competitions.

    Charr Cee is an Alaskan grown gun lover providing tips and techniques for novice shooters. Intended to educate, empower, & encourage. Fisherwoman & Huntress.  She is also the founder and CEO of CC Tactics.  Charr is dedicated to educating the public and promoting our 2nd Amendment Rights as well as supporting veterans and veteran activities.

  • "What's the Tea with Chris-Tea?"

    in Entertainment

    Live from DC, "What's the Tea?" will be broadcasting from #HowardUniversity with exclusive coverage and interviews from the #MillionManMarch

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    African Americans in 19th Century Alexandria with Char McCargo Bah

    in History

    Prior to the Civil War, Alexandria, Virginia had a large freed African American and slave population who contributed a lot to the community and to the United States.  Each one of these groups helped build Alexandria, Virginia through their skilled labor, involvement in politics, teachers, churches, businessmen and etc. The history of Alexandria, Virginia cannot be told without including these African Americans.

    Char is posting blogs every two weeks on African American people in the 19th century that made a difference in the History of Alexandria, Virginia at http://theotheralexandria.com.

    Char McCargo Bah is the CEO/Owner of FindingThingsforU, LLC.  She has been a genealogist since 1981; appeared on numerous television interviews with CBS, FOX-5, Comcast, Public Broadcasting Services just to name a few and documentaries. She has also received numerous awards in 2014, 2013, 2010, and in 2009 for her work in genealogy. Char became a 2014 Living Legend in Alexandria, VA.  She was the City of Alexandria’s genealogist on the Alexandria Freedmen and Contraband Cemetery.  She is doing an advance study in genealogy at the University of Toronto and is co-author of “African Americans of Alexandria, VA: Beacons of Light in the Twentieth Century.”


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    What's the Tea with Chris-tea?

    in Entertainment

    Latest Love and Hip Hop Update!

    The return of the epic show Empire Update!

    Sports with Reen!

    #BlackLivesMatter Update!

    Exploring functional families and it's mental health affects on the black society!

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    Chatting with the Angels with Chris Alexandria

    in Spirituality

    Chris Alexandria is Your Transformational Coach with Angelic Insights. What Chris LOVES doing is inspiring and empowering others so they too can live the life they desire! She has created many products; the Angel Chatter™ Archangel Oracle Cards, written a children’s book on angels and has a growing jewelry line…all infused with angelic energies to brighten your day, inspire you to take the next step and ultimately KNOW you are worthy of all you desire.
    Chris has been an intuitive for as long as she can remember. However, it wasn’t until about ten years ago she ‘came out of the closet’ with her gifts and it took another five years to completely own her gift as her true blessing. This is why she does what she does ~ helping people come out of the closet and embrace their gifts.
    You can purchase her Angel Chatter™ Archangel Oracle Cards, Children's Angel Book, Angel Chatter Jewelry Line, Heart Flight Jewelry Line and Angel Essential Sprays on her website. She has a lot of wonderful array of products that make a great gift for any occasion!
    Special Promotion 15% off (not to be combined with other offers or sales items) with code: "chattingwiththegang" from 11/8-11/11.
    Links: http://www.angelchatter.com angelchatter@gmail.com Connect with Chris on Facebook