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    Presents Lorna Larsen of Team Shan - Memorial To a Daughter Lost to Breast Cance

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    Come to the Breast Show In Town April 17 at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn 8:30am -4pm for great information to assist you in reducing your risk of developing breast cancer and so much more.  Support PRIM Canada by purchasing your $5 admission ticket www.breastshowintown l  Breast Cancer IS Preventible.

    Our guest on this radio event is Lorna Larsen, the driving force behind Team Shan, a charity which will touch your heart.

    Team Shan was named after Shanna (Shan) Larsen who was only 24 when she lost her life to breast cancer. The name Team Shan was initiated by Shanna’s friends committed to maintaining Shan’s spirit and raising awareness about breast cancer in young women.

    Friends continue to raise awareness through sporting events held each year in Shan’s memory. The Knock Cancer Out of the Park/Shanna Larsen Memorial ball tournament takes place every July in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario and the Fore for Shan golf tournament every August in Woodstock, Ontario.

    Team Shan was established as a community based organization by Shanna’s mother, Lorna Larsen, in 2006 to make a positive difference for young women following in Shan’s footsteps. Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women (Team Shan) incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 2009 and registered as a national charity in 2010.

    Through the development of an innovative health promotion strategy, Team Shan has effectively addressed the need for young women to be informed about their risk of breast cancer since 2007. Young women from across Canada have responded positively to Team Shan awareness campaigns and activities. They have also appreciated not being forgotten in breast cancer messaging. Shan face and her story have resonated with young women and made a difference in communicating vital breast health information to this population at risk. www.teamshan.ca

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    Best Options For Cosmetic Breast Surgery

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    Although breast augmentation and enhancement surgery has been around for decades, many patients and doctors are still confused about the best placement options for implants, which type of implant to use, and where to actually place the incision is discussed in a multitude of chat rooms around the web.  In this episode, Aesthetic Insider talks with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Marcel Daniels, MD of ImageMD in Long Beach, CA.  Trained by Dr. Bruce Connell, one of the most revered plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Daniels prides himself on his dedication to providing the best surgical options and techniques to patients, and his delicate and precise approach to surgery. Dr. Daniels has one of the largest breast surgery practices in the Southern California area. As Dr. Daniels explains, "It's not the implant that makes this procedure so great, it's the experience of the surgeon. Understanding anatomy, healing trends, lifestyle of the patient and risks involved are all part of what can make this procedure ideal for most women that choose it." Dr. Daniels also notes that in addition to discussing with the patient the important scientific and surgical options available, he feels that part of a successful procedure and a satisfied patient is having the right kind of discussion prior to surgery about their individual aesthetic expectations!  As we like to say here at Aesthetic Insider, an informed patient is a happy patient. For more information visit www.imagemd.com.


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    Dr. Eric Pearl Of The Reconnection Visits Breast Show Radio to Share Research

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    Come to the Breast Show In Town to get the cutting edge information that Breast Cancer (and all cancer for the matter) IS Preventable.  Listen to experts, meet vendors with cutting edge information and products, services to serve you on your journey. General admission is $5 which you can get your online tickets at www.breastshowintown.ca. At the show you buy your admission tickets to each of the speakers 1 hour sessions for $5 each. Support PRIM Canada, Enter to win a chance to drive a Fiat convertible for a weekend, and so much more.  

    Today's show features a very special guest....  Dr. Eric Pearl of The Reconnection. 

    A bit about Dr. Pearl: They say your life can change overnight. That was certainly true for Dr. Eric Pearl. “One day I was a chiropractor and the next day I was something else,” says Eric. Overnight, Eric had found the ability to connect with energy and work with it to heal people. Today this is known worldwide as Reconnective Healing.

    Now recognized and supported by science, Reconnective Healing facilitates healings for people that are often instantaneous and can last a lifetime. Feeling compelled to teach others, Eric’s work has taken him to over 100 countries and has affected millions of people. Eric’s hope is that one day everyone will learn to access this natural ability and will use it to heal themselves and others.

    Dr. Eric Pearl has been featured in top media includingThe Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times and CNN. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in over 39 languages, and has been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra, MD.

    Watch this video for more information

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    Know The Truth About Electromagnetic poisoning and Breast Cancer With Allie Och

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    Cell phones, wifi, microwaves and so much more, have become part of our everyday lives.  These items have changed how we live, but do you know the downlide to the electromagnetic pollution they create?  More and more people are becoming electromagnetic sensitive.  Find out how this impacts our health, and what we can do to reduce risks of illness from it, like breast cancer.  Allie Ochs will fill this half hour show with great information to empower you.   

    Allis Ochs will be one of our expert keynot speakers at the upcoming Breast Show In Town April 17/2016 8:30-4pm Eastern at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn, London, Ontario Canada.  General admission $20 to breakout sessions, vendors, and so much more, AND for $30 ticket price you can access our fabulous 6 highly sought after keynote speakers, including Allie Ochs, Dr. Alex Mostomoy, Dr. Larry Schnidt, Dr. Kevin Morrison, Dr. Victoria Coleman, and Dr. Ali Farahani.   Two tickets to this SPECTACULAR event.  Become truly informed that Breast Cancer CAN Be Prevented.   Get your half price tickets while they last  at www.breastshowintown.ca

    Be Sure to tell your friends, bring a group, and spend a magnificent and empowering day at the Breast Show!  #BreastShow

    Visit us on Twitter @BSITLondon

                        Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheBreastShowInTown

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    The Awakenings Team Share Epigenetic Research To Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

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    The Breast Show Radio Team are proud to bring you cutting edge information from The Awakenings Technique Team of Vonda Smith and Dr. Kevin Morrison.  One of our featured speakers at the upcoming Breast Show In Town, Sunday, April 17, 2016, London, Ontario Canada at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn.  Come and join us as it will be our 11th year. Bringing the best in cutting edge information to help you realize that Breast Cancer no longer has to be the #1 killer of women 30-50 years of age  The truth is out!  Prevention is possible!   We are here to share hope and information to allow you the opportunity to decide YOUR outcomes.  Totally your choice in the majority of situations to living your most vibrant life.

    Vonda & Dr. Kevin combined their love of biofield therapies and emotional healing and have created the Awakenings Technique, which is truly a cuttine edge way of quickly and completely resolving emotional and energtic blocks to create a new and vibrant experience of your life.  They help people all over the world to make life sustaining changes through their cuttine edge technique which they now teach to others.  Through their work, they discovered that your body responds to your thoughts, and emotions and as such manifests illness.  Come and hear this dynamic duo  share information that is transformative of body, mind and spirit.  Find out more about the Awakenings Technique by visiting their website.  www.Awakeningstechnique.com

    This discussion will be a taste of what you will hear at our upcoming Breast Show In Town Event.  Get your half price tickets until Feb 1 for the Breast Show at www.breastshowintown.ca

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    Dr. Victoria Coleman Shares Breast Cancer Breakthroughs To Well Being

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    Breast Show Radio welcomes Dr. Victoria Coleman to the show.  Dr. Coleman is a crowd favourite.  Her inteligence, and charm help audi8ences to easily breakdown the barriers and blocks to understanding disease, and to better make choices in their own health journey.   She has been a keynote speaker at The Breast Show In Town for several years now, an each year she takes audiences to new levels of understanding and empowerment.  

    Come and see Dr Coleman in person at the next Breast Show In Town, Sunday April 17.  Get your half price tickets until midnight January 31.  Tell your friends and come as a group to the hottest preventative health show in town.  London, Ontario at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn.  Click here for further details and purchase tickets.   Click here .  For timely articles and further updates visit our Facebook Page

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    The Role of Medical Intuition in Breast Cancer Support

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    Kimberly Palm is our special guest on Breast Show Radio

    After going through an incredible journey of self discovery, healing and spiritual growth , Kimberly found  that her purpose here on earth is to be a teacher and healer and to help people have better lives.  She states the following...   I started my current business, Body & Mind Healing LLC in February 2011 to fulfill my purpose. I love helping people save thousands of dollars and tons of time and energy on health problems, by teaching them how to heal themselves. I have Certifications as a Level II Reiki Practitioner and Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. After years of studying and practicing energy healing, I now use 7 types of energy healing on my clients, based on their needs. A few years ago, after having many physicians come to me for help, I began a special program just to help physicians, http://healertothedoctors.com. I enjoy helping healers of all types, because healers do not take enough care of themselves since they are busy serving the planet. I am currently working on a book about stress management and my P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System® and several audio classes for people to purchase on my website in the future. To schedule a consultation and assessment with me to see how I may help you have a better life, please go to http://healyourmindbody.com/contact/appointment/

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    The Power of Sound Healing With Morry Zelcovitch In Breast Cancer

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    Wellness, health and healing is truly a body, mind and spirit approach.  Breast Show Radio shares insights, speakers, and great approaches to assist you on your life journey.  Our media events are an outreach of our upcoming LIVE events for 2016. Visit www.breastshowintown.ca for details, tickets, vendor information, speaker bios and so much more.

    About Morry Zelcovitch....

    Morry shares a very personal note that his own mom is a breast cancer survivor and the mission of assisting people get over this hurdle, or even better yet...  Preventing it.

    Morry Zelcovitch, creator of The Morry Method™ (TMM), first noticed the effects that sounds and tones had on his own mental state well over 20 years ago. This led to a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment

    Not satisfied with the minor results he experienced , Morry sought out the world's foremost brainwave entrainment expert and, after extensive study and training, became one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers in the world. From that impressive starting point, and with ongoing study and research, Morry has developed proprietary technology and techniques which he has named "The Morry Method

    Access Quantum Mind Power Here http://bit.ly/1TcBS7J

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    Vendor spotlight on Janis Hannan The Heart Girl - Body, Mind & Spirit

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    Breast Show Radio continues to highlight people with a passion and a mission of improving well-being of body, mind and spirit.  The message and movement is strong!  Breast Cancer IS Preventable.  Our London event was a resounding success, and we are now preparing for Oct 16, 2016 and our Windsor event at the Cobota Club.  

    Janis Hannan is The Heart Girl

    Janis believes in the body’s ability to heal itself, given the right conditions.  And the right conditions are just what Janis had in mind when she founded her holistic health care practice 15 years ago in an 1890’s farmhouse in southwest London to help people lead healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. As a long-time student of the mind/body connection, Janis formally studied and incorporated Metaphysical Life Coaching (utilizing Law of Attraction principles) into her practice to help people heal their lives, as well as their bodies.

    Janis M. Hannan, Holistic Practitioner & Quantum Life Coach

    Quantum Life Coaching (specializing in Abundance/Prosperity Coaching)


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    Vendor Spotlight on Cathy Brown Swanton... Gotta listen to find out more

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    The Breast Show In Town April 17, 2016  8:30am to 4pm EST is the event of the year to be at.  Breast Cancer IS Preventable, and knowledge is the key. www.breastshowintown.ca Today we are proud to spotlight Cathy Brown Swanton of Studio Wellness Clinic! 

    Restoring her energy is as important as is helping others restore theirs. She offers healing retreats at her lake front cottage and her cabin in the forest; water to energize, earth to ground, the sun and moon to centre.

    By getting their energy flowing, Cathy helps her clients de-stress from sole to soul.

    Cathy holds specialties in:

    Reflexology Healing Touch Reiki Cold Laser Therapy Ionic Foot Bath Detox Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage AromaTouch Massage Essential Oil Therapy

    Cathy Brown-Swanton
    Contact info is Cathy Brown-Swanton / Studio Wellness Clinic/ 715 Cranbrook Rd. London ON / 519-641-2741/ cathy@studiowellnessclinic.com/ www.studiowellnessclinic.com


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    Vendor Spotlight On Peak Mobility and Doug Pooley D.C.

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    Come and join us April 17, 2015 at the Breast Show In Town at the Lamplighter Inn.  Breast Cancer IS Preventable, and knowledge is the key.  Get your $5 General Admission tickets at www.breastshowintown.ca and beat the rush at the doors.  You won't want to miss a minute!

    Our vendor spotlight today is on Peak Mobility, and represented by Doug Pooley D.C.who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to helping clients overcome their limiting issues and get them back on their feet.  Credentials:

    Licensed Chiropractor 30+ years
    Graduated from CMCC in Toronto
    Chiropractic Care Practice Management Consulting
    Certified use of ProAdjuster & Spinal Decompression Technology
    Past President of Canadian and Ontario Chiropracti Association
    Past Chiropractor of the Year Award
    Past President Council on Chiropractic Education

    Peak Mobility