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    Straight Talk with Bobby Bass

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    Join us for our debut show as veteran pro wrestler "No Class" Bobby Bass tells stories from his career spanning five decades all over the globe.  Co-Host Jeff Docherty steers the ship and keeps the BassMan in line..if that's possible.  We'll also be taking your phone calls for Bobby on the All Class Hotline!  We look forward to your questions and we hope you'll join us this Saturday night for our debut show!

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    A Conversation with Bobby Seale: Our Community

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    For those of you who are Common Sense Conversations followers, you've heard me talk about the importance of community  planning and development. Youve heard me talk about the importance of understand what others who came before us have done. Tonight, we have the honor and pleasure of talking with Bobby Seale, co founder of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.We will discuss his insights on our community, where we are and where we're headed.

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    Dr. Bob Allen & Bobby Seale

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    In 1962, at the age of 25, Bobby Seale began attending Merritt College, a community college located on what was then Grove Street, now Martin Luther King Jr Way, near the Berkeley city-limits. There he would join the Afro-American Association, (AAA) and met Huey Newton, with whom he later co-founded the Black Panther Party. Seale and co-founder Newton became increasingly skeptical about the direction of the AAA, particularly the AAA's tendency to analyze rather than act on the problems facing black Americans.   Dr Bob Allen has been some sort of educator for over 30 years. With Masters and Doctoral degrees in Philosophy and intellectual history from the Pennsylvania State University and an undergraduate background in American Studies from Bucknell University, he has also been involved in education and learning in the real world of labor and political organizing.   As organizer and Education Director of District 1199P,of the National Hospital Union he organized health care workers into unions and helped members learn their trade union history and practical means of struggle in the workaday world.  

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    We welcome Bobby to talk about his latest release, Comin At You.

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    From the Apron w/Bobby Fulton

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    Bobby Fulton has been all over social media, podcasts and more expousing his disdain for Vince McMahon and not receiving royalties from the WWE for using footage of him on the WWE Network. I don't agree with Fulton and his views and I will be taking him to task on what will be a very controversial episode of "From the Apron."

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    This Saturday we have a real treat. Jim and Dave are going to interview Bobby Powell, a Christian Activist that an author on WesternJournalism.com as well as the author of Truth Is Viral, that can be found on Facebook as well as blogspot.com. Bobby has been around and seen and heard a lot of things that we think everyone needs to hear. Please come and listen to and participate in what promises to be one awesome episode of Opposing The Matrix

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    Chatting with Bobby C

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    Chatting with Bobby C

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    SPECIAL GUEST : "BOBBY V" - Slow Down

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    This week on SONG THERAPY Special Guest live in studio.. Recording Artist "BOBBY V" breaking down "SLOW DOWN"   Topic: Ladies what makes you give a man your number?

    “SONG THERAPY” is Today’s Hottest & Progressive Music Platform Created to Heal the Pain and Soothe the Soul. So Sit Back, Relax and Unwind as we take you on this Therapeutic Musical Journey. It’s Time for you to join the Crew on the First Ever Virtual Couch. Remember no one likes to go to Therapy, but they love to come to SONG THERAPY!!!!

     Call in / Listen every Tuesday @ 9pm est/ 6pm pst 347-855-8964. See you on the virtual couch!

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    "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr - Episode 4

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    Saturday night, Bobby & Jeff are thrilled to welcome legendary West Coast pro wrestler and promoter "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr to "Pure Class".  If ever there was a gentleman who personifies "class" it's Starr.  The Torrance, California native started as a Ring Crew member for the World Wrestling Federation and hasn't looked back since!  Having wrestled successfully in Canada, USA and Mexico, Starr turned his attention to promoting and revived the prestigious All-Star Wrestling promotion in British Columbia, Canada and has turned the promotion into one of the most popular and successful promotions on Canada.  Starr retired as an active in-ring competitor on January 31st but continues to be the hardest working promoter in North America!  The Canadian Wrestling Hall of Famer is currently readying for All Star Wrestling's February 27th event at Cloverdale Fairgrounds with the return of former WWE star who is a regular in the Vancouver area promotion.

    We invite all fans and wrestlers to listen in this Saturday and give us a call and chat with Michelle Starr, a true great and tireless abassador for Canadian professional wrestling.  Join us Saturday at 7PM Atlantic Time (6PM Eastern Time / 3PM Pacific Time) as we welcome the one and only "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr to "Pure Class With Bobby Bass & Jeff Docherty".  This will be a show you won't want to miss!  Call us at (914) 338-0823 or via Skype and talk to us!

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    Bobby Seale - Co-founder of The Black Panther Party

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    Listen to The African History Network Show, Thursday, April 25th, 8pm-11pm EST with guest, Bobby Seale, Co-founder of The Black Panther Party For Self Defense.  We'll talk about the history of The Black Panther Party, what they were about and what we can learn from this.  Find out what they really meant by terms like "Power To The People" and "Black Power".  Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. embraced the "Black Power Movement" and was one of the first ones to use the term?  Here is your opportunity to hear the history straight from one of the history makers.
    Listen to The African History Network Show on Thursdays, 8pm-11pm EST at www.TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow or by phone, when we are LIVE at (914) 338-1375.  Episodes are also archived on www.Itunes.com.

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    "Rotten" Ron Starr & Peaches

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    Join us this week as we welcome wrestling Legend "Rotten" Ron Starr & Peaches to the show.

    Starr had legendary feuds in the Maritimes with Leo Burke and had great success in Calgary and around the world.

    We welcome Ron & Peaches to the show to talk about his time on the road and there are sure to be lots of great stories to be told!

    Join "No Class" Bobby Bass & Jeff Docherty as they welcome "Rotten" Ron Starr & Peaches to "Pure Class with Bobby Bass!"

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