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  • 01:56

    Ep 34: Broccoli tastes like butt!

    in Video Games

    People, places, things!! It's Friday, and time for another Episode of the 16bit assassins, on this episode, a shout out to Tina of BL2 fame we talk about Pandas and Marvin Gaye, Obama's inability to separate Star Wars, and Star Trek. In video game news EA continues in it's quest to remain the worst company in 2013, Diablo 3 not supporting cross platform play, Glen Beck is a Douche and here's why, The Crow gets a reboot with James McAvoy Man of Steel screened to good reviews? Squenix files a new Deus X trademark, and War Z comes back to steam, all this and more on Ep 34: Broccoli tastes like butt!

  • 02:02

    ChekRoQ! Radio Live

    in Music

    I'm either really good at everything or extremely lucky, either way it seems to be working out. I made a name for myself in uptown mainly because of my work ethic. Back when I was recording in the basement with Miz (free Miz), he used to tell me that he didn't know where I was getting all these bars from but to keep em coming. He put me on his Masterminds roster and within about a month there was anticipation for my solo project as well as the Masterminds album. Then things went a little sour. Various members of our orginization were arrested and the few of us that stayed out of jail felt like the world was ending for us and for uptown. But taking losses is not part of culture up top and we had to keep the music going if for nothing for our commrades behind bars. Dolla has made a name for himself and the Masterminds label has been revigorated. Alikeem is home and he, Jay Roc and I make up the group UFD. And I have become Datboynyce Ent presents BOMBERMAN LIVE