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    The Black Petticoat Society | TURN: Washington's Spies Rewatch(Episodes 8-9-10 )

    in Television

    Our final re-watch wrap up podcast, for episodes 8, 9 & 10.  Since our podcast series was initiated late-season during season two, we have featured after shows for these episodes already.  Thus, much of the content of the episodes may be glossed over to avoid reiterating the same commentary, but we will be discussing some reenacting adventures and future group ventures for BPS.  

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    Dangers of plastics (BPA, BPS) leaching into food.

    in Health

    It is everywhere and it is dangerous. We need to avoid bisphenol-A (BPA) and bisphenol-S (BPS) used to package our  food and drink products.
    We will be on the road to Searcy, Arkansas, where we will stay at Harding University for a couple nights. We will attend Dr. Nancy's Uncle Watson's 100th birthday party and will have some meeting related to essential oils.

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    Andrew Hoffman--Has The Great Unraveling Begun #2318

    in Finance

    Has "it" begun?


    Signs everywhere…

     -third Chinese "backdoor QE" announcement in two months Friday

     -heightened chatter of increased BOJ stock purchases

     -European stocks plunging despite QE having started.  Major Western sovereigns (even France, which had its outlook downgraded to negative by S&P last week) plunging to all-time lows…but PIIGS stocks and bonds collapsing, led by Greece (Athens stock index down 30% since April, and Greek 10-year yields up 200 bps last week)

     -EU manufacturing, industrial production, sentiment plummeting, led by Germany - clearly in continent-wide recession, and falling quickly

     -U.S. retail sales, industrial production plummeting.  NFLX, WMT major earnings announcments last week, and IBM earnings catastrophe today

     -Aritcle - "need or want, demand is dying"

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    keeping up with BPs with Darin Taylor

    in Pets

    Talking Ball pythons with our good friend Darin Taylor.    Darin is also Herpin time's sponsor thank you...be sure to check out Taylor made morphs.
    Also on this show we will be talking about a incident with a baby iguana and Petco WATCH THE VIDEO ..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_p969U0eSA&feature=youtu.be
    To call Petco Corp to voice your concern about this Video (858) 453-7845

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    TDB Presents: Paris Jackson - The Child Celebrity Trap

    in Culture

    Join us for "Paris Jackson - The Child Celebrity Trap"   A discussion on the effects of 'celebrity' status on children, with panelists: - ,Lydia Seredipity Proschinger, Human Potential Developer, Energy Psychology Practitioner, Published author - Linda K. Berkeley, Trainee CBT Therapist Trainee & Counselling Psychologist Trainee at BPS Independent Route (QCoP) - Dan Coler, Talent Agency Dir, Talent Mgt. Professional Live Online Monday July 15 - 2pm EDT/ 11am PDT/ 7pm GMT/ 8pm CET   Chat Room and Phone Lines will be open for yout comments and questions.  

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    This BPs for you

    in Politics

    After much debate, we decided to do a show for the Gulf Coast residents and those who are from the Gulf Coast to talk oil spill. This is a show to tell BP what needs to be done to save the livelihoods of those who live on the Gulf Coast, the beaches, and our wildlife. If possible, we may have Rep. Charlie Melancon from Louisiana, call in and share his thoughts. Join us for this special show!

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    Cape Vincent and Block Island

    in Environment

    WWR returns to the Thousand Islands region in New York.  We will air the full interview with Donna Essegian and Hester Chase from Cape Vincent.  We will get the scoop on BPs efforts to overrule the community's desire to avoid the industrialization of their town.  We will also hear about the losers who were kicked out of office and have begun a lawsuit against two prominent bloggers and the folks posting comments on the blogs.   The race is on to see which state will be the first to destroy a portion of their marine environment (and jack up their electricity costs) by installing off-shore wind turbines. Massachusetts has been pursuing this madness for over ten years with the so-called "Cape Wind" project. Despite efforts by the Obama administration to fast track this wind-fracking of the ocean -- they have not yet started construction.   Rhode Island is slobbering over the possibility that they will be first with a 6-turbine test project just off the coast of Block Island. We will be talking to Rosemarie Ives about the situation.   Rosemarie Ives is the former mayor of Redmond, Washington, former chairwoman of the Sustainable Development Task Force for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and initial signatory of the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement. As Redmond's mayor, Ms. Ives devoted much of her efforts to preserving residential neighborhoods, open space, and stewardship of the environment. Before election as mayor, Ms. Ives served on the City Council for four years and on the Planning Commission for five years. Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, she received a B.A. in history from Annhurst College, an M.S. in secondary education from the University of Bridgeport. She is a part-time resident of Block Island, living in a "cottage" that has been in her family for decades.

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    NotForSale's Intel hub BPs Connections

    in News

    The strange facts regarding the oil spill! Must hear! Open Phones, looking for tips, gulf region callers, whistle blower's.

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    Dr Robin Jackson "Choking Under Pressure"

    in Sports

    Robin gained a BSc and PhD in Psychology from the University of St Andrews. His PhD on “choking” in self-paced skills led to a specialisation in Sport Psychology.   His first post was at the University of Glamorgan, where he led the specialised Sport Psychology modules on the newly formed BSc Sport Psychology programme. Robin was appointed as Lecturer in Sport Psychology at Brunel University in January 2001 and in October 2004 took up a post as Research Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, where he worked with Professor Bruce Abernethy and Professor Rich Masters.   In 2008, Robin returned to Brunel University to take up a post as Senior Lecturer in Sport Psychology. Currently Robin is leading the MSc programme for Sport Psychology and is developing a new MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology for accreditation by the British Psychological Society (BPS). The first intake for the programme will be in September 2009.   Robin became a BASES-accredited Sport Psychologist in 2001, is a BPS-Chartered Sport Psychologist and a member of the BPS Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology committee. He worked as psychologist and performance analyst for Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby from 1999 to 2005, spanning two Paralympic Games, three European Championships and a World Championships.

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    Pitch Black Radio ep 2 - Seeing is Believing & EVP's

    in Paranormal

    Tonight we will be discussing things that the BPS team and I have seen and heard. What paranormal entities have you seen? We will be talking with Val from Decrepit “Discovering, Educating, Reasoning Everything, Paranormal Investigation Team” and hear some for their investigation on Moundsville State Penn last night. Also we will discuss some on EVP’s and let you listen to a class A I captured at TALA. So don’t miss it!

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    The Pro's Corner LIVE on Fish Bait Radio (FLW Preparation)

    in Sports

    Join Jim Campbell and Andrew Luxon with special guest FLW PRO Chris Neau on preparation for the 2012 season. What does a pro angler and co-anglers in the FLW need to do in the off season.  Also  Facebook Fan and bass angler Chad Phillips from Maryville, TN talks about local fishing and the Mckee Outdoors tournament which he just fished and had a second place finish..

    Then a our guest talk about winter time drop shots and the use of JJ'S Magic..and the action it causes..