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    Join us on CrossFire tonight 7pm BST, 20:00 hrs Zambian time as we host Dr Vernon Mwaanga as he discusses Zambia's journey pre independence through independence up to the jubilee . 

    To listen Live log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire and we will also be LIVE on Flava FM on the copperbelt . 

    To call in  and ask questions or make comments , call the switch board on 00 1 347 838 8065 , Skype Mueti2004 or 0114 3601992


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    Chanukah Celebrations with Rabbi Dovid Lisbon

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    The Jewish Community Center and its affiliate Manhattan Torah Center serve as centers for Jewish Life in the South Bay.

    The JCC's 67,000 square-foot facility provides a wide range of services and programs that touch the lives of thousands. The Manhattan Torah Center extends that reach through its Judaica gift Shop and activities.

    The Jewish Community Center's unique approach and unconditional acceptance of people create a dynamic and flourishing community. At the Jewish Community Center there is no membership. Everyone belongs!

    Rabbi Dovid Lisbon is a modern-day “Family Rabbi”, taking families on their spiritual journeys from birth through Hebrew School, Bar or Bat Mitzvah and beyond.

    Since his arrival in the Beach Cities some thirteen years ago, Rabbi Dovid has become part of the fabric of Jewish life in the community as he serves as the Hebrew School Director, Camp Director, and leads the weekly senior meetings.

     If you would like an appointment to meet with Rabbi Dovid, please call (310) 214-4999 #105.

    This morning, we ‘re going to talk to Rabbi Dovid about the Chanukah celebration and the various Menorah lightings happening around the South Bay this week.


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    Celebrations of Love

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    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith - publishers of CreativeCelebrationsMagazine.com, for Big Blend Radio's Creative Celebrations show, with this episode focusing on Valentine's Day & Celebrations of Love! Featured Guests: - Karen Pierce Gonzalez 'Queen of Folklore' - Publisher of FolkHeart Press e-Book 'Love Potions, Lotions & Lore', Author 'Black Pepper Visions: Original Folktales & Stories You Can Eat' & 'Family Folktales: Write Your Own Family Stories’ - Sara Bell - Artist in Sonoma County, CA - Dalton Teczon - Author "Vampire, The Unwilling Book One" & “The Shadow of Morray Hill” - Wendy Van Hatten - Author "Dad’s Hidden Box," Max and Myron" series, and editor for Prime Time Living Magazine. - SL Dearing - Author 'The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles' - Karen Jayne - Author '3 Pillows Down' & Professional Life Coach

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    Zambia's Jubilee Independence Celebrations

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    Zambians across the globe are celebrating the nation's Jubilee Independence of freedom from colonial rule, on this show we'll hear from the zambian Diaspora community scattered across the globe how they have celebrated this Jubilee. Join us and share your thoughts and indepence memories!

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    December 12, 2014 "Holiday Celebrations – Custom, Tradition and Personal Choice"

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    December is time for comtemplation as well as celebration whether you're observing Christmas, Chanukah, Yule, Solstice, Kwanzaa or any particular combination of your own choosing.  It's said that you never really know where you're going until you look at where you've been. Our traditions tell us where we come from both as members of a family unit and as members of a particular culture. Join Linda and Stephanie for a look at some of the less known, and sometimes wacky December traditions from around the globe.  And keep your notepads handy as the ladies share some of their favorite holiday recipes and personal rituals to help usher in the season of light.

     Catch "The Moment Is Now" Friday mornings at 8:30 PST - email


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    Low Stress, High Love Celebrations with Sherry Belul

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    The holidays are supposed to be times of love, laughter, joy and fun.  So often, the reality is they are times of stress and overwhelm.  The spirit of love and joy gets lost in the increased number of items on our "to do" lists and our maxed out credit cards. 

    If that sounds familiar, join us for our interview with Sherry Richert Belul of Simply Celebrate. Sherry is going to share with us ways to bring the joy and simplicity back into our holidays--and how to celebrate our lives every day.  She will help us with ideas that truly express the love we feel for our families and friends and won't break the bank! 

    If you're ready to experience a holiday season that is full of what this time is supposed to be about and to do it with ease, make sure you catch this episode of Coach Cafe!

    As the founder of Simply Celebrate, Sherry helps people celebrate who they are and the people they love through one-of-a-kind imaginative and impactful gifts, life coaching, and inspirational books/articles.   Find out more here: www.simplycelebrate.net  and www.thenewblack-friday.com

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    who are the angels/ascended masters who help with family celebrations and peace?

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    Hi angels,  Tonight we will discuss angels and ascended masters who will help us all with our families finances and peace to have a wonderful holiday season.  

    The show starts at 8:30 

    The call in number to listen is 760 890 7143.

    We are broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at http://tobtr.com/s/7020825. #BlogTalkRadio





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    Going Local - not Loco!

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    Hello Everyone!  I am going to do my show Once a Month now - on Wednesdays at Noon Pacific Coast Time.I am in a huge transition in my life right now - and I believe that everyone is going through some type of change that is transformational right now.   What has worked in the past is no longer working!   The news is too terrible to listen to.  I've turned off my TV - except for Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory - he is the only one who makes any sense on television right now.  Our own story is boring - no one wants to hear it anymore.   I think that all of us are sick and tired of all of the bad stuff.   And we don't know what to do about it.    It's time to go local before we go loco!! 

    My new web site is www.marcyann.com - Reflections and Celebrations!

    My wedding web site is now www.allcaliforniabeachweddings.com.

    If you are looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right, my book is available at www.mrrightforme.com for free.

    My school is www.weddingofficiantschool.com


    If you want to be your own boss and have your own business, my wedding minister/officiant school is now available at www.weddingofficiantschool.com. 



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    Celtic Celebrations and the New Moon

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    Come celebrate today with Fiona, Janis and Barbara on this day of the New Moon. New beginnings, new projects, new roots, new energy ~ all this and more is flowing into our Awareness now.

    The Celtic people celebrate the festival of Imbolc, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Let's celebrate all the inspiration and new ideas that are growing inside, ready to come through to be seen.

    "The serpent will come from the hole
    On the brown Day of Bríde,
    Though there should be three feet of snow
    On the flat surface of the ground."


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    Sobriety Anniversaries - The Celebrations & The Triggers

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    You've kept sober for a year, doing daily work to shine gentle, healing light on the roots of your disease, to heal yourself and your relationships, and to recover the core of who you are.  A sober birthday is a cause for celebration!  Then why does it feel so...strange?  Sobriety anniversaries are a mixed bag of emotions - elation and satisfaction as we reflect on the positive outcomes sobriety has brought to our lives - but also fear and uneasiness, perhaps even the potential for relapse.  Join us as we speak to guests at various stages in their recovery who have dealt with recent anniversaries and share their experiences with these emotional landmarks.

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    Temple of Balance 9th BIRTHDAY Celebrations

    in Spirituality

    Join Lee-Anne as she celebrates 9 years since TEMPLE OF BALANCE was founded (25 Feb 2005).

    Lee-Anne will share her perspective of the journey which started on eBay all those years ago, and has now stretched into an empire of BALANCE, SELF HEALING, INSPIRATION and WISDOM.

    Keep your heart open for special giveaways and sales during this show for live listeners only.

    Call in and share your TEMPLE OF BALANCE story (no reading requests please).

    Includes Healing Time.

    Temple of Balance - Inspiring your Freedom at www.templeofbalance.com

    Chat room open during the broadcast at www.templeofbalance.ning.com

    Join the facebook activity at - Temple of Balance - link: www.fb.com/tobhealers

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