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    Cari Cucksey is sharing tips to strategize flea markets and garage sales

    in Design

    Let's get after those flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales with strategies from expert and antiques matchmaker Cari Cucksey.

    We're on the hunt to beef-up our treasure hunting skills with guest Cari Cucksey, owner of the RePurpose Shop and host of 'Cash & Cari.'

    Since she was 12, Cari has been refurbishing just about anything she can get her hands on. From antique furniture and vintage toys to retro electronics and classic luxury cars, she's always on the lookout for obscure treasures as she combs through basements, attics and garages.

    Cari’s network television hit, Cash & Cari currently airs on HGTV, the W Network, Choice TV and the History Channel in countries around the world.  The show follows Cari and her company, RePurpose Estate Services, as they set up Estate Sales on her client’s property, and unearth a host of historical and valuable items. Cari hunts for hidden treasures as she travels far and wide in search of anything she can flip and restore.

    “You never know what you’re going to find,” Cari says. “Memorabilia, collectibles, hidden treasure or just junk! But everything was once worth something to somebody, and it can be again.”

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    Survivor Voice: Cari #Project100000Voices The Journey to Change

    in Relationships

    Cari started her domestic violence journey at the age of 17, when she started dating an older man, had a child out of wedlock and later married him.  The abuse left her for dead in a pile of ants.  When she was found, she had 4 days of being in the hospital on life support.

    She wants folks to know that there is always a way out. Eventhough she lost everything, including her kids, she is now on the road as a thriver she has her youngest child back, and is working and going to school fulltime. 

    It's a story of inspiration and hope that we hope you will join us and help her to share her voice with others to make a difference.

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.

    You may also contact Cari at http://thejourneytochange.com or http://facebook.com/thejrny2chge.


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    Loving Life Lessons from the Other Side: Cari Murphy: Treasures of Heaven

    in Motivation

    Cari Murphy, bestselling author and award winning media host. combines her unique experience of years as a clinical counselor and psychologist, with her near death experience and certified professional/ spiritual coaching to help tens of thousands globally shift from dull, uninspired, autopilot living into purposeful living; to unleash their greatest potential; and to claim the inner worth, outer wealth, and optimal health they desire and deserve.  

    Cari is president and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions; and is a regularly featured seminar presenter around the country.  Cari is well known and highly respected for her ability to intimately connect with individuals from all walks of life to create change now.

    Cari joins us today to discuss her newest book, “Treasures of Heaven:  Lessons from the Other Side.”  Get ready to release any fear, worry, or anxiety which may be keeping you from experiencing the life you desire and are destined to live!

    Visit http://www.CariMurphy.com   and  http://www.treasuresofheavenbook.com/ 

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com  

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    All things Penn State football with Cari Green of BSD

    in Football

    Penn State is one of the trickier road games for Ohio State this season, and with James Franklin on the scene, they're one of the biggest offseason stories in the Big Ten. We chat with Cari Greene of Black Shoe Diares to get the lowdown on all things Penn State, including their opinion of potential rivalries with Maryland and Rutgers, their breakdown of their controversial new AD hire, Penn State's offensive line, their WR corps, their secondary, and reasonable expectations for this season, given their poor depth. We also talk internet currency! 

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    Cash & Cari

    in Entertainment

    Mark & Theresa are on the hunt for fabulous finds with Cari Cucksey from HGTV’s Cash & Cari. They’re FRESHening up with DaVinci Roofscapes color expert Kate Smith who shares her Five-Letter approach to picking your perfect color. They'll be talking about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. And they’ve got a Craftsman’s TurnTight tractor ready to give to one lucky fan.
    About the Cash & Cari Show
    Inheriting her mother’s passion for antiques and collectibles, Cari Cucksey, host of HGTV’s Cash & Cari, began buying, selling and trading when she was only 12 years old. Today, with more than 10 years of experience as a professional estate liquidator, she is still on the lookout for hidden treasure as she travels far and wide in search of anything she can flip and restore. Based near Detroit, Cari owns and operates RePurpose Estate Services, one of the most prominent businesses of its kind in Michigan. Along with her professional team, Cari sets up estate sales right on her clients’ premises and, unearthing everything of value, is committed to making as much money for them as possible.

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    Diva Taunia's Backstage Pass Lunchtime Concert Series

    in Music

    Join Diva Taunia every Monday for a lunchtime music concert series (NOON PST), featuring some of today's up and coming musicians, artists and songwriters. If you like what you hear, we encourage you to stop by their website or social media pages and let them know!  All links can be found on the blog at www.divatauniablog.com .  Our artists this week:

    1. Melissa Hollick with "Love Me"
    2. The Survival Code with "Living A Lie"
    3. Corey Primus with "Never Again"
    4. Alex Balagna with "Away In A Manger"
    5. Alex Balagna ft. Cari Shields with "Angels We Have Heard On High"

    Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list HERE (we don't spam - ever!)
    Our show is sponsored by Wellesse.com

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    The Filthy Dish #FilthyFridays

    in Pop Culture

    The night has changed to get your proper serving of The Filthy Dish! That's right folks we've switched from Saturday nights to Friday nights. Going forward remember the hashtag #FilthyFridays because this is when H5, Stacie Face, and Nickold Blooded give it to you raw and uncut! Tonight the team will once again be joined by the fantastic Miles Bloxson celebrity correspondent with Pynk Celebrity is here to talk about some interesting things happening from the questionable comments referring to ESPN First Take moderator Cari Champion to Chris Brown and more! The gang will be touching on everything from the 2014 CMA's to actress Tasha Smith threatening to kill her husband! You don't want to miss what we have on the plate! 

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    Survivor Voice: Survivor2013 #Project1000000Voices Journey Beyond the Ravine

    in Women

    Her Story:

    "I started dating a guy in Dec 2012. He told me how his mother past away and his father was a drunk. How his ex was mean to him and everybody gave up on him. Me being a mother felt the need to protect him and show him I was always going to be there. We had a wedding ceremony on 5-4-13 and the abuse physical and mentally started. 5 weeks after that he got really drunk and became angry and extremely violent. On that night as I was trying to calm him down while driving down the road with my 8 year old son in the back seat he had a fit of rage and began to beat the windshield with his fist, then he reached across me and snatched the steering wheel out of my hand and down a 50 ft reven we went. I was cut out by jaws of life and airlifted to the nearest tram a hospital in alabama. When I got there... My advice is, I know your scared and I know what you have been threaten with but if you stand up for yourself in the right way and set your mind to it all things are possible. Call, report, don't hide it, tell everyone you know, get away, you can make it without them!"

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.

    You may also contact Cari at http://thejourneytochange.com or http://facebook.com/thejrny2chge.


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    Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 2.12 - Illinois Fighting Illini

    in Sports

    Who doesn't love a winning streak?  The #BlackShoePodcast is fired up over two in a row!  Adam, Cari, Bill and former Nittany Lion cornerback Stephon Morris talk about the 30-point explosion against Temple, Penn State's newly discovered running game, and, of course, dominating defense (as usual).  PLUS, the crew previews this weekend's matchup against the Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois!  All that and more on this week's episode of the #BSP.

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    #4HFA - Loss for Words: Are there Rules for Athletes & Social Media

    in Sports

    1. Who should we blame for athletes making bad decisions on social media?

    2. Does social media proves that some athletes feel superior over the common person?

    3. Do you think its possible, for a professional organization, to set rules about interacting on social media in player contracts?

    4. Are there any athletes that use social media correctly?

    5. Shouldnt an athlete be able to use their social media as they please? (1st Amendment)

    Caller Question of the Day: What Are Your Social Media Pet Peaves?

    Special Guest: DNA SportsTalk (Don & Asa)

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    Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 2.11 - Penn State vs. Temple Owls

    in Sports

    Did winning cure all ills for the #BSP crew?  Adam, Cari, Bill and Stephon Morris are back on the #BlackShoePodcast this week to discuss a defensively dominant win against Indiana, continued offensive struggles, and this weekend's matchup against Temple!

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