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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with She Writes Press Author Patti Clark

    in Writing

    Patti Clark's new non-fiction book This Way Up: Seven Ways for Unleashing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life is just as dynamic and courageous as her publishing journey which required a ton of courage!

    We're going to have a blast really digging into that moment of courage that changed Patti's writing and publishing journey and ultimately her life.

    This Way Up: Seven Tools for Releasing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life


    This Way Up is a story of healing for women who yearn to lead a fuller life, accompanied by a workbook designed to help readers work through personal challenges, discover new inspiration, and harness their creative power...

    Women spend so much of life nurturing and giving to others that when they find themselves alone—because of an empty nest, the end of a marriage, or the death of a partner—they often struggle with feeling purposeless.This Way Up provides a step-by-step way out of this sense of loss and into a life filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and joy.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Lucinda Cross

    in Business

    Research shows that people who have a vision supported by goals are more likely to achieve their goals than those who do not. Lucinda Cross knows what it takes to reach high heights of success and how to navigate this journey with courage. Tune-in for an informative chat with Lucinda on the in-s and outs of what it takes to have the courage to stay the course of faith.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Author Virginia A. Simpson

    in Writing

    Today, I'll be interviewing Dr. Virginia A. Simpson, a bereavement care specialist about the courage it took to write her memoir, The Space Between and tell her complling story about the relationship with her aging mother. 


    An empowering memoir, The Space Between is filled with insights and wisdom about this most human of experiences.”

    —Lynne Morgan Spreen, author of the award-winning book Dakota Blue

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    Emotional Extorted Giving

    in The Bible

    Are you giving in a cheerful manner or are you being forced! 



    This is a outreach ministry.Dr. Stewart McClain has been ministering for 16 years, he has pastored and planted churches, been a  Bishop in a 2 fellowships. Our outreach ministry focus on taking the good news of Jesus Christ into communities in need including empowerment services, prisons, juvenile halls, elder care homes, public schools, and to the homeless living out on the streets and in shelters. Our efforts also include partnership assistance with local organizations and help with community service projects.

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    100 Days of Giving Black with Linda Kelly

    in Non-Profit

    Since 2005, Linda Kelly has served as president of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, the community foundation for the 29-town Greater Hartford region, and one of the oldest and largest of the approximately 700 community foundations in the country. Established in 1925, and now with more than 1,000 funds, the Hartford Foundation ended 2014 with approximately $930 million in endowment assets, and made 1,997 grants totaling $32.5 million over the course of the year.

    Linda Kelly is also a board member of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy and the MetroHartford Alliance (Hartford’s Chamber of Commerce and the region’s economic development leader) and is past chair of the Connecticut Network of Community Foundations. She recently served on the Audit Committee and Community Foundation Leadership Team at the Council on Foundations, a national association of grantmaking foundations and corporations.  She has spent decades serving a variety of nonprofit and civic organizations in the Greater Hartford area, often in a leadership position.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Author Theo Nestor

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be speaking with Theo Pauline Nestor, author of Writing is my Drink (A Writer's Story of Finding Her Voice and How You Can Too.) about the lessons of courage and how they can be applied to everyday living. 

    Theo Pauline Nestor is the author of Writing Is My Drink: A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (And a Guide to How You Can Too) (Simon & Schuster, 2013) and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed: A Memoir of Starting Over (Crown, 2008), which was selected by Kirkus Reviews as a 2008 Top Pick for Reading Groups and as a Target “Breakout Book.” She holds and MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Washington. Nestor also produces events for writers such as the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat, Bird by Bird & Beyond, and the Black Mesa Writers’ Intensive, featuring talks by literary leaders such as Anne Lamott, Cheryl Strayed, Julia Cameron, and Natalie Goldberg.

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    Creation Care Stories #1

    in Environment

    John Hitchins 

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    Taking Care

    in Prayer

    What do we mean when we tell someone to "Take Care"?

    "Take care" is a much used phrase that packs a punch, but let's not get knocked out. 

    We use it to say good bye, for health and many other reasons. But what does the Bible say about taking care.

    Today, we will discuss what the Bible says about health and healing. We will share personal testimonies

    as we aim for balance spiritually, mentally, and physically.

    We will apply scriptures, poems, quotes in our talk.  Join us.

    SE Scott 

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with SWP Author Rita Gardner

    in Family

    For Rita Gardner, author of the award winning memoir The Coconut Latitudes, it took decades to summon up the courage to write my story of survival in a dysfunctional family while attempting a new life on a remote tropical farm. On this podcast, we'll talk about the courage it took for her to share the secrets that were so deeply buried and what happened as a result of sharing them.  


    There's also going to be a special announcement - please tune in for all the nitty-gritty details!

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Ernie Boxall

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be interviewing Ernie Boxall who is penning his book about his visit to Israel. We'll be discussing some of the lessons of courage he experienced and how they've transformed him as well as impacted his ability to live courageously and what it means for writing a memoir. 

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    The Road Map to Senior Care

    in Caregiving


    Senior Care can be described as a wilderness of interconnected family decisions.  Often people find that they have crash-landed into that situation.  They ask such questions as “What do I do?  Where do I turn for help?”  The Road Map to Senior Care is the guiding light to help one negotiate the path to care.  This book examines all of the options available for the care of senior loved ones in a clear, conversational fashion.

    Author and our guest, Stephen Andriko, will provide expert analysis that affords the our listeners with a non-judgmental approach to navigate through the maze of confusion that surrounds this extremely sensitive subject.  He will explore various delivery means such as in-home care or out-of-home placement highlighting the differences between similar services.  Further, he will discuss average costs for the various alternatives and offer resources that can help along the journey.  The purpose of Mr. Andriko's  book and our discussion today is to minimize the effects that painful emotion can have on the decision process.

    Feel free to call in today and ask questions or get expert advice on your senior care journey.  Call 1-929-477-1393, join us live in the chat room, or download this episode and listen later at your convenience.

    Join The Dementia Whisperer, co-host Scott Cluthe and our guest Stephen Andriko for an hour of essential advice, care advocacy and empathetic ears-we want to hear from YOU!