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    NFC East - NFL Preview; Does the division title still go through Dallas?

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    The Philadelphia Eagles finished 10-6, in 2014.  Leaving them on the outside looking in, when the playoffs started. Chip Kelly made and interesting move, trading away LeSean McCoy.  In return, the Eagles received Kiko Alonso.  He missed all of the 2014 season, with a torn ACL.  The Eagles also released Trent Cole and Cary Williams, in a salary cap move. Then they signed free agent running back DeMarco Murray.  At quarterback, the Eagles devised a trade for often injured Sam Bradford.  Nick Foles, who is recovering from a broken collarbone, head to St. Louis.  Many moves in the off-season, equals many questions for the Eagles.

    The Dallas Cowboys lost running back free agent DeMarco Murray, in free agency.  However, they have one of the best offensive lines.  The signed Oakland Raider free agent Darren McFadden, who has had his share of injuries.  In the preseason, he has already been battling a hamstring injury.  The passing combination of Tony Romo to Dez Bryant, will remain intact.  However, the question is how much did the running game help Romo last year. 

    Washington is trying to figure out the quarterback situation.  All indications are that Robert Griffen III will get another shot.  He has started both pre-season games.  On the other side, they need to stop people.  As a unit, they allowed 27.4 points per game, in 2014.  This ranked 29th, in the NFL.  Jay Gruden needs to find some answers, on both sides of the ball.  

    Eli Manning has not lead the New York Giants to the playoffs, in three years.  However, he wants to be the highest paid quarterback.  Is that a distraction needed before the season? The Giants were 13th in scoring, but had some inconsistent play defensively.  No matter what contract Manning has, they need to find people to protect him.  It could be another long year in New York.

  • Redfish gives his take on Alabama to BAMS

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    School has started. The freshman are universally confused as to where they are supposed to be when they're supposed to be there. Alabama is on the practice field. Normal, everyday life for Crimson Tide faithful. BAMS will be joined by William "Redfish" Barger to discuss some of those practice field happenings from the first segment of fall camp. We'll also have a pre-recorded interview with George Whitfield, QB coach to the stars. The action starts at 8 with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

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    BAMS talks to Ryan Fowler & Rodney Orr about fall camp

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    One week of fall camp is in the books, and there is plenty to discuss about the 2015 football season. Cary & Drew spent time at Fan Day and will give their thoughts from the event. We will also be joined by Rodney Orr and Ryan Fowler to talk about what they have seen and heard as the Crimson Tide prepare for Wisconsin on September 5th. The action starts at 8 with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond, and Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

  • BAMS prepares for Crimson Tide fall camp

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    Actual football will be back in Tuscaloosa this week, and BAMS is here to break down what to expect as the fellas in Crimson start this season's trek toward a national championship. Oh, and BAMS is back on a Wednesday after a few months! The action kicks off at 8, and goes to 10, with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

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    Cary Crittendon Falsely Charged/ Also: Doug Franks /Florida Guardianship Issues

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    Join us this evening as we expose the persecution and false charges levied against Cary Crittendon in California.  Cary is currently held at Elmwood Correctional Facility charged with parole violations (non-specific).  A May 4th hearing has been scheduled to allow the prosecutor time to fabricate other charges.  The intent? To sentence Cary to a long period in prison for exposing the corruption of a sitting judge with a long history of corruption. 

    Later in the show:  Doug Franks will join us to talk about the recent victim's symposium that took place in Florida where families that had been targeted had an actual opportunity to speak at length about the abuses they had endured at the hands of predatory guardians and the infamous BAR Association, along with the corruption of the probate courts facilitated by hand-picked "judges". 

    Should be an interesting show!

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    BAMS talks to Crimson Tide & Coaches Poll

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    BAMS will be focused on fall camp that starts up in Tuscaloosa in the very near future. The newest is that the Crimson Tide are ranked #3 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. That isn't the only thing that is going on in Tuscaloosa. We'll be joined by Luke Robinson to discuss some of those things, and Drew will have an interview with Garrett Tucker for all of our listeners as well. The action begins at 7 with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond & Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

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    The War on the American People, & Sanctuary Cities' Impact On Our Safety

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    John Whitehead-Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute and editor of GadflyOnline.com.  We discuss his latest book, "Battlefield America, The War on the American People."  Our apathy is costing us our liberty.

    Michael Cutler-one of America's foremost experts on U.S. law enforcement at a Federal level, talks about Sanctuary cities and how it impacts public safety and national security.  

    Jen Horn-Reports from the Entertainment Capital of the World, Hollywood, CA on the death of Bobbie Kristina, the full figured "It Girl" Melissa McCarthy, Mariah Cary getting her star on the Hollyood Walk of fame and more.

    Joe Antos-The Wilson H. Taylor Scholar, Medicare, and Medicaid expert from AEI talks about Medicare & Medicaid at 50.

    Roshini Rajkumar-Sports Crisis Management and communications consultant discusses Dr. Jennifer Welter-the first female to coach NFL players.

    And it's Open Phone Friday, as "Rapid Fire Radio" takes on the topic of Trump as a legititmate candidate-Will he be the next President of the United States?  Call 844-EAGLE-USA to make your voice count.


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    "Recreating Our Food System" with Cary Junior

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    Welcome to the Farming and Gardening program! Your host is Majiedah Muhammad, her guest is Cary Junior. Cary Junior is a farmer and urban food system developer...curious to know what he does? Be sure to dial into the studio this evening at 8:00pm eastern, 347-945-5454. You may also enter the chat room from the show page at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa  We look forward to your questions and comments.

    Some time soon we want you to go to the farm and visit...see what we are about http://www.noimoa.com .

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    "Creating A Food System" part 2 with Cary Junior

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    Welcome to the Farming and Gardening program! Your host is Majiedah Muhammad, her guest is an agriculturist, working in the Metropolitan area to create an independent food system. Mr. Junior is a returning guest, and during that show (5/3) he shared with us the value in recreating our Food System, his advice and the advice of many other guests have revolutionized the thinking in fhe food industry generally, and specifically for our family here at the Ministry of Agriculture show. We thank you all for your continued support.

    Join us at 8:00pm eastern time, dial-in 347-945-5454 and let's continue the uphill trend of re-thinking how to put back the value of nutrients in our food systems while minimizing diseases and helping people think about ways to be well. If you would like to enter the chat room www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa  We look forward to your questions and comments. Program engineer and provider: nouvelspecialist@verizon.net.


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    Too Slim, Dick LeMasters, Cary Morin, Anne Harris & CKNM Smokin' Joe Kubek

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    SHOW # 265 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    We begin the show with Couch Kid Too Slim (Tim Langford), who will give us a health update and let us know about the great shows he has scheduled for the rest of 2015! 

    Then Dick LeMasters will join me.  Dick is from Texas and offers a mix of Americana, Roots, Rock and Blues on his album One Bird, Two Stones. We'll talk to Dick about growing up in Porrt Arthur, TX and his journey down the musical highway while we listen to songs from the album.

    Cary Morin has been described as "one of the best acoustic pickers on the scene today". He has reprsented the Colorado Blues Society at the 2014 & 2015 IBCand is a part of the Music Maker Relief Foundation. His latest album Tiny Town was released in January of this year.  I get to speak with Cary about his remarkable career and his new album.

    I learned of Anne Harris by way of her incredible contribution to the new Jeff Jensen album.  her violin took the song "Ash & Bone" to a whole new level.  She has jsut released Come Hither a collection of 9 originals that defy definition.  Anne has spent time with Otis Taylor and has received accolades across her career and 5 previous albums.  She and I will explore her sound and career.

    The Couch Kid Smokin' Joe Kubek returns to The Couch to talk about what he and Bnois King have been up to since we last spoke while we delve into their latest release, Fat Man's Shine Parlor.

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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After - Books of Excellence: Cary and Gretchen

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    Tonight is a rebroadcast of the show Bonnie did Sunday featuring Cary and Gretchen...After the show...we will entertain calls for discussion...


    Join us for stimulating conversation!


    C and G