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    Episode #1: Intro to Two Brains & Bio Hacking Insights

    in Entrepreneur

    A Neurologist & a Bio-hacking Entrepreneur get together each week on a podcast to provide you with simple & actionable ways to improve your performance specifically with your brain. Whether you are a entrepreneur, marketer, business owner or top performer you will get golden nuggets each episode. 

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    Test Episode

    in Sports

    This is a test of the maiden voyage of The Billiards Biohacker Report. 

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    FastForward Radio -- David Asprey on the Upgraded Self

    in Technology

    David Asprey joins us to discuss the talk he gave ast the recent BIL conference: The Upgraded Self: Top 6 Biohacks to Upgrade Your Body and Mind. Video available here:
    About Our Guest:
    Dave Asprey is a NY Times-published Silicon Valley biohacker, entrepreneur, senior executive, and angel investor who spent 15 years and $250,000 hacking his own biology to gain an unfair advantage in business and life. He upgraded his brain by more than 12 IQ points, lost 100lbs, got ripped without exercise, learned to sleep less than 5 hours per night, and became an expert in mental performance, setting his career on fire.

    He's the author of an upcoming book (2011, Wiley) titled "The Better Baby Book," about how to have higher IQ, healthier babies by modifying nutrition, stress, and toxins during pregnancy. Dave is President & Chairman of Smart Life Forum, an 18 year old anti-aging nonprofit education group that's featured more than 100 of the top researchers in health and nutrition in its monthly meetings. Dave blogs about how to be a higher performance human and entrepreneur on www.bulletproofexecutive.com.

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    Brainwave Training (Neurofeedback) For Releasing Trauma With David McCullar

    in Health

    After a series of health related events David McCullar began a journey in troubleshooting his health through health based technologies. He first learned about Brain Optimization-Neurofeedback in his quest to overcome his own traumas.  David experienced life-transforming effects within a few short sessions. He triumphed over debilitating anxiety, depression, and a back injury.

    As a businessman, Mr. McCullar is most recognized for co-founding the Michigan based NeuroFitness Center in 2007, a cutting-edge regional network of brain fitness centers. These centers offer clients  life-changing brain body wellness tools . In this interview David McCullar and myself discuss zengar brainwave training, a form of neurofeedback to retrain the brain.  How to use brainwave training, float tanks and TRE (Trauma release exercises) to your advantage to clear your mind-body from traumatic experiences and negative emotions. 

    Learn more about his work at: Neurofitcenter.com

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    - David Benjamin