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    The Ed Boston Podcast - December 4th Edition

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    Ed Boston's weekly podcast looking at what's going on in the world around us. As always, Ed will be looking at the subjects from his own unique Christian perspective. 

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    Financial Freedom University

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    Fresh off the State of the Union 2015, President Obama brought up many key financial issues that need to be addressed in this world. 

    This is one of the KEY aspects my show is focused on...

    Financial Freedom University is the free school of education filled with an array of topics that were not taught in school . Important topics like taxes , budgeting , time management , finances, debt management , personal development  , health wellness , and  more  important topics. . Financial freedom is much more than having money. It’s the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life.

    I teamed up with the popular "The Nikki Rich Show Network ", where we plan on helping people get their visions across to the masses and take over 2015.  This season stay tuned in for entrepreneurs,  celebrities, entertainers, business owners , artists and everyone interested in spreading financial awareness to the masses while pursing their dream.

    Learn about who I am as a female entrepreneur , find out about my goals/visions,  and my path to financial freedom. More importantly tune in to hear how I aspire to change hundreds of people's lives this year and take them on a path to financial freedom.

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    Financial Freedom University : Day 2

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    Tune in this Thursday to hear the next subject on Financial Freedom University: The latest College News 

    From tuition hikes in California UC systems for the next 5 years, how student debt now surpasses 1.3 trillion,   why only 14 percent of Americans with federal student loans are enrolled in government plans that allow them to lower their payments , and most importantly hear about ways to help relief the student loans , pay off those loans and set up a financial plan to get you on the right track to financial freedom.

    Also hear from some of my #FreedomLeaders with their thoughts of what it means to be financially free !

    Have your notepads ready!



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    Ed Boston Podcast - November 6th 2014

    in Politics

    In this week's Ed Boston Podcast, I will go back to my roots of Politics From a Christian Perspective, and I will take a look this week's midterm elections. That's right, going back to a very popular theme from my old Do The Right Thing Radio days.

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - New Year's Bash

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    2015 is here and I will take a look at different things from around the world and a variety of topics. Whether 2014 was great for you like it was me, or if you couldn't wait for it to end, we are going to talk about the HOPE we have for 2015. Join me live at 9 pm eastern, and who knows how long we will go. 

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    Jeff Jarrett Exclusive on The Ed Boston Podcast

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    I will be interviewing professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett, who is also the owner of Global Force Wrestling. For the first time ever, GFW is bringing New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wrestle Kingdon 9 live on Pay-per-view here in the United States. We will talk about WK9, the The Bullet Club, and Jeff's faith in Jesus Christ. 

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    Ed Boston Podcast

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    Another episdoe of the Ed Boston Podcast.

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - Chad Robichaux Interview

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    Chad Robichaux leads Serving California’s Might Oaks Warrior program – which treats soldiers, vets and their families who are suffering from PTSD.  Chad served 8 tours in Afghanistan (Special Forces), he received the Medal of Valor for her service in law enforcement, he has his PhD, his MBA, he’s a pastor, a best selling author and a professional MMA Fighter.  He has an amazing life, but most of all, he and his family are dedicated to sharing their story of their struggle with PTSD – and how Chad has survived.  There is a terrible statistic right now – 23 Vets and/or soldiers commit suicide each day. Their is currently an 80-90% divorce rate among soldiers.  Chad’s Mighty Oaks Warrior program is a faith-based program that is endorsed by the military – they don’t use any medications – and they are honored to show that there are no suicides and no divorces from any soldiers who have gone through their program.

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - December 11, 2014

    in Christianity

    The topic of the night was ADVENT. Yes we looked at the words associated with this time: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace, but more importantly we talked about those words and the anticipation of the 2nd coming of our Savior. Scripture included Matthew 25:1-13 and Luke 2.

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - November 20th

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    My weekly podcast talking about whatever is on my mind today. The phone lines will be open tonight. (347) 324-5417 is the number and there will be no call screener. You call you talk (I get to decide how long though ).

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    Boston College Hockey: It's Hate Week

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    Come Saturday, Boston College and Boston University will play each other for their second meeting this season. After a 5-3 Terrier victory at Conte Forum, the series shifts down Comm. Ave. to the home of the red and white.

    The Eagles will board the Green Line and invade BU for round two of the Green Line Rivalry. After five goals in the third period of their last meeting, the blue collar BC squad, hoping to turn around their second half of the season, will take on Jack Eichel and the Terriers, a team vying for a #1 seed in the national tournament.

    We'll have a special edition of BCI Radio, one featuring Eastern Bias's Joe and Shep. We'll set up a great roundtable discussion, with Joe and Grant on one side and Shep and a partner of his choosing on the other. In the middle, reffing the situation, is New Guy - the regular host of BCI Radio and a noted fan of both programs.

    Tune in at 8 PM and deliver your questions for the guys to answer at 646-200-0446. It's a Boston city showdown in the timeless college hockey rivalry!

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