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    The Agenda: Knights, Dames and Bigots

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    The Agenda has another massive episode for listeners as the team delves into another strange week in Australian national politics.

    From knights and dames to bigots; it's going to be a massive episode. But we love it when you join in and vent your spleen with the team.

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    Racists, Bigots, Terrorists? Twisting Our Words

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    Marine Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, died July 8, 2009 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom while supporting combat operations in Khash, Afghanistan.

    Defending the Republic with Annie "The Radio Chick" and "Cool" Mike is an ongoing discussion of recent events, issues and the upcoming elections.

    Because we oppose the programs of the socialist left and the Obama administration, we are called Racists, Bigots & Terrorists.  Rather than using logic and cool debate, we face derogatory names from our opponents.  Thus, many are seeking alternative ways to combate the destruction of our Republic and Constitution.  Some are running for elective office, others are finding innovative ways of speaking out.

    Herman Cain is advocating:  To rebuild America as that shining city on a hill, not only do we need to elect heroic leaders, we need to reform Congress by amending the U.S. Constitution to permanently eliminate the source of corruption which permeates both the House and the Senate.

    Abolish the IRS & Replace the Tax Code
    Balance the Federal Budget
    Compel our Gov't to Follow the Constitution

    If the states still had this power, they could have blocked Obama-Care and the reckless deficit spending of our government. The most likely shape this new state power would take, would be the right of each state legislature to oust and replace either of its U.S. Senators if that Senator ignored the request of the state legislature to vote yea or nay on a specific piece of federal legislation. This would re-establish the balance between state and federal power. http://www.cainfreedomrally.org/

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    Obamacare, Ferguson and Obama the Warmonger

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    Now that Splash has related his first hand experience it is time to get down to the nitty gritty: What is in store for Obamacare? What parts are vulnerable? What parts are safe? What can the new GOP congress really do?

    Additionally we will talk about Ferguson, MO. Does this confirm what the bigots say about the black community.Did Michael Brown put his hands up or didn't he? Did he scream, "I surrender!" or didn't he? Let's see if we can't discuss this topic civilly.

    We will also talk about Obama and the Middle East. Obama quietly stepped up the American offensive in Afghanistan, forced out his Secretary of Defense and is wavering with Iran.

    Splash KNOWS you've got something to say so JUMP ... RIGHT ... IN !!!

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    Broome County Family Court, Bigots till the end@

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    Broome County Family Court -- Still bigots, still gender biased.... Men will NEVER get a fair say!!!

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    Racism in America...Its OK if you're wearing a badge and you're white.

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    The host at SevsDeadSerious is amazed by the level of racism we must endure in this country especially from those that are retained to "protect and serve".  My question is who are they protecting and serving; it certainly isn't minorities, the poor or anyone who doesn't look, act, or sound like them, besides it's way too easy to take your gun, shoot the offending minortity, poor or whatever and then claiming it was in self-defense bewcause you THOUGHT he had a gun, or might have a gun, or owns a gun or can spell the word gun...now that justifies execution by police outfitted in gear meant for the battlefield when dealing with those you hated long before they issued a badge.  It must be part of the law-ewnforcement courses we teach those who are meant to "protect and serve"...maybe we should protact ourselves from those whose duty it is to protect and serve.  Racist cops on board for the Douche Bag of the Week.

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    Crossroads with Van / Black Congressional Bigots

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    We The People Are One        The Black Congressional Caucus is now sayng the Trayvon Kiling shows no Justice for Blacks, I say they're the Bigots & Hate Mongers and prove it with the #'s in the Crime System that they do nothing to fix except Play the Race Card just like Sharpton/Jackson and others do to stay in the Media which shows them as the Bigots in America. Van to share this and more Information with your groups in person.. Vans programs consist mainly on Political Issues and his Comments on them. He'll have Guests, and take Calls @ 347-857-4804 / 877-572-4283, join us in the Chat Room with your comments & questions. We appreciate your Sharing the Program.  Join

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    Random Radio Revolution: Random in Review

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    Another week another RRR! There has been some developments lately on some the topics we have covered so far so we are going to take the time to bring you up to speed and I'm sure Extreme is going to share all his thoughts on the issues. If your new to the Revolution we will bring you up to speed and talk about the show its self and the direction we would like to go in the future. Be sure to check out Champion Talk tonight @ 8pm EST......... Viva La Revolution!

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    Racists Among Us

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    On today's show, join your host Dr. Fred and co-host DavidR as they discuss aspects of racism found within the black community. Though they deny they are racist (due to their acceptance of the unproven Critical Race Theory), their racism comes through without exception.

    You know the names of the most infamous black racists out there, but we're also going to discuss a few you may not have heard of either.

    We'll talk about Oakland firefighter Keith Jones, a black man who, with his sons, was stopped by Oakland PD because of a report of a burglary in progress. He was inside the darkened fire station with the garage door open. His description of what happened is at odds with the the event as caught on the officer's video/audio body cam. In essence, it appears that Jones like and taught his boys a terrible lesson.

    We'll also discuss the problems with Sharia law vs. the U.S. Constitution. Are they compatible? Maxine Waters says they are and Americans who don't think so are "bigots."

    Please join us with your questions or comments, this Tuesday, September 23rd starting at 8:00pm EST.

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    Join THE SPORTS RYDERS as we discuss the State of the NBA as the Donald Sterling controversy continues to grow all while the ASSOCIATION is enjoying its best 1st round in its History.and now its HIS STORY may have come back to rear its ugly head.TSR will also look into these phenomenal opening round series as the Houston Rockets are on the brink and the OKC Thunder hold on for their playoff live as Reggie Jackson may have saved their season in game 4,while the Spurs need a big win in their interstate contest with the not so lowly Mavs. Come along for the Ryde on THE ULTIMATE SPORTS TALK EXPERIENCE!!!

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    Why the Moronic Left is so wrong on Gaza

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    In this show, I will discuss why the moronic left is wrong in Gaza. One problem is that the left asks for too much. They want Gaza to be totally independant of Israel [which it is now]. And they want an end of the blockade. They say that they want peace while they are ok with Hamas continuing to rule over Gaza. Left-wing morons, rather than addressing any point that's made that doesn't fit into their crafted worldview, will just write off their opponents as hardliners, warmongers, racists, bigots, Islamophobes, dismisses them as cracy, and/or resort to all sort of self-righteous rhetoric, many times before anyone who disagrees with them begins to speak. We get told that supporting Israel having the "West Bank" and Gaza is too hardline and that the "Palestinians" deserve a state. And having a blockade in response to Gaza being a terrorist entity run by Hamas, which fires rockets and, as seen from their chater, clearly wants to commit another Holocaust on the Jewish people, is too much for the left. And the left will dismiss you as a "right-wing nutjob" and will call you all the aforementioned names and do all the aforementioned actions if you support getting rid of Hamas. That is too "hardline." The left comes out with slogans about how Netnayahu and their opponents want war and want to get America into war while they continue to advocate for suicidal policies in the hope of peace. But it's as clear as day that there can't be peace with Hamas. That's like having peace with Nazi Germany back during WWII. The only hope of a two-state solution [which many on the left say they support] is for the Arabs in the territories to have a Government that's serious about fighting terrorism, willing to coexist with Israel as a Jewish state, and is more concerned about their people than about fighting Israel. A two state solution will NEVER work with Hamas controlling Gaza or any territory.

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    Republicans Are Evil Bigots

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    The fact is that the Republican party today is not the party of Abraham Lincoln, or even Reagan.  It has been hijacked by the Tea Partiers, Evangelical Nutbags and the "NASCAR Set".  
    How can Liberals have any respect for these people or even take what they say seriously when they base their platform on bigotry, hatred, and falsehoods all couched in their "Patriotism".
    We will discuss the ludicrious Republican/Tea Party and compare the differences between the Conservatives and the Liberals in the upcoming election and in general.

    Call in with your opinions. 

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