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    Camera Fright

    in Sports

    What is camera fright and how to overcome it.  Thanks to Jack Curry of YESNetwork for sharing his experience and suggestions.

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    The Man Room: Episode 1 (The Initiation)

    in Relationships

    This is the first episode of The Man Room Radio Show, with co-hosts Troy Brown, A6, and Jovan Campbell. 

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    The Man Room: Episode 2 (Who vs. What)

    in Relationships

    The hosts will discuss the "Who vs. What" philosophy and go deeper into their respective ideologies regarding the matter. 

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    Special Alert from Omega Man - Mon 4-18-2016

    in Entertainment

    Special Alert from Omega Man - Mon 4-18-2016

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    Married Man Show: The Future of the Married Man Show

    in Comedy

    Jay and Jack have a special announcement about the future of The Married Man Show. Email: MarriedManPodcast@gmail.com. Phone: 510-69-TAFFY

    Become a Jay and Jack Patron! Check out their Patreon page for more information at www.patreon.com/jayandjack.

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    Episode 3397 - Mel Novak on Omega Man Radio 4-7-2016

    in Entertainment

    Episode 3397 - Mel Novak

    Pastor Mel Novak www.melnovak.com

    Recorded 4-7-2016 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Lights Camera Plus Size

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. J Maria Merrills? 

    Book Excepts: Seeing Faith

    Since she can remember, Faith has been bullied about her weight. If it wasn’t her school friends, it was her mother. Now the teasing has even leaked into her relationship by a man who is supposed to love her, her fiancé, Esau. She has tried everything to lose the weight including skipping meals altogether, but nothing seems to work. In fact, her wedding dress has been let out so many times, she might to have buy a whole new one. Her inability to lose weight and her frequent binges could be due to the fact that she suspects her fiancé is using her. Though he constantly makes negative comments about her weight, he loves all of the perks that come along with dating the boss’ daughter. While traveling with him on a business trip to Jamaica, she realizes that the slender ideal she was taught in America does not exist everywhere. In fact, her curves are a benefit instead of a disadvantage. While Esau works, Faith spends most of her free time with Hosea, a Jamaican architect who likes a woman with meat on her bones. Will Esau win Faith’s affections again or will he lose to Hosea? What happens when a plus-size woman starts to value her curves? Find out in Seeing Faith: When Life Throws You Curves. 

    Entrepreneurial Spotlight  www.bellabrownplus.com

    Bella Brown Plus is a collection of stylish, fun and trendy ready-to-wear apparel that caters to the young, vibrant, confident plus size woman.

    The collection includes day wear, sexy club wear, fun and festive corsets, accessories and much more… If you are a sexy, self-confident woman, who is ready to feel simply irresistible… What are you waiting for? Go order your 3 sexy items…and message me Bella Brown to let me know you are ready to feel absolutely fabulous!




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    Episode 3303 - Demon Hotline Soul Man and Omega Man

    in Entertainment

    Episode 3303 - Demon Hotline Soul Man and Omega Man

  • Who Is A Man in TODAY'S WORLD

    in Radio

    Thank you so much for joining me in the MAN CAVE tonight.  

    In today's society of "political correctness", the definition of a "Man" can easily be misconstrued,



    Misconstrued is defined as to have misinterpreted or misunderstood.

    An example of misconstrued is when someone made a helpful suggestion and you misinterpreted it as criticism and got mad.

    Let's talk about that tonight!  Be sure you call up and give me your opinion on "who is really a man".  TONIGHT ...In the CAVE!!!

    SHOW DIAL IN #  1-646-200-3422

    Or listen "live" on line on both Blog Talk Radio and Spreaker here:




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    Episode 3396 - The Al Cuppett Hour on Omega Man Radio - 4-7-2016

    in Entertainment

    Episode 3396 - The Al Cuppett Hour on Omega Man Radio

    Minister Al Cuppett www.alcuppett.com

    Recorded 4-7-2016 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    How To Choose A Good Man

    in Motivation

    In tonight's show, we talk about "How to choose a good man." Some women have been heard to say that they have difficulty choosing a good man when all they have experienced is the bad ones. There are many contributing factors, absent fathers, poor father-figures, pop culture's redefining of a 'good man," etc. 

    There will be a checklist of things to look for to help. Get your pen and paper ready or your favorite notes app for your computer, smart phone. or tablet. Don't be too shy to call in if you're listening live. We can delve into some personal scenarios, past or present situations per your comfort level. 

    Let's Talk!!! .  


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