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    The Realist Report — Alex from Chile

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Alex from Chile. Alex is a regular listener to The Realist Report, and has undertaken a project to translate Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's epic work The Synagogue of Satan into a number of European language. Alex and I will be discussing his project and related subjects. 

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    Transformed Traveler goes to Chile with Allie Almario of Myths & Mountains

    in Lifestyle

    The award winning travel show, Transformed Traveler, takes its sensory experience to Chile with Allie Almario, Vice President of Myths &  Mountains. 

    Visit www.mythsandmountains.com to find out about their incredible adventures. 

    This show is brought to you by AAA. Visit www.shop.transformedtraveler.com to purchase the top travel journals in the industry at half of the normal retail price.

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    Chile and other US-Latin America issues

    in Politics

    Guests:  Mr Horacio Marull, international attorney & Honorary Consul of Chile in Dallas. 
    Fausta Wertz (Fausta's Blog) & Michael Prada will join our panel.
    Please support our friends: 

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    Episode 11 - A Conversation With Romina Uceda From Chile

    in Vegetarian

    Sister Romina Uceda from Chile talks about her plant based path. Currently living in Wisconsin, Romina grew up in Chile. She went plant based four years ago after some serious health issues.

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    SPAIN 16:00 CHILE 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Read more: http://www.blogtal

    in Sports

    Tune in for all the Thrills and Excitement of this highly anticipated World Cup in recent years!

    Will Messi and Argentina be crowned Kings of the World? Or will Portugal with the World’s Number One player Cristiano Ronaldo be a surprise shock and be king of the World.  Now, no one can ever forget the Five times World Cup Champions and Kings of the World Brazil. Could this be Brazil’s time to lift the title for an historic Sixth time? Could the current World Cup Champions the Spanish complete a truly historic run and lift the World Cup again in succession?  As always we can never forget the clockwork orange of the Dutch who always look to excite and entertain. One of the big question in this World cup is how will England perform?  Could England lift the cup for the first time since 1966?  And of course the powerful Germans will have a big say as they always do in the big Competitions. Will Özil set the tournament a Blaze?    New and exciting talents will emerge at this World Cup and after clubs the world over will be in competition for the signature of the bright and new talent to emerge.  All these very exciting and fantastic questions we will find the answers to during this most exciting and amazing World Cup Finals 2014 held in the beautiful nation of Brazil.  Be sure to stay tuned in with FIFA World Cup radio show during these exciting times!!!

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/2014fifaworldcupbrazil/2014/06/17/germany-1300-portugal-2014-fifa-world-cup-brazil#ixzz34vHHZpE2

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    HOPI/GIZA CONNECTION with "Book of Truth" author Thomas O. Mills

    in Religion


    In his new book the Hopi Indians of Northern Arizona myth of creation is explored, leading the reader on a trip across the seas to Egypt and the pyramids, with surprising results

    Could this be the explanation of man's beginning? He explains the reason for the pyramid complex, the meaning behind the murals, the design of the temples and message that they tell.

    His book is based on the following Truths:

    There are Pyramids. They have been here since the beginning. Over 230 in Eqypt, Mexico, and China all along the 30-degree latitude. There is a reason.

    We do not know how the Pyramids were constructed but the Hopi Myth tells us why they were constructed and who built them and the reason for the arrangement that they are in.

    The statues and murals of the Gaza complex depict all four races, black, yellow, red, and white. Their message is for all of mankind, not just certain groups. This was the place of Man's beginning. We were all created equal and at the same time. The Black man was given Africa, the Yellow man was given China, the Red man was given the America's, and the White man was given Europe. If we came from monkeys how do you explain this fact? If we arose out of the sea, how do you explain this fact? The murals and statues tell the story.

    The oldest site in the America's was located in Chile on the western side of the continent 12,500 years ago after the great flood. There was an ice age and a great flood.

    The first record of the zodiac was located in the ceiling of Dendera. It does not have anything to do with horoscopes as the progression of the stars moves the constellations one degree every 72 years. The constellations have a very different meaning. The ceiling of Dendera also show the Earth's wobble as we travel through space. The Earth is in a delicate balance, that is the message.

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    Rapture Alert,!Joel 2:28 EndTime Revival! Recent Prophecy, by Prophet Owuor!

    in Christianity

    JESUS MUST be worshiped. JESUS will be worshiped, not money in the church. The LORD is asking the church to return to the fear of the LORD and to evangelize the holiness of CHRIST. And that’s why you see again I give examples of Venezuela, Chile, where we just came from, there are big revivals and here, in Kenya. Tanzania is now preparing a national meeting. Dominican Republic, Belgium, everybody now is up. They say, “Please, please come here. We also need to prepare.” Time has come for the church to prepare for the coming of the LORD! 

    But Isaiah 26, Isaiah also saw the same dream the LORD gave me. And there’s something so critical Isaiah saw. I’m just summarizing: Isaiah saw those who were actually being told to enter their rooms, they resurrected from the dead; he said, “Your dead will live.” And he saw them entering their rooms. And he said, “Enter your rooms and shut your doors for a little while. And he said, “Because the LORD is coming from His dwelling and is coming to judge the world for the sins of man.” But he says something as they are being resurrected. He celebrates something.  He says, “Shout for joy. Your dead will live, those in the dust shout for joy. Your dew is like the dew of the morning.” Again, “Your dew is like the dew of the morning.” That’s what I want to focus on the dew. The latter revival was bigger than the church has ever known...no eyes have seen, nor ears have heard. 

    More and always free at www.repentandpreparetheway.org and in the USA at www.highwayofholiness.us and on Facebook, RepentUSA.

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    12 Tips for Connecting with Prickly Teens on the Families Matter Show

    in Family

    Welcome to The World of Ink Network show on Blog Talk Radio. Our goal is to bring informative and entertaining shows to our listners.The mission of the World of Ink Network is to share resources that introduce tips, products and services to help strengthen, support and challenge those who love writing and the written word.

    Listen today to the Families Matter show at 4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific. Hosts Virginia S Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook will be talking with Author Brad Wilcox.

    Brad Wilcox is an Associate Professor at Brigham Young University where he also works with such programs as Especially for Youth and Campus Education Week. He grew up in Ethiopia, Africa, and has also lived with his family in New Zealand and Chile. He is the best-selling author of many books, including Tips for Tackling Teenage Troubles, The Best-Kept Secrets of Parenting, and Straight Talk for Parents: What Teenagers Wish They Could Tell You. His children's picture book, Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae! was a top finalist for the Children's Choice Award in Utah. He is a popular speaker and has presented throughout the country and internationally. You can learn more at http://familius.com/how-to-hug-a-hedgehog and http://bradwilcox.com/

    The Best-Kept Secrets of Parenting authors Brad Wilcox and Jerrick Robbins are back with a new parenting book, this time focused on our prickly young friends: teenagers. How to Hug a Hedgehog: 12 Keys for Connecting with Teens explores ways parents can help teens improve communication, overcome adversity, and build self-esteem with 12 specific keys and a variety of examples and sources.

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    Tales from the Road with Keteka.com's Jack Fischl

    in Lifestyle

    Join me to hear from Jack Fischl, cofounder of Keteka.com. Keteka is a community based adventure travel company that links travelers to amazing, off-the-beaten-track destinations where you can authentically connect to the locals.

    Jack served in Peace Corps Panama and is currently living in Santiago, Chile, participating in the startup accelerator program, Start-up Chile.

    Listen to his tales on the road & get inspired to jetset! 


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    LL Sports 2 - " TMZ has better access than the NFL….CHILE PLEASE!"

    in Sports

    Welcome to LL SPORTS 2!  A sports show for everyone!! – but for the ladies, we’ll get an opportunity each show to teach you some of the fundamentals of baseball, basketball or football.  We promise to never answer your questions with "not right now, the game is on!"

    The ladies tonight are discussing four words; Racial Slurs and Domestic Violence. The Atlanta Hawks, Baltimore Ravens and Ray Rice have been dominating the headlines and the ladies are ready to discuss!

    Call in with your comments, thoughts and opinions, we look forward to hearing from our listeners.  Along with our Wednesday Wikipedia, Ladies Learn Moment and much more.

    Join TJ & TIFF this Wed @ 8p est.

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    What's So Great About Pinot Noir: Part 3 Steve Lutz Lenne Estate

    in Entertainment

    The Minstrel and Muse Wine Tour, 3rd Thursdays.  November's show: New World Pinot Noir: California (Carneros), Oregon, and Chile through the words of winemakers on the episode What's So Great About Pinot Noir?

    Miles (From Sideways) on Pinot Noir: "It's a hard grape to grow... it's thin-skinned, temperamental, ripens early. Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinot's potential can then coax it into its fullest expression. Then...its flavors, they're just the most haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle and... ancient on the planet."

    Part I: Francois Lurton, 5th generation wine grower from Bordeaux. Owner, Francois Lurton SA. Imported by Winesellers Ltd.

    Part II: Michael Richmond from Bouchaine Vineyards in the famed Carneros region of California.  He helped found the Steamboat Pinot Conference over 30 years ago, which attracted winemakers from around the world and brought them together to share experiences and knowledge to help increase quality.  He founded Acacia winery and is now head winemaker at Bouchaine.

    Today's episode is Part III: Steve Lutz winemaker for Lenne' Estate in Northern Willamette Valley, Oregon.  He chose a vineyard site with the "worst soil in the county".  We'll find out why it's producing exceptional pinot.

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