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    Transition to Community Employment (TRACE) Class of 2015

    in Culture

    Join us for a conversation about high school and post-secondary education, life, career and personal goals, dreams, and the future, with students from the Transition to Community Employment (TRACE) program graduating class of 2015. We'll discuss where they've been, where they're going, and how their lives have changed.

    TRACE is The Arc of Luzerne County's work readiness program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, at Luzerne County Community College.  Learn more about TRACE here.

    Read TRACE student and graduate blogs here.

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you Fridays at 12:00 pm EST by The Arc of Luzerne County. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

    Visit PA Disability News to stay up to date on news and events of interest to the PA disability community. Thanks for listening!

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Cornerbacks, Bills Schedule, Draft Notes

    in Sports

    On the final installment of the Buffalo Breakdown the Hashtag Crew will cover the cornerbacks for the Buffalo Bills, some free agents that are still out there, and some possible players that could be taken in the 2015 NFL Draft. 

    Also on the show, the recently released Bills schedule will be discussed.  How did Buffalo make out with the home vs away games? 

    A comprehensive breakdown of the roster will be given just a short week and a day before the Draft. 

    To join in the discussion on twitter, tweet Hashtag Sports to @htagsports


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    Bills Talk With Buffalo Bills Fans Only Jamie Soto

    in Sports

    Tonight we crush the draft, if the Bills won or lost, how training camp will shake out, all this and your questions exclusively from Facebook at Buffalo Bills Fans Only!

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Wide Receivers, Bills Depth Chart

    in Sports

    On the 8th installment of the Buffalo Breakdown, the Hashtag Crew will take a look at the position that is of little debate, but should it be?  The Buffalo Bills have tendered the offer for Chris Hogan, signed Marcus Easley and picked up free agent Percy Harvin, so now what?  Are these the physical imposing players that will fit with Greg Roman's 'Ground and Pound' scheme?  Does Roman look to open up his playbook in 2015?  Where will Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods in regards to formations? 

    All those questions and more will be answered on a new episode of Hashtag Sports. 

    Tweet your comments and questions to @htagsports

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    NATCHEZ TRACE Horse Camp and Tips for the Trail on SADDLE UP AMERICA!

    in Entertainment

    Tues. May 12th Noon CST on EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO'S Saddle Up America!

    Tips for the Trail with ROBERT "TRAILMEISTER" EVERSOLE and an interesting visit to "STINKIN JIM'S HORSE CAMP" .  You'll love the story behind the name to this great Horse Camp, located just feet off the historic Natchez Trace Parkway in Houston MS, as we visit with owner JAMES PETTIT.

    Join GARY HOLT and co-host TINA MAE WEBER every Tuesday at Noon CST with entertaining guest and valuable information for the Trail Rider.  We take you across the country to visit great riding destinations at Horse Campgrounds and Guest Ranches that you'll want to add to your "Bucket List"

    SADDLE UP AMERICA! is brought to you by Trailguard 24 hour Roadside Assistance Learn more about Trailguard at www.trailguard.org
    And by Trailhead Supply your Source for the Best Camping Gear, Horse Packing Equipment & Horse Riding Gear. 
    Learn more about Trailhead Supply at www.trailheadsupply.com
    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on our FREE Mobile App and Online at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Running Backs

    in Sports

    With the shake up at One Bills Drive with the soon-to-be arrival of LeSean 'Shady' McCoy, the Bills fans are split on the trade.  Some of the fans are happy to get such a productive player in a position of need, while others are upset that the 'Legend' of Kiko Alonso will be in Philadelphia next year.  What does this mean for the Buffalo Bills, their offense, and what Greg Roman has in store for the Bills in 2015? 

    The Hashtag Crew will breakdown numbers, salary, and the philosophy of the Bills for 2015 on the edge of Free Agency. 

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    Trace Amounts

    in Health

    My two guests, ERIC GLADEN and SHILOH LEVINE, will be discussing their new documentary called Trace Amounts.  This film is the true story of what happened to Eric when he scratched the top of his head on a rusty nail at work, and went to the hospital where he then received a tetanus vaccine shot.  Eric's life changed forever as he began to have adverse reactions from this vaccine.  He describes the mental chaos of what our Autistic children are going through and what these symptoms feel like as your body and mind are being taken over and you become a trapped prisoner.  These Autism-like symptoms were caused by mercury poison, which came from the thimerosal (50% ethylmercury by weight) that is used in the tetanus vaccine.  Instead of giving-up, Eric is determined to find out the answers of what is happening to him, so he hits the road in his RV to travel the country seeking out doctors, specialists, and all the documentation he can find to solve this puzzle.  Please join us live on February 26th at 12:00 P.M. CST.  I will not be taking phone calls during this interview.  The film crew is traveling from location to location through the states promoting and taking interviews at the screenings.  Find the closest theater near you and buy a ticket to attend this film, it is absolutely amazing!  Clarksville TN we're bringing Trace Amounts to you in March.  I will let you know when tickets are available for purchase.  

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    Buffalo Breakdown: ILB, Bills New Look

    in Sports

    The New Look Bills, with their Cold Front on defense, and their weapons on offense are giving Bills fans something they haven't had for a decade and a half...hope.  The Bills are making moves that they have seen other teams in the past make, and look to be a bonafide contender when the 2015 season rolls around.

    The Hashtag Crew will focus their 6th Episode of the Buffalo Breakdown on the Inside Linebackers for the Bills.  Will the Bills finalize a deal with Brandon Spikes?  Will they address this need in the 2015 NFL Draft at the 50th pick?  Who will play next to Preston Brown in Rex Ryan's elaborate scheme?  All these questions and more will be answered on Hashtag Sports.

    Since it is April Fools, the Hashtag Crew will surely have something up their sleeve when the episode kicks off.  Be sure to tune in, and submit your comments or questions to their Twitter @htagsports

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Safety, Bills Speak Out

    in Sports

    On a brand new episode of Hashtag Sports, the Crew continues with their Buffalo Breakdown 10 Part Series with the Safety Position.  When the questions of the offensive line and the quarterback subside, the next question will be the back end of Dennis Thurman's defense.  Da'Norris Searcy is a Titan, so waht will the Bills do to address this need?  The Crew has their take, but what do the fans think about the safety position? 

    Tweet your comments and questions to @htagsports


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    Buffalo Breakdown: Quarterbacks

    in Sports

    In year two of the Buffalo Breakdown, the Hashtag Crew examines the state of the quarterbacks to lead off their 10-part series.  The Bills have been starving for a franchise quarterback, but the real question is who.  And it seems that it will always be who.  Hashtag Sports will breakdown the current roster, some notable free agents, and (if possible) who the Bills should target in the draft. 

    All that and more will be covered on the next installment of Hashtag Sports. 

    Click the link, stay for the chaos.

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    TheKickIsGood's Buffalo Bills Week 2 Postgame Show!

    in Football

    Mike Sullivan and Ryan Talbot discuss Buffalo's 29-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins. Fans can call in and give their thoughts on the game, ceremonies and Buffalo moving to 2-0.

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