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    ACE Metaphysicians Spiritual Community

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    Integrating Spirituality and psychotherapy Ethical Issues and Principles. Various people of education research in Ascension Age with TJ Morris Radio & Friends! Bill M Tracer, Theresa J Morris, Tommy Hawksblood, Diana McClintic, Rob Ron Richter & Friends!Seminars, workshops, books special issues major professional journals ascension spirituality and alien extraterrestrial UFO Identifications into psychology integration. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of who we are as the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We share commentary live streaming and archiving. The purpose of our lives is to find our truth we can trust to take with us when we live this planet, this realm of existence. We desire to highlight some of the more compelling ethical principles of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We are here to educate, explore, and analyze and participate for the greater good of the overall critical mass mind which we are now defining as the source of all energy creation. We share our own minds as we continue shaping the future. Committee for future meet and greets of humanoids to join ACE Spiritual Community as associates, lightworkers and truthseekers as both students and teachers. We focus on the action we shall take as the planning committee with emphasis on the mysteries of life people look for their own desires and passion. 

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    ACE Metaphysical Institute Panel Discussion w/Bill, Dianna, Ron, Tommy, TJ

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    Theresa J Morris is joined by Bill M Tracer, Tommy Hawksblood, Arlene Kahet, and Rob-Ron Richter to share Divinatory, esoteric, occult(wisdom), tarot archetypes of the world in Akashic Field Readings and Consciousness Raising in our Spiritual Education Community. Universal Life Metaphysics, Ascension Center Org, ACE Folklife Historical Society learning how to get people to get along. We want to put in practice our co-creation in art, culture. education. research, publishing. Visual & performing arts. Era Cop Education Research Org Community Onlne Practicing Skills - Our Sunday Goto Meeting Panel Discussions on much has not been written about the divining of the esoteric occult tarot and cartomancy but rather passed down through the ages of time from one practicing mystic, oracle, psychic, sage, seer, shaman, medicine man or woman or necromancer.

    There have been many stories on the origin and those who follow the ancient mystery schools believe the power of knowing from our ancestors of the Akashic Records and sharing the healing of the vibrational waves and particles is a part of who we are now as a collective consciousness.

    Tarot cards for divinatory and esoteric/occult purposes.Tarot reading is belief in using cards to gain insight into the past, current and future situations by posing a question to the cards, i.e. cartomancy.

    Some people who are tarot readers believe they are guided by a spiritual force, while others such as spiritual guides believe the cards help them tap into a collective unconscious or their own creative, brainstorming subconscious.


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    Cosmos Time w/Bill, TJ, & Tommy

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    Cosmos TIme with Bill M Tracer, Theresa J Morris, and Tommy Hawksblood all of the USA share the cosmos, ACE Metaphysics, ET Spirit, Unviersal Mind, Laws of the Universe, space and cosmology.

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    ACE Universal Life Principals w/Brandon Giltz Grant by TJ Morris & Bill M Tracer

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    ACO International aligns with ACE Universal Life Principals. TJ and Bill learn of Brandon Giltz of Virginia Beach, Virginia and his story of his vision. Brandon Giltz is a young author.Thesa J Morris Host, Bill M Tracer- Co-Host, Executive Vice President of our ACE Nonprofit Inc,as Ascension Universal Life Ministers, ACE Metaphysical Institute principals align with Brandon Giltz and will be asking him to join Ascension Universal Life as an Author-Minister. ACE Nonprofit Inc unicorporated association and ACO LLC Members share ACO International Intelligent Spiritual Being Annual Conference. Sharing our various spiritual ministries, books, resources in a cooperative way. How we can social network spirituality in our Spiritual Community Online with our Radio Show Communication of Spiritual Broadcast Media weekly. We share our time by choice to learn of our peers of the spiritual community. We are ACO LLC Directory as ACOLLC.org with TJMorrisMedia.com. Soul Essence Origin. We are all about being body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process. We share an open discussion between Kentucky Host Theresa J Morris and her friends weekly. Bill M Tracer of ACE and ACO join TJ from Memphis (Cordova) Tennesse to share in the Cosmic Origin and Cyberspace. We share with TJ Morris Entertainment Tonight (ET) Radio show Live for 2 hours and 1 hour archive for our listeners every week. Join us Sundays 9 E, 8C,  TJ Morris dba ACIR managed by ACO LLC KY USA shares the ACO Culture Club and ACE Metaphysical Institute. ACO International Universal Life Ministers on Spiritual Principals aid in developing philosophy while joining our Authors Club Organization. We are raising the vibe of our tribe with TJ Morris ET Radio and friends. We share our websites as a community online praciticing skills with ACIR.US and TheresaJMorris.com. Add to our forum dicussions and write articles with us. Join ACOCultureClub.com or ACENonprofitInc.com TODAY!