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    XXII. Cheeseburgers (Greg Stone)

    in Comedy

    Stand Up Comedian Luis J Gomez sits down with comedian Greg Stone to discuss comedy, running scams and being straight edge.

    Follow @LuisJGomez @ChrisScopo @zacisnotfunny @LouisKatz and @StandUpNYLabs.

    Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see when Luis is performing live. Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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    Cooking with Alex Cardinale Ep. 2: Childhood Food!

    in Cooking

    On this episode of Cooking with Alex Cardinale here LIVE on ACE Network, Chef Alex will be talking about some of his personal favorite childhood foods and how they became some of his personal favorites! We were all children at one point in our lives and we all have food that we liked as kids that we love now! These foods bring a smile to our faces because we know we've eaten them in our childhood and we get to experience that same joy as an adult.

    Topics for this show: Chef Alex will talk about all of  his favorite foods from his childhood, Chef Alex will talk about how he got into cooking, Chef Alex will share tips for the younger kids who want to start cooking, and finally Chef Alex will have some awesome recipes in store for you.

    Some foods and recipes that will be mentioned on this show are:

    -Homemade Mac and Cheese

    -Cheese Pizza


    -Chinese Food


    -Chicken Parmesan

    -Fried Chicken

    -Sugar Cookies

    -Vanilla Cake

    These are just some of Chef Alex's childhood foods...... but what recipes are in store? Let's find out LIVE!

    Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to discuss your favorite childhood foods!


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    Cold Country, Cold Cheeseburgers, and Remembering Pearl Harbor

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, fresh off of one of the coldest days in record since the 1990's in this country, on today's show I'll discuss an article that puts another dent in global warming's sails.  As far as cold cheeseburgers, I'll also be talking briefly about the planned fast food strikes and demands and the overall culture of entitlement that we're apparently now living in.  I'll also share and comment on an article from Don Feder that looks back not so much at Pearl Harbor itself but the aftermath that enabled us to recover from that and win World War 2 in three years when really we were not necessarily a great military power that maybe some today might assume we were.  But we were a different people than what we are today, and yes, a lot of comes down to our culture and the level of reverence we have for God.  That's today at 4:30 PM on American Faith Today!

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    Plum Luv Foods Season 2 Episode 1 Guest R&D Chef from Frito Lay Ngoc Trinh

    in Food

    Tonight Chef Plum is back finally with season two of Plum Luv Foods! We catch a up a bit with whats been going on with Chef Plum on tv dinner underground and more. Chef Ngoc Trinh (chefngoc on instagram ) joins us tonight she is a R&D chef from Frito Lay/Pepsi and an all around awesome person who spends her days traveling and eating cheeseburgers. Ngoc is a ACF certified pastry chef, a walking piece of art, and a serious beer drinking bad ass! The conversation will be awesome and very informitive and for sure slightly uncomfortable as always when Chef Plum talks to a girl!

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    Whole Chickens & Cheeseburgers In A Can=Good Eats! We're Adding Wearable Cams!

    in Entertainment

    (www.paxstereo.tv) Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show – Guest host Meko Williams brings her sexy vibe to Morning Coffee but gets turned on by Mario's latest technological addition; wearable cams that stream directly to Facebook! Now... the shit is on! Folks have been inquiring about our pending FM application, but the real marvel is Meko's ongoing workouts and here continuing weight loss. Go Meko!

    In our first "Looxcie Moment", Mario unveils new personal wearable cams for the whole team as they face the new year with developing plans for network and "personal" expansion of broadcasts, including live streams to Facebook, and soon Youtube! Guest host Meko Williams gets turned on by Mario's latest technological additions, and now... the shit is on!

    Hot Newz Topics include videos that showcase whole cooked chickens in a can, cheeseburgers in a can, and even scorpions and camel, seasoned and cooked in a can! We showcase new wearable technology including Mario's "smart watch" by Pebble, a group of drunk and disorderly Santas fighting during a New York celebration, and New York City's plans to deal with the homeless in the current severe winter storm.

    In Sportz , the reality is in the studio and uncut! Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston lead Florida State's comeback victory over the Auburn Tigers 34-31. Was this a storybook year for Jameis?

    In HOtt PiXX by Vic, current young folk's take on urban fashion is "good", and Victor steps out to show you how "good"! Meko Williams says some of these outfits just leave her speechless as we review urban fashion on the real. Come on down! (01-07-14)

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    Pedro Gomez Jr - Weight Loss Inspiration!

    in Lifestyle

    Pedro Gomez Jr has quite an inspirational story to tell!

    By the time he was just 10 years old, he weighed 200 pounds. By the time he was 21, he was up to 300.

    At his heaviest, he tipped the scales at 418.8 pounds.

    Growing up with a deceased father and mostly-absent mother, Gomez said he had no idea what healthy eating was, and called himself an “emotional eater.”

    “I was a fast food junkie. I used to eat at any fast food restaurant you could think of. That was my lunch every day — McDonalds one day, Burger King the next, KFC another day,” he said. “At White Castle I would order two double cheeseburgers, three bacon cheeseburgers, two fish with cheese sandwiches and the largest fries that they had. And a milkshake too, by the way. In addition, I used to eat a lot of fried foods.”

    He realized it was time for a change when his weight began to make it difficult for him to walk.

    “I was almost unable to walk. I was limping a lot,” he said - and a turning point came when he took a tumble while carrying a box at work.

    “I fell down the stairs and I had to be rushed to the emergency room,” he remembers.

    But Pedro underwent a lifestyle transformation and has lost whopping 230 pounds and 26 pants sizes!

    I am proud to have as my guest a true inspiration as he tells his story – Pedro Gomez Jr.!


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    Out of Body Experiences.

    in Motivation

    Your brain lights up when it sees a picture of food - and your brain is hardwired to eat high fat foods!  Dr. Susan Carnell - a recent guest on Nat Geo's Brain Games takes a quick peek at how your noodle works.

    And then...we leave your body behind. Out of body experiences. Have you ever had one? Meet a woman who has twice left her body...and believes it was a nudge from God.

    Listen in for 25 minutes...and we'll travel far.

    xo Kc


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    HR Happy Hour 188 - Live from the NBA Summer League

    in Business

    HR Happy Hour 188 - Live from the NBA Summer League - Featuring The 8 Man Rotation

    Recorded Live from Las Vegas, Saturday July 19, 2014

    Host: Steve Boese

    Guests: Kris Dunn, Lance Haun, Matt 'The Professor' Stollak

    This week on a very special HR Happy Hour Show, the guys from The 8 Man Rotation series of Ebooks on Sports and HR made their annual midsummer pilgrimage to Las Vegas to take in a few days of the Samsung NBA Summer League competition, catch a little music courtesy of Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails, and record a fun HR Happy Hour podcast over a few cheeseburgers.

    Steve and the boys talked basketball (of course), but also hit upon many of the angles that apply to non-sports contexts as well, and can be relevant to HR, talent management, and building teams of any kind. The NBA Summer League is one of the great, real-life experiments in talent management and development - you have players trying to learn and acclimate, coaches and on-court officials also trying to prove themselves, and you see played out how team executives talent management strategies manifest in how they try to build their teams.

    This was a really fun show, (apologies for the background music and the occasional interruption of the waiters), and many thanks to the guys for participating.

    Back to more 'normal' HR content in the next show, we promise!

    See you next year at NBA Summer League...

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    The Steve Silver Show

    in Sports

    Steve Silver, formerly of Fox Sports 1380am in Seattle, Wa, is back, and better than ever. What? You thought he would fade into oblivion? He doesn't have time for any of that nonsense. Not when you're from Seattle. In case you forgot, Seattle is the home of the defending Super Bowl Champions. Seattle, in case you forgot is the home MLB's hottest team. Sure, they don't have the NBA or the NHL, but they eventually will. Until then, check out The Steve Silver Show every Tuesday evening at 6pm PST.

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    6/3 - Buuurgers, WR Talk, Mountains & Vipers

    in Entertainment

    June the 3rd.. the episode in which we:

    - Cook and eat some pub burgers! 

    - Share our top 10 WR's for 2014

    - Discuss some 2nd year WR's that may be steals in your draft

    - Top 50 highest paid players for 2014.. really?

    - Headlines / Injuries / Cheeseburgers (Andy Reid)

    - Game of Thrones!


    Thanks for joining us,

    Dave and Jason

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    Radio For The Fun Of It with Rich Simpson

    in Relationships

    Wednesdays Topics *Describe charm. *Have you ever been accused of something you did not do? *Describe ingredients for the perfect cheeseburger. *The most you have ever won from gambling. *What do you think about someone naming their daughter Chlorine. *Treehouse stories from your childhood.