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    Johanna Alper: Spiritual Growth and Financial Success

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    Johanna Alper joins hosts Ed and Deb Shapiro to discuss The Bridge Between Spiritual Growth and Financial Success

    Discover your own personal Sacred Money Archetype: a wonderful system for shifting limited mindsets, repetitive behavioral patterns, and aligning spiritual growth with grounded practical financial success.There are eight Sacred Money Archetypes. Each has its own Gifts, Challenges, Mindsets, Contracts and Destinies. Discover which of the eight archetypes is prominent for you, and unlock your personal money DNA, revealing both your strengths and blindspots. When you have insight into your unique archetypal pattern you can transform your fears and struggles around finances into peace and sanity and practical success.

    Johanna Alper has been a Classical Acupuncturist and teacher for over 30 years. She has been helping healers clarify their offerings, attract a consistent flow of clients, and enjoy financial success. She is currently writing: Medicine Buddha Marketing: A Compassionate Business Guide for Healers. She teaches ChiGong as her alter ego: the "Dr Ruth" of Chinese Medical Women's Sexology!

     www.JohannaAlperCoaching.com and www.CourageMountain.com .

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    Convergence with John Carosella

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    John Carosella hosts Convergence, a journey into shamanism, science, and mysticism, exploring our beautiful world. John brings provocative, new perspectives to living, learning, healing, and discovery -- from the mystical to the commonplace.

    This month's show takes an honest and open look at Drought - a big topic here in California. The Firefly Willows L*I*V*E! roundtable crew shares their perspective, and John explores rain-making, what drought can teach us, and the wisdom of patience. Plus, John draws on the powerful work of David Corbin and Nan Moss, practitioners and teachers of Weather Shamanism, sharing passages from their blog, Thor's Day.

    Join us for Convergence. You'll come away with a new perspective on living, learning, healing, and discovery, from the mystical to the commonplace.

    Firefly Willows L*I*V*E!
    We'll help you find - and shine - your inner light.

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    Intuitive Angels - Spiritual Insight on Relationships

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    Have a question about a current relationship?  
    Have you lost a loved one and wonder how they are doing?
    Would you like to connect with a pet who has passed?  
    Join us for Spiritual Insights on Relationships wth our special guest, Palma Holden.
     Palma Holden is a bright life teacher, intuitive consultant & love & light energy practitioner. She owns Bright Life Consulting & Bright Life Pet Consulting. Palma offers insight, guidance & support to people about themselves & loved ones, including pets. She helps people peel layers of stress & grief through guided journeying, and provides targeted pain relief using chigong and tuning forks in her love & light energy sessi
    For more information on Palma, please see her website at http://www.brightlifeconsulting.com

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    divine inner order dr imhotep

    in Spirituality

    opening your inner power thru meditation

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