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    Who's in the House? - Char McCargo Bah

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    Join host Bernice Bennett and special guest Char McCargo Bah for a discussion on researching roomers and others  documented in the household.   When you are using the U.S. Census, you will see several large families.  In some cases, you might see extended families and roomers.  Hence, if you research everyone in the house, you might find answers to a lot of your questions.  Knowing "Whose In The House.," could even reveal pre civil war ancestors.     Char McCargo Bah has been a genealogist since 1981; she has appeared in numerous television interviews and documentaries and has researched genealogies of well-known individuals.  She currently works as a part-time genealogist on African American families in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.  Char is a 2010 recipient of Virginia Genealogical Society Volunteer Award and a 2009 recipient of the Alexandria History Award from the Alexandria Historical Society.  Char has her own genealogy column “Char’s Corner” in the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society Newsletter.  She is also pursuing her advance studies in genealogy at the University of Toronto. Please feel free to contact Char McCargo Bah through her web site www.theotheralexandria.com.  

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    Church of Reality 82: Merry Christmas-Bah Humbug-F--k Off

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    Materialism is hypocrtitical if you are a true religious person or does the Bible have an answer for that too?

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    BAH, HUMBUG - Surviving the Rest of the Holiday Season

    in Self Help

    Before we go completely silly in our Christmas episode, here's our guide to surviving the crowds, the parties, the shopping and the Christmas songs this holiday season.

    We know you're completely preoccupied with decking the halls, so this Tuesday we'll discuss: how to not get robbed, burglarized, roofied, or worse. We'll even talk about fighting holiday depression. Need a little bit of holiday help? 
    That's why we're here! 


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    Charred Remains Char Speaks about Indie Horror

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    Welcome back to Charred Remains. Tonight Char spills her guts. She is a Woman on Fire! Char speaks about about a certain short film in Indie Horror, Horror Socials, Balls...wait no talk of BALLS on this show, politics, games, actresses, film festivals, awards and more. Tune in November 22nd at Midnight Central. Tonight a lot of people are going to be CHARRED. Get ready to talk about the whole gruesome saga known as Indie Horror and Social Media.



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    Can you be spiritual and stinkin rich? From zero to $20,000 in 30 days...she is!

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    Hey y'all...it's another great show on The Quirky World of Mama Char!!  Tonight's guest is Spiritual Business Strategist, Aine Carlisle of SpiritualSexyandSuccessful.com, is going to give us her strategy for being Spiritual and Stinkin Rich, where she went from zero to $20,000 in one month!  She groups spirit, business and financial into one practice...can't wait to learn her tips of the trade!  And she has a little sumpin sumpin for Mama Char's listeners...so don't miss it or at least catch the replay!!

    Our music tonight "Money" is by Jenny and Georgia.  Catch their original music on youTube jennyand Georgia (the jennyand is not a typo...that's how it appears).  

    And as always, you can find me on mamachar.com and all social media sites @MamaCharBlessed.

    Blessings...Mama Char

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    Blue Christmas? Bah! Humbug!

    in Finance

    It doesn’t have to be a Blue Christmas! There are so many ways to brighten up the holidays, and it will cost you little money and some time. Your Money Your Matters focuses on how to achieve greater financial security. We discuss everything from debt management to FICO scores. We explore tools that are available to help consumers better manage their personal finances.

    Your Money. Your Matters is a weekly show broadcasting every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon Central Time. The program features radio personalities Rick Grady and Todd Mark, two knowledge workers in personal finance and professional announcers, who will entertain and inform. Brought to you by the Cornerstone Credit Union League; Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation and Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Dallas, the show enlightens listeners around the world with money-saving tips.

    Tune in; share your thoughts by calling in or chatting in the chat room; and gain helpful advice.

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    Charlotte Cuevas and Candy Pizza on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture

    Ever met a librarian who keeps a whoopee cushion tucked away for emergencies?  How about one who makes Candy Pizza? Well to today on Tell Me a Story, we will meet such a librarian, Charlotte Cuevas.  Char is a children’s librarian by day and among other things, she is a major writing talent the rest of the time.  Her current book is the aforementioned Candy Pizza (poetry that’s healthy and fun) and you can FOLLOW her blog at www.charlottecuevas.wordpress.com. Stock up on the junk food, dress comfortably and let’s have a yak with a most literate woman!  Enjoy the literate offerings of the fine writers at www.themagichappens.com where we have a fresh issue each and every month. Also, CONNECT with The Magic Happens on Facebook, Twitter, YOU Tube and Pinterest too.  FOLLOW our network to enjoy the ARCHIVES and LIVE PROGRAMS www.blogtalkradio.com/themagichappens

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    Life after abortion...when God takes your lemons and makes lemonade!

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    Please join a special episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char on Wednesday, 12noonPDT/2pmCDT/3pmEDT as we talk with Christina Haas.  Christina is a best selling author, coach and advocate for helping those suffering through the loss of their child...whether from abortion or miscarriage.  Christina has a weekly blog at christinaehaas.blogspot.com where she helps women all over the world with her wisdom gained through education and experiences from her own abortion and miscarriage.  She is also founder of Unborn Angels, unbornangels.com.  She will also be sharing information on her upcoming book "How my Unborn Children Saved My Life" a spiritual journey to wholeness.  Check her out y'all!

    Our music is provided by Ginny Owens, Call Me Beautiful. Christina specfically requested this song and will share with us what it means to her.  You can get this song and others by Ginny Owens over on her website ginnyowens.com or on iTunes.  We are blessed she graciously gave us permission to use her art.

    And as always, you can find me at mamachar.com and @mamacharblessed on all social media.  I would love to hear from you and if I may serve you in any way...it would be my honor.


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    The Fulfillment- Christ In You

    in Religion

    Please join me Tuesday December 16th as I talk about the riches of His mystery

    to whom God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.. It so incredible. We are partakers of the divine nature.

    I am going to share some prophecies about the supernatural birth of Jesus our Lord  , and  how He came and fulfilled  the scriptures so we  could know the riches of the glory of this mystery. Christ  in you.

    I hope you can join me ~ Char

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    The Truth of the Soul: Readings with Shaman Rai, Psychic Healer & Channel

    in Spirituality

    On the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 3:00 pm Eastern, Psychic Healer and Channel Shaman Rai (pronounced Rye) will take calls for an hour and a half to offer FREE Mini-Readings to listeners. Shaman Rai is is a Medium, Medical Intuitive and Healer. He also channels messages from Beings of Light, Ascended Masters and Archangels. Using his clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic abilities, he provides information about those who are alive or deceased.

    He can see the condition of the body and identify underlying physical or emotional issues. As appropriate, he brings in Divine energies to initiate a physical, emotional or spiritual healing process. Call in with One Question per person to connect to someone on the other side, or look into any physical/emotional pains in a quick psychic reading and possible healing.

    Shaman Rai holds a Ph.D. in Social/Personality Psychology and Naturopathy. He is also certified in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Hypnosis.

    How it works: One question per caller with a maximum time limit of 10 minutes. If you plan to call in, you MUST ensure that you are in a quiet environment free of conversations, noise, traffic or wind.

    Special Offer: Shaman Rai is offering listeners of this segment a 25% discount on a one hour session. You can experience a healing for yourself for only $75 instead of the normal $100. Visit the website to schedule a private consultation from anywhere in the world. Gift Certificates make Great Gifts!


    On Facebook, connect at “Shaman.Rai.52” and sign up for email notifications from Char at "Spiritual Insights Radio."

    Please share links to these segments on your Social Networks. Thanks for supporting the show!

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    Dead man talking! Messages from beyond with Medium Lindsay Marino!!

    in Entertainment

    ***Update on readings*** 1st caller.Lindsay Marino Intuitive Medium said male figure with dirt under his nails, even on his face, she felt she couldn't breathe, smelled gasoline and tobacco, gone a long time. Caller's feedback...father was a coal miner, died of black lung and congestive heart failure, smell of coal oil and tobacco is how she remembered him, he has been gone for 31 years.  2nd caller..Lindsay Marino said female figure, Dottie, Dorothy, D name, smelled loud with parfume, every hair in place, stylish dress, lbrought up driving, and the smell of our car. Caller's feedback...her name is Dody, her g'ma's name Delores, every time she got in the car, she reminded Dody of her driving skills and how worried she was, and Dody recalled how she remembered the smell in her g'ma's car!  Catch the replay for details on how Lindsay talks to dead people! 

    Lindsay was one of the few Mediums chosen to train with World Renowned Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams. Earning her Mediumship Certification and becoming a Certified Spiritual Advisor ™ through Lisa Williams International School of Development., Lindsay tours the US giving group readings, workshops and private readings.  Connect with Lindsay thru her website lindsaymarino.com, and follow her on Twitter @LindsayMarino and at facebook.com/lindsaymarinomedium. 

    Our music is courtesy of Julie Geller of juliegeller.com.  Her song "I miss you" is highly appropriate for this show.  Pick up her tunes on her website or iTunes.

    And as always, I love hearing from you.  Find me at mamachar.com and on all social media @mamacharblessed.

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