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    Harmony, Fake Beheadings

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    In harmonious fashion, the DITRH crew discusses the [fake] beheadings, Naked Celeb Leak Conspiracies, Burning Man, Blue Zones, WW3, Past life regression, alien disclosure and a few personal stories. Enjoy!

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    FCG: Beheadings, Creepers in the White House, Ebola, and Buffoonery Oh My!

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    FINALLY Rowdy Ricky Robinson and Dave have come back to Finding Common Ground!!!!  After a week off for truck touching and family time, the boys who love to disagree have returned to discuss the white hot mess that is the state of affairs in the United States.  We've got ebola in TX, people sneaking into the White House, resignations in the administration, religious intolerance, and beheadings all over the place.  What the hell is this world coming to?  

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    It is getting very weird, very quickly. The national news and social media soundbites looks less like actual events and more like sci fi stories. The oddities have become so much and so frequent the public doesn't even have a chance to question the authenticity of  what they are seeing passed along as "fact". Well the "fact" is there is a little lie in the truth and some truth in the lies. Next 2RAW4TV we get to the bottom of the headlines, hidden messages, and propaganda. EBOLA ZOMBIES & ISIS BEHEADINGS: WHAT'S FACT WHAT'S FICTION? Find what you have been looking for this Thursday on 2RAW4TV.

    Futuristic Fresno artist, Young Roy, talks about his latest project, dispels westcoast rapping myths, and reveals his mission in music.

    10/9/14 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV CALL 3234100036  TO COMMENT, ?, OR LISTEN VIA PHONE

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    Beheadings and Virtue: In Such a Time As This

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    JOIN J.P. SLOANE, MA,  AND SHANNON SLOANE, MA, as they discuss Bible prophecy.  The Book of Revelation, talks about the beheading of the saints, but since 1977, France no longer uses the guillotine.  Beheadings were almost unheard of until 9/11, but now we see them all over the world. 
    Virtue as well is suffering.  We see a moral shift from a society that in the Elizabethan times was extremely proper to the birth of modern day perversions in the 1960s when once we learned "The Thee Rs," and had prayer and the Ten Commandments.
    Today the focus is on having good self-esteem along with alternate sexual lifestyles being taught from K-12.

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    PART 2: Love, Loss, Death, Pain & Healing PLUS Israel, Iraq, Murder & Beheadings

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    Breaking Out of the Matrix - PART 2: Love, Loss, Death Pain, & Healing PLUS Israel, Iraq, Murder & Beheadings  In today's broadcast we are joined once again by guest Les Carlsen, lead vocalist of the band Bloodgood.  In Part 1, Les shares his incredible and tragic story of dealing with the death of his son.  In Part 2, we follow up with Les to talk more in depth about the emotional struggles associated with these types of situations.  We also ask & address some questions that go through the mind of individuals who suffer such as loss, as well as questions that others may have for people who have experienced similar traumatic events & losses.  In addition, we talk about the Israel & the horrific beheading of innocent by ISIS in Iraq & how Israel is surrounded by armies according to scripture. Tragedy, death, pain, and loss in life is inevitable.  Many never fully recover from such events.  However, there is hope in the fact that there IS healing, restoration, and reconciliation, and full recovery as we look for and find that healing in the right place...


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    Revealing the Truth About Islam with Usama Dakdok

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    Revealing the Truth About Islam - Exposing the Darkness of Islam

    ISIS beheads a Japanese prisoner, Yemen is in Chaos, Obama releases 5 more Terrorists from Gitmo, snubs Netanyahu, but rushes to recognize the new Saudi King. Usama Dakdok and Kristie Johnson discuss the true nature of Islam from the sources of Islam's teachings in the Qur'an and Hadith as well as the writings of Muslim scholars. We examine politics, current events and all issues related to Islam to expose the Jihad now being waged against the Western world and Israel. We believe the Truth will set us free. We pray to preserve and promote freedom and liberty.

    Usama's Website:  www.thestraightway.org  for DVD's, the Generous Qur'an, an accurate translation by Usama Dakdok.   Usama  is available to speak at your church or organization, "Revealing the Truth About Islam." Also see videos: "Freedom or Surrender,"  "Revealing the Truth about Barack Hussein Obama," and “The Truth about the Mohammed Movie” on his website.

    Usama Dakdok on Facebook:


    Usama Dakdok M-F 12:30 PM CT on VCY America Radio: http://www.vcyamerica.org/radio

    Usama’s Youtube Channel:



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    islam EXPOSED ~ Beheadings Continue, Politicians Fiddle

    in Politics Conservative

    ...because they don't have a clue... James Foley, Steven Sotloff ~ David Haines next? 

    Welcome to islam EXPOSED where your Hosts, Kel Fritzi, Tim Burton, and Dave Milner share their insights and apprise YOU on how our respective Governments are not addressing the threat called… islam.

    Three Hosts, three different countries with one Common  Denominator ~ our love of freedom and a Planet rid of The Scourge.


    Listen to us at Pundit Press:   http://thepunditpress.com/broadcast-schedule/

    Tim at Brenner Brief:   http://www.brennerbrief.com/author/tim-burton/

    Dave Milner of the Unpleasant Blind Guy is also at Pundit Press: http://punditpressradio.thepunditpress.com

    "mass islamity ~ stop the insanity"



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    Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 pt1 on Sound the Shofar

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    Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 pt1 | ID# shabb-010915-surviving-afflictions-pt1

    Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 Pt1 meets the end of days and the remnant. We begin this series talking about Prudence and Faith. As this generation heads into the last of the blood moons; 2015 has many unforeseen things ahead. 2014 was a bloody year in which, ISIS and other Islamic armies bloodied their way across the landscape of nations. From Africa, Libya, Syria, and Iraq we have seen the slaughter of many innocents. From beheadings, rape, murder, and sex slavery; entire towns were wiped out. Indeed 2014 was a a very bloody year. What will 2015 bring? There will be more wars, rumors of wars, and violence. Blood will be spilled, yet we as believers are here to bring forth truth. It is our call, our duty, and our faith tells us that "If God be for us, then who can be against us?" 

    WIBR/WARN Ministry sites: www.warn-radio.com  www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org www.dday4america.com


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    Isis is not Islam , beheadings, elections? What elections and NFL underfire!

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    Today Ricky and Denny C will be joined by a third panel member John W. formerly with KTOK news radio 1000 here in Oklahoma city.  On todays episode Rick, Denny, and John will discuss Isis and the apparent fact that Obama refuses to admit they are a part of Islam, also on the board today the continued beheading of folks by this "religion of peace.".  Also information bout the upcoming elections here at home and lasty is the NFL under siege? Between the Ray Rice controversy and npw that Adrain Perterson situation the panel takes a good hard look at the NFL as a whole.

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    Episode #6/7 ~
    Updated & Extended Version
    On episode #15, we take another look at the shocking news that surfaced about FEMA DEATH TRAINS equipped with SHACKLES & GUILLOTINES, since the early 1990's. We study the BLOOD MONEY-MAKING SCHEME of using the slaughtered captives HARVESTED ORGANS & OTHER USABLE TISSUE, as  GUILLOTINE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT becomes, more & more in demand by the Elites. Just ask Pepsi when it comes to using BLOOD MONEY-MAKING METHODS from HARVESTING ABORTED FETAL TISSUE, as FLAVOUR ENCHANCERS!! There is BIG BLOOD MONEY to be made on the SELLING OF HUMAN BODY PARTS!! No wonder the Holy Bible warns us that THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL...Check out this updated, part 2, version of Episode #6/7...GET IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED! GET YOUR COPY OF THIS EPISODE AT (865)-993-2348, or  at,  nnylss2691@gmail.com    

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    Our Nation That Has Fallen On Its Head

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    Admittedly not a happy title, but it's something I've said and I thought that's bounced around in my head for a while now.  We are all responsible for the choices that we make.  What have our choices resulted in?  They've resulted in a lack of leadership and a lack of common sense in our government today.  They've also unfortunately lead to corruption in our government and in our judicial system.  They've resulted in chaos and fear in our society.  Today, I'll have four stories that I'll try to get to in the allotted time.  There's a recent court decision that basically protects the IRS and excuses them for the targeting scandal because they've "repented".  Allen West has a few comments that he's made on our culture and some of these beheadings and attempted beheadings, including one you may not have heard about again in Oklahoma.  We've found out from Chuck Grassley that illegal alien children are being given all types of tax payer benefits.  And, again if time allows, I'll share a story in which again our "brightest young minds" at a university again show their lack of knowledge.  But again, this has all come down to our choices.  It's time to start making some wiser ones.  That's on today's show at 4:30 Eastern time, archived afterward.

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