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    Freshly Booked w/ Les Becker

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    Remember your first time? We do! Join us as we interview authors just beginning their literary journey into publication. It doesn't matter how their book is published; self-publication, independent, or traditional publishing house, the world agrees becoming a published author is a big step. We want to celebrate and spotlight these authors whose words were brought into the hands of readers. Listen in as they talk about their new experiences. Being published is an intoxicating dream…a dream these authors are living. Join us in jubilation for those who are . . . Freshly Booked!

    This week’s Featured Author is . . . Les Becker

    Les Becker is a fiction writer based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Her first book, “The Waitress, the Whiskey & the Handcuffs” was published online in November, 2014.  Her interests other than writing include dancing like no one is watching (provided no one is actually watching), and attempting to craft book titles.

    Buy her book here!

    Join author Tricia Andersen as she interviews newly published authors who have turned their dream of becoming published into reality.

    Freshly Booked is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.com They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet

  • The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with guests Ed and Marsha Becker

    in Paranormal

    Join your host Alex Matsuo as she brings back Edwin and Marsha Becker on Sunday, March 29th, at 9pm ET. You may remember them from the Paranormal Witness episode, "The Tenants", or you may remember them from the first televised exorcism produced by NBC in 1971, or you might have even read Ed's hit book, "True Haunting". This is a show NOT to be missed!

    CHAT & LISTEN TO THE SHOW AT: http://liveparanormal.com/m/chat/home/

    Show Email: wickeddomainradio@gmail.com

    Twitter: @wickeddomain

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewickeddomain

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    State Sovereignty: Toni Becker & Cindy Redburn

    in Politics Conservative

    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    Toni Becker was one of the original appointees to the Education Standards Working Group. Her experiences with this group provide some interesting insight into how the group is being used to reinforce, rather than overcome, the Common Core. Toni joins BTR featured host Dave and special guest co-host Doug Enyart tonight to discuss this debacle.

    Then, we'll chat with Cindy Redburn, Constitution Party candidate currently embroiled in a lawsuit against St Louis County over ballot inaccessibility. It seems for special elections (those to replace vacated seats), the County only allows ballot access to the two primary parties, literally shutting everyone else out.

    Join us Saturday, Feb 7 at 7PM Missouri Time by clicking on the provided link. You can call and participate at 347-677-1835. It's the best Saturday night you'll spend this week.

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    Irene Becker

    in Business

    Executive Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Writer Irene Becker joins us ON THE DEAN'S LIST. 

     Irene is a trailblazer whose R-E-A-C-H™ methodology and 3Q Edge™ focus have helped forward-thinking people and organizations in Canada, USA and Europe USE strengths, changes, challenges and failures to achieve breakthrough results in their careers, communication, leadership and lives; exceptional Results that stick and grow at the speed of change. 3Q is unique in that it helps people build the mindset and skill-set that enables and optimizes potential in the face of change and challenges. She was the first female CEO of a steel company in Canada, Irene Becker has a track record of accomplishments in business and in the community at large.

    Passionate about the integrity of her work, Irene goes the distance for her clients face to face, by telephone, Skype or video conferencing. For more information about her, visit  http://www.JustCoachIt.com  and https://twitter.com/justcoachit

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    March 31, 2015 10pm (PDT)- Paths to Contact with Jeffrey M. Becker

    in Paranormal

    Jeff Becker has been a student of science most of his life. His world view was turned upside down when he started investigating extraterrestrial contact and experienced undeniable telepathic interactions with lights in the sky. Not one to deny the evidence, he continued to seek contact, organized a group of like-minded individuals, and has had amazing experiences for over six years. He’s also met many people with their own fascinating stories to tell.

    Paths to Contact: True Stories from the Contact Underground, is about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences of extraterrestrial contact. These people are doctors, computer programmers, sanitation and postal workers, healers, meteorologists, biologists, pilots, artists, engineers – people from many different walks of life. They have each volunteered to tell their story of extraterrestrial contact and how it has affected their life.

    When Becker floated the idea for this book project in December of 2011, the response from so many people eager to tell their stories convinced him that the project would be a success. This has been a team effort, with most people doing their own writing and telling their story in their own words. These are stories of amazing sightings, personal transformations, and even healings.

    Most of these stories involve human initiated contact. That’s right, these are people who go out under the stars and ask for contact, and it happens with amazing reliability when done correctly. Perhaps these stories will inspire you to embark on your own path to contact.

    While this is not a “how to” book, numerous resources are referenced in the book and even more can be found on the book website. For more information about this ongoing project, see www.pathstocontact.org.


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    Elder Becker: Bitterness

    in Religion

    Teaching, truth, love and the bible - Welcome to The University Of The Painful Truth -

    Elder Becker discusses a spirit that is causing many who are tainted by it, to give up and leave the faith. Those who are drinking this water have a woe upon them via the realm of offence.This is a major unloving and unforgiving spirit that attacks the body of Yashua vehemently. Tune in to add to your knowledge and discernment concerning this spirit.

    Yeshua, Jesus, prophecy, assembly, end times, deliverance, Preaching and teaching the Bible from its Hebrew perspective.

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    Elder Becker: The Exchange

    in Religion

    Elder Becker teaches on the cost of discipleship: what we give up to obtain more of Yah. Sacrifice happens on so many plains of our life and we as believers must understand Yah's wriiten precepts and will in order to please him. Without faith it is impossible to please him. Are you willing to give up all so that you may obtain? Will you leave all to follow him? Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also. Tune in to get understanding to add to your faith so that you may be able to please Yah.

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    Herp Mapper with Don Becker

    in Pets

    Join HTR as we welcome Don Becker of Herp Mapper.  Herp Mapper is a world wide data base we will find out more about on this show.  Don also developed apps for NAFHA , PARS and Herp mapper for easy record adding in the field.http://www.herpmapper.org


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    Golf Talk Live - with special guests: Kenny Hughes & Jason Becker

    in Golf

    Welcome to “Golf Talk Live”

    This week on Golf Talk Live, I'm joined by, Kenny Hughes - CEO of Shell Landing & Hickory Hill Golf Courses in Mississippi, one of many great places featured in South Coast Golf Guide.

    Later on the show: – Jason Becker - PGA- President/CEO Golf Membership Consultants, Inc. joins me to ask two very important questions:

    Are you a golfer?

    Are you looking for a golf membership in South Florida?

    Golf Membership Consultants - goal is to simplify that process for you. Whether you are a future or current southern resident, our team of professionals are here to assist in your search for the perfect golf membership based on your needs.

    Before you begin the process of making a decision on your retirement destination, we suggest you consider these 6 factors: golf membership research, real estate, financial advising, health/property insurance quotes, estate review, and legal advising. Our team of professionals can assemble a report with each of these 6 very important aspects to the retirement decision as each varies state to state.

    So join me this Thursday 6PM CST, right here on Golf Talk Live!

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    Edwin & Marsha Becker~Author of True Haunting/Radio Show Hosts

    in Paranormal

    Edwin and Marsha Becker are a very creative and active couple who became interested in the paranormal when they moved in to an extremely haunted house. Edwin Becker became a bestselling author with the release of his book True Haunting in 2011 about what happened to them as a young couple with a new baby in their own home. Marsha Becker, who co-hosts The Paranormal Angels radio show with author Geraldine Palmer Bouse. Marsha also creates beautiful rosaries and has made several for the Vatican. He has appeared on SYFY's Paranormal Witness in the record breaking season two finale, "The Tenants." He has acted as guest, host and co-host on numerous commercial and internet radio shows across the world. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, a Baby Boomer. Coming from an abusive broken home, he spent a number of elementary years in Maryville, a Catholic children's institution. There, he learned Latin and became an altar boy. He went on to become a professional musician and spent his later teen years traveling the states with an R&B Show band. During his travels, he met and married his wife of almost 50 years. In college Ed studied the emerging field of computers and became very successful. Later suffering a near fatal heart attack, he retired to the Ozarks where he opened a collectible store for a number of years. He has been writing original stories for over three decades for pure enjoyment. He has two daughters that have given him four granddaughters. They now reside in Missouri, where they enjoy the year around activity and entertainment with their children, grandchildren, tons of friends and several beloved pets. Visit www.TrueHaunting.com www.edwardbecker.com

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    Elder Becker: Birth Right

    in Religion

    Teaching, truth, love and the bible - Welcome to The University Of The Painful Truth -




    Yeshua, Jesus, prophecy, assembly, end times, deliverance, Preaching and teaching the Bible from its Hebrew perspective.

    Call ins and questions welcomed.

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