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    Cari Cornish and Special Education Law

    in Health

    Carin J. Cornish is an attorney.  She specializes in Special Education Law -- not the most lucrative specialty in law practice, but one which she find extremely rewarding in other ways.  All children have their own ways of learning, not all of which fit neatly into mainstream classrooms.  Cari is committed to helping to create the right nurturing environment for every special child.  She works through the Children's Law Center of Massachusetts.

    Cari talks with Joyce about the path that has led her to this specialty, and to her work with the New England Regional Genetics Group (NERGG).

    Sanfilippo syndrome was first described in 1963 by Dr. Sylvester Sanfilippo and is considered rare, with an occurrence of 1 in every 70,000 births. It is an autosomal recessive hereditary disorder, which means, both parents must be carriers in order for the child to be affected. There is a one in four chance of having a child born with Sanfilippo syndrome. There is a two in three chance that unaffected children will be carriers.

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    MREA: Chapter 7 - Economic Model

    in Real Estate

    The Econonic Model is a formula that describes the way your business works - it is your equation for success!

    In this session of Coaching with Cari, I will cover the Economic Model so you can KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!  This model describes the relationship between a series of activities and the specific outcomes they produce so whether you realize it or not, you already have an Economic Model. Every business does and so does every Real Estate Agent.  However, the issue becomes if you understand the one you have and if it can get you the net income you want.  So, it is time to evaluate!

    I will cover the three key areas of your Economic Model so you can be sure to be workimg with a model that supports your big goals and has no limits for your success!

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    MREA: Chapter 5 - MREA Goals (8 Categories)

    in Real Estate

    I will cover the 8 goal categories of the millionaire real estate agent in this session of Coaching with Cari on blogtalkradio!

    These 8 categories are: Leads Generated, Listings, Contracts Written, Contracts Closed, Money, People, Systems/Tools, and Personal Education.

    For each of these categories, you should set "someday", three year, one year and one week goals!  By creating key goal categories in your business, goal setting becomes simpler and highly focused.

    The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is always aware of two sets of numbers - goal numbers and actual numbers.  The first set defines the annual goals for the business.  The second set, when monitored on a weekly (or at least monthly) basis, acts as a compass.

    As a real estate business owner, you NEED TO KNOW AND TRACK YOUR NUMBERS!

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    MREA : Chapter 3 - Think A Million (part 2)!

    in Real Estate

    After listenting to the last session of my Coaching with Cari call on Chapter 3: Think A Million, I hope you were able to answer a few questions about yourself and your business.  #1 WHAT IS MY BIG WHY?  #2 DO I TRULY BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE?

    You NEED to THINK in the right ways to be able to acheive the highest level of success possible for you.  You need to be powered by a BIG WHY!  You need to THINK POSSIBILITIES and TRULY BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

    We covered the first 4 ways to Think A Million and in this next session, MREA - Chapter 3: Think A Million (part 2), we will cover #5-9 in terms of ways The Millionaire Real Estate Agent thinks.  And these are the ways you need to think as well to reach your highest potential!

    We will cover: Think Without Fear, Think Progress, Think Competitively And Strategically, Think Standards and Think Service!


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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy DeNador and Guest Cari L. Murphy 01/21/15

    in Lifestyle

    Cari L. Murphy is my guest for Live Your Music on 01/21/15.

    Cari Murphy is the International Bestselling Author of six books, including Treasures of Heaven: Lessons from the Other Side and Create Change Now.

    She is the award-winning host the of the globally syndicated radio show “THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL” which was awarded the title of “Best Spiritual Radio Show” and has 750,000 listeners.

    Cari is also a seminar presenter and speaker, “Soul Success Coach" and the President/CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions.

    Following a near death experience in 1997, Cari’s purpose became clear. She has been devoted to increasing the consciousness of the planet and creating positive global change ever since.

    She thrives on inspiring her clients, audiences and readers to become the soul-driven conscious creators they are intended to be.

    If you are ready to shine and live a lifestyle deserving of your soul’s brilliance, Cari will help you step onto that grand stage and co-create your destiny in a way that is perfectly aligned with your soul.

    To connect with Cari L. Murphy online, visit her website: www.CariMurphy.com

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    MREA : Chapter 2 - Mythunderstandings

    in Real Estate

    In this session of Coaching with Cari, I will discuss the 2nd chapter of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent - Mythunderstandings.

    I will talk about the 6 Mythunderstandings between you and high achievement. As Dr. Karl Menninger pointed out, "fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out."

    These 6 Mythunderstandings fall into the areas of Limited Thinking, Mindset and Staying Focused.

    Remember, all of the information compiled in this book are from studying, interviewing, coaching and consulting the top Real Estate Agents in the country.

    The path of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent goes through four stages - Think a Million, Earn a Million, Net a Million and Receive a Million.  They are best pursued in that order.  And remember, it is not about the money.  It is about thinking big and aiming high - and by doing so, the person you become and the things you achieve are what matter most!

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    Cari Murphy -Treasures of Heaven

    in Self Help

    Cari Murphy is an Award Winning Media Host, Speaker, President/CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, a Life and Business Coach coaching tens of thousands of conscious business owners and success seekers around the world, a Bestselling Author of SIX Books, including the International BestsellersTREASURES OF HEAVEN: LESSONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE and Create Change Now.

    Cari is also the Host of the Globally Syndicated Radio Program
    “THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL" with over 750,000 listeners. The show has been celebrated on Itunes "Hot List" since it began and was awarded the title of Best Spiritual Radio Show for 2013. Following a near death experience in 1997, Cari’s purpose became clear. Her intention is to empower millions to create inner worth, outer wealth, and optimal health while expanding their awareness, awakening their passion, and unleashing their soul's greatest potential!

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    MREA: Chapter 10 - Organizational Model

    in Real Estate

    You do all you can do and go as far as you can go.  You get all the results you can get and when you know just can't go any further on your own, you must look for help.  This help needs to come in the form of another talented person!

    You need to understand how and when you will know you need help.  Your business will change over time. You will move from being everything to everyone and eventually will need assistance so you can focus on more of the revenue generating tasks and quite frankly, so you don't burn out!

    This organizational model that I will cover in today's session will help you with exactly this topic!  It is a big one and it is going to be one of the most challenging.  Having a proven model to follow is key!

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    MREA: Chapter 9 - The Budget Model

    in Real Estate

    In this session, I will cover the three key areas of your budget model.  Leading with revenue is key and knowing how to keep the money you are spending is key to your short and long term success.

    Know that there is a natural rhythm to business, which demands you examine your books at least once a month so getting into that habit is critical.


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    MREA: Chapter 8 - Lead Generation Model

    in Real Estate

    Your Lead Generation Model is as important as your Economic Model.  One relies upon the other - the two go hand in hand!  Leads are the fuel to your economic engine.  You can never have enough leads! NEVER!

    Investing in yourself and marketing your name, creating a brand is very important.  Having a systematic lead generation effort is critical to your successs.

    You will have to play the numbers game.  This is what sales is! The quality is in the quanity!

    I will cover the three key areas of your lead generation model today in this session:

    Prospect and Market, Set up a database and feed it, and Systematically market to your database.

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    Cari Cucksey is sharing tips to strategize flea markets and garage sales

    in Design

    Let's get after those flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales with strategies from expert and antiques matchmaker Cari Cucksey.

    We're on the hunt to beef-up our treasure hunting skills with guest Cari Cucksey, owner of the RePurpose Shop and host of 'Cash & Cari.'

    Since she was 12, Cari has been refurbishing just about anything she can get her hands on. From antique furniture and vintage toys to retro electronics and classic luxury cars, she's always on the lookout for obscure treasures as she combs through basements, attics and garages.

    Cari’s network television hit, Cash & Cari currently airs on HGTV, the W Network, Choice TV and the History Channel in countries around the world.  The show follows Cari and her company, RePurpose Estate Services, as they set up Estate Sales on her client’s property, and unearth a host of historical and valuable items. Cari hunts for hidden treasures as she travels far and wide in search of anything she can flip and restore.

    “You never know what you’re going to find,” Cari says. “Memorabilia, collectibles, hidden treasure or just junk! But everything was once worth something to somebody, and it can be again.”