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    Blending Your Younique Gifts to Make a Bigger Difference with Sheryl Sitts

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    There comes a time in our lives that we want more. More ways to give. More ways to make a difference. More ways to impact the world in a really big way. That's when we look around and figure out how to put our gifts to work to empower others. Our guest today, Sheryl Sitts, will be sharing ways of blending your younique gifts to make a bigger difference. Be sure to join us so that you can unlock your gifts to impact others. 

    Gina Parris of Built to Win Coaching will be our Host for today's show. 

    About Our Guest: SHERYL SITTS, MPA, BA, Certified Mediator enjoys helping like-spirited women blend, value, and market  their holistic passions and talents to make a bigger difference.  She has an innate gift for being a portal to possibilities, so she’s great at breaking stagnant thinking patterns and helping you dream bigger for yourself and your clients. To learn more about Sheryl, please visit her webiste at http://www.journeyofpossibilities.com/

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    Work vs Play - The blending of fellowship and activism

    in Entertainment

    Hey gang. 
    I'll start with a riff on an idea that's been brewing about why have a beef and a problem in intersecting social justice circles so darn often. 

    from there we'll rip through some news and wrap it up. 

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    Right From The Left Coast

    in Politics Conservative

    Hey Patriots! Join me today for the news in California..with actual letters to the editor, by a few conservatives, and a couple of real Libtards. Over taxing in my state; The latest on the current evil administration; and the continued realization, that O-Maggot is a radical Socialist!

    Your calls are always welcomed..Hope to see you here.

  • Hoot & Holler

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome! Join Bill and his crew for all the rants, and news of the week. Your calls are important..so call in. Hope to see you there.

    Topics are 2016 candidates, immigration, and the lawlessness of the current administration.

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    Kyle Cease - Blending Comedy & Transformational Teachings

    in Self Help

    Join us as Sister Jenna welcomes Kyle Cease to the America Meditating Radio Show!

    Kyle Cease is a keynote speaker, transforming audiences through his unique blend of comedy and transformational teaching. He has been a guest speaker at Colleges, Fortune 500 Companies and Spiritual Conferences such as Agape International, GATE, Revelations, Sedona World Wisdom Days, among others.  In addition to leading his own Evolving Out Loud live events, he has shared the stage with renowned teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Michael Beckwith, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Mary Morrisey.  Prior to being a transformative teacher, Kyle had a successful Comedy Central special, “Weirder, Blacker, Dimpler” and was #1 on the network’s Standup Showdown. Visit www.kylecease.com  

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating & follow us on Twitter

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    Talking to the Terns & Playing Their Latest Album, To The Bottom Of The Sea

    in Entertainment

    Linda Rez goes behind the scenes with the band Terns and plays their just released album, To The Bottom of The Sea.

    It’s been 6 years since Tern’s last album. Their latest, To The Bottom Of The Sea, fits the mold of their previous efforts; a collection of authentic and eclectic songs about life, love and the great divide. As always Terns hold to no real genre markings, blending jazz, jam and rock inspired grooves with fuzzed out guitar lines, ukulele, banjo and basically anything else that happens to be lying around during the recording process.

    Tim McArthur and Jordan Fox stop by to share the stories behind the music and the creative process that went into the making of the album--years of jam sessions, experimentation, and bouncing lyrics and song revisions off of each other.  (Other band members: Dan McArthur on drums and Mark Putt, bass and other things.)

    To The Bottom of the Sea

    released 02 February 2015 

    Recorded by Terns 
    Produced by Terns and Dave McArthur 
    Mastered by Jason Paul Johnston


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    Speaking of Birth: blending science and spirit in the wise woman tradition

    in Health

    What are birth doulas and how can a doula be part of your journey to birth? How do doulas hold the space for labor and life?

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    Joe Marson, Ale': soulful ballads and powerful songs in two languages.

    in Music

    Joe Marson is a Brooklyn transplant who plays alternative folk-rock with a bluesy edge in soulful ballads. Marson has been chosen as one of 5 finalists in the Guitar Center singer-songwriter competition winning $10,000 and a trip to Hollywood, CA to play live at the Troubadour. He will also be performing  on the west coast to support his new EP, Electric Soul Magic which comes on the heels of his celebrated full album, The Satisfied Mind.

    Ale’, aka Alejandro Gonzalez Gomez, grew  up in Los Angeles playing in punk bands in East LA and listening to Latin music, electronica and Hip Hop. He has blended these styles in his new album, Irregular Heartbeat,  a coherent and emotional set of songs recorded, engineered and self-produced at LA’s Operating On Dreamtime studios and  Laundry Room Studios with producer/engineer Ulysees Noriega. He sings in English and Spanish, blending Latin and Rock formats smoothly into music he likes to describe as, "strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

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    Join Dennis and I as we talk to a GREAT singer and songwriter along with MANY other talents also owning his own record label O Town Music Group!!!


    Blending elements of neo- soul, old-time blues and folk, Lee has the guts of Ray LaMontagne and the soul of Marvin Gaye.

    This guitar slinging aficionado has the street smarts of an urban swinger and the heart-bending soul of a gospel preacher, and is adept at blending a dark, bluesy Americana vibe with warm, acoustic soul where bits of old folk music and flamenco tunes swirl in and out of earshot.

    Lee was born in Nashville and grew up in Florida where he captivated fans with his solo performances utilizing a looper and effects on his acoustic guitar. His High energy performances gained him notability.

    Lee then formed a band in 2012 adding a horn and rhythm section to give his music more depth.

    Lee self released his album ‘A Fiction,’ in the Summer of 2013. Being driven by Lee through his confessional lyrics, grandiose production values and virtuosic musical interplay, it lead Lee to go on to sign a record deal later that year. Lee is currently in the studio working on his debut studio album among several other side projects.

    “Lee Tayler is producing material that is unlike any other singer songwriters – and consequently is beyond genre definition. Largely, it is one man and his faithful guitar – but with a voice like his, there really is no need for any other instrumentation. In truth it would only get in the way.”
    – Music Speaks

    Download the Press kit

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    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) On Blog Talk Radio On Wednesday  25th February 2015 3.00pm Eastern 12.00pm Pacific 8.00pm uk Time Chat Room will be open for the show The Number to ring the show is 347-539-5367 and from the uk is 001-347-539-5367  My Special Guest Today is Lorae Lauritch Lorae life long journey has been on of exploring sexuality spirituality and relationship that both have with our bodies, our health and our connections with the world. Her early exposure to Yoga and Metaphysics supported by studies in Sexology Alternative healing brings fresh and Alternative insights to our Western view of Sexual interaction making love. She maintains a practice in Sacred Sexuality Coaching Incorpprating Breathwork  Guided Visualization, Energy Sound Healing, Sexological body and pelvic Release work Ardently Believing " The Laying on of Hands " Creates Healing as an Advocate of Holistic Sexuality, Lorae contucts private sessions for Individuals and couples She also does workshops Public Speaking and Media events on Tantra / Sacred Sexuality Education ....On Today Show we will be talking about  How is sexual meditation different than love making,and can sexual medication really help us become inlightend beings Blending modern Psychology, Ancient Wisdom and real life Spirituality with Sacred Sexuality.....From Sex to Super Consciousnesses Turning Ordinary Love making into Sexual Meditation Thank you for joining me Today for my show

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    Right From The Left Coast

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome Patriots! This week, I have Scripture readings, National news, My local San Diego County news, and of course the news of California.

    Come join me and call in to let your voice be heard!

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