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    Celebrity Tits And Beheadings

    in Comedy

    Nathan and Jon welcome Joe Harary, former redditor, to talk Jennifer Lawrence leaked naked pictures. What should happen to the hackers? Are these pictures posted to distract us from the Isis beheadings? Nathan 'Jazz Rants' about couples on Instagram in love.

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    in Politics

    Program Summary, Jan. 11, 2016

    During the 2nd hour hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss all manner of Kansas small town life after these news stories.

    Counterspin (30 min.)  See: http://fair.org/

    Description:  This week on CounterSpin: Barack Obama described beheadings by the extremist group ISIS as  “an assault on all humanity,” but when US ally Saudi Arabia executed 47 people on January 2, many by beheading, the administration expressed “concern” and urged “restraint.” Media don’t make it easy to make sense of US policy in the Gulf region. We’ll get some context from Toby Craig Jones, associate professor of history at Rutgers University and author of Desert Kingdom: How Oil and Water Forged Modern Saudi Arabia.

    Between the Lines Radio (30 min.) See: http://btlonline.org/

    This news program is broadcast and streamed at KKFI-fm 90.1 Friday 9am (CST)

    Descripton: "The case was brought by a group of people who are represented by some very right-wing foundations that are funded by the Koch Brothers. This is part and parcel of the effort of dismantling a progressive America. So this is about trying to destroy the public employee unions and ultimately destroy the private sector unions, and that will follow." – Caroline Fredrickson, president of the American Constitution Society, commenting on what's at stake in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case that will be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 11, 2016.

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    Harmony, Fake Beheadings

    in Comedy

    In harmonious fashion, the DITRH crew discusses the [fake] beheadings, Naked Celeb Leak Conspiracies, Burning Man, Blue Zones, WW3, Past life regression, alien disclosure and a few personal stories. Enjoy!

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    What's left of the gun control debate?- less laws more sense

    in Politics Conservative

    As America grapples to come to terms with another tragedy, the left as usual has wasted no time in politicizing the same old talking points that have produced nothing. All the gun laws in the world will not stop evil people who are intent on killling from doing so.This latest terrible incident was a terrorist attack, but the left can't face it, including the President- they have been wrong on the war on terror,but they wil not admit it- if people getting killed, whether it be planes flown into buildings like on 9/11, beheadings, bombings, or shootings by radical jihadists- what is it going to take for the left to get it?

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    Beheadings and Virtue: In Such a Time As This

    in Religion

    JOIN J.P. SLOANE, MA,  AND SHANNON SLOANE, MA, as they discuss Bible prophecy.  The Book of Revelation, talks about the beheading of the saints, but since 1977, France no longer uses the guillotine.  Beheadings were almost unheard of until 9/11, but now we see them all over the world. 
    Virtue as well is suffering.  We see a moral shift from a society that in the Elizabethan times was extremely proper to the birth of modern day perversions in the 1960s when once we learned "The Thee Rs," and had prayer and the Ten Commandments.
    Today the focus is on having good self-esteem along with alternate sexual lifestyles being taught from K-12.

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    Were the Paris Attacks Another False Flag Operation?

    in Politics Progressive

    Idiot America has been punked again! The New York Times, without any other verification has taken SITE Intelligence Group's release that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks! And that's not all. SITE also has claimed that ISIS is responsible for the Russian plane crash in Egypt! SITE has previously released photoshopped and forged images of ISIS beheadings and is suspected of forging the Osama Bin Laden video where he "confessed" to being the master mind of the 911 attacks!

    In the next two hours we will explore these issues. Could it be that one Israeli Mossad agent is responsible for just about everything we believe about terrorism and terrorist organizations? Lets find out! Hey, give us a call!

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    ISIS Stampedes Idiot America over a Cliff -- AGAIN!

    in Politics Progressive

    We already discussed the marketing of ISIS as a powerful and incredibly brutal force. And we saw that behind it is the CIA and its "private contractors" such as Israeli Mossad agent Rita Katz' SITE Intelligence Group. This was virtually a total fabrication, but the question was -- why? Why fabricate beheadings and the burning of a Jordanian pilot and on and on...? What was the purpose? At the time, the possibilities seemed implausible, but the picture is now coming into focus. Let's take a look at the immediate reactions of Europe and the United States:

    The destruction of the European Union started instantaneously.
    Europeans and Americans (again) turned violently against Moslems, Middle Easterners, and Africans.
    Western powers bombed (again) targets in the Middle East.
    Borders and immigration began closing at the speed of light!
    Once again, the American Eagle has been turned into a stapeding flock of mindless, terrified sheep running off a cliff.

    Here we go again, idiot America gets played like a country fiddle!   In the next two hours, Bob, author of American Heart of Darkness, will explore these issues! Hey give him a call.

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    His Holy Wrath is Revealed Against the Wicked and Ungodly in the Earth

    in Current Events

    I received this also from the Lord of heaven and earth, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    His Wrath is Upon Us           Though we have not yet been destroyed as Sodom and though we have not yet suffered the famines of judgment and though great plagues have not destroyed the people and though our streets are not filled with our enemies, the judgments and wrath of Almighty God, the Judge and Lawgiver over all of the earth will not linger much longer. Thus says the LORD God of heaven and earth; I have seen the sins of this nation and her departure from the law of God. I have heard the cries of my children in the womb and the forbidding of prayer in the schools. I have seen the mocking of heathen, broadcasting their sins of fornication and sorcery and thefts and murders. The wicked and immoral declare it is their right to do these things because they have made legal their lawbreaking and think that they are gods in deciding what is good and evil. Prophesy- 2005


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    TPC: NEWS Russia Picks a Fight Beheadings FRR1

    in The Bible

    Stan Johnson discusses the latest news headlines and how this relates to Bible prophecy and our future.

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    FCG: Beheadings, Creepers in the White House, Ebola, and Buffoonery Oh My!

    in Politics

    FINALLY Rowdy Ricky Robinson and Dave have come back to Finding Common Ground!!!!  After a week off for truck touching and family time, the boys who love to disagree have returned to discuss the white hot mess that is the state of affairs in the United States.  We've got ebola in TX, people sneaking into the White House, resignations in the administration, religious intolerance, and beheadings all over the place.  What the hell is this world coming to?  

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    in Current Events

    Episode #6/7 ~
    Updated & Extended Version
    On episode #15, we take another look at the shocking news that surfaced about FEMA DEATH TRAINS equipped with SHACKLES & GUILLOTINES, since the early 1990's. We study the BLOOD MONEY-MAKING SCHEME of using the slaughtered captives HARVESTED ORGANS & OTHER USABLE TISSUE, as  GUILLOTINE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT becomes, more & more in demand by the Elites. Just ask Pepsi when it comes to using BLOOD MONEY-MAKING METHODS from HARVESTING ABORTED FETAL TISSUE, as FLAVOUR ENCHANCERS!! There is BIG BLOOD MONEY to be made on the SELLING OF HUMAN BODY PARTS!! No wonder the Holy Bible warns us that THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL...Check out this updated, part 2, version of Episode #6/7...GET IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED! GET YOUR COPY OF THIS EPISODE AT (865)-993-2348, or  at,  nnylss2691@gmail.com