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    GEI Radio Presents: Are women the new Head of Household?

    in Entertainment

    Join us Tone Mitch, Tru and Janell Divine this week as we will be discussing the absence of the male in the household. We will also have Donald Snowden blessing us with Health Talk. Also joining the conversation will be the Fab 5 Janell Divine, Courtney Holmes, Jay Noww, Danielle Nivens and Chris Moore. Tune in this Sunday April 20, 2014 7-9pm 347-934-0021

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    The Brewers...A Black Family Searches for its Roots

    in History

    The Brewers..."A Black Family Searches for Its Roots" with Beatryce Nivens
    Learn why would whites in a small Southern town put a black woman's obituary in the family scrapbook? Why would one of the cousin's treasure it so long? Who is Emiline Watts?  What is the connection with the Watts family?
    Beatryce Nivens author, family historian, motivational speaker, nationally recognized business/ career expert and executive coach will discuss her newest book -  Children Go Where I Send Thee. Her other books include: the highly acclaimed Success Strategies for African Americans (Plume); the pioneering The Black Woman’s Career Guide (Doubleday); Careers for Women Without College Degrees (McGraw-Hill)  and more.
     Beatryce Nivens (A View From The Top: The Inspiring Success Stories of 15 Black CEOs, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs) and actress Kym Whitley (“Raising Whitley,” a Tyler Perry production on the OWN Network) were recently pleasantly surprised when they learned about the untold history that was hidden in plain sight. In a surprising way, their ‘roots’ unraveled to bring into focus the multiracial heritage of their historically bound families – the Brewers (African Americans) and the Watts (white) families. Today, the families now unite to honor a woman ‘Emiline’ who represented a family bond that began during slavery and now survives in the lives of descendants–black and white. 

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    Authors Muhammad Ibn Bashir and M. Beatryce Shaw on Conversations LIVE

    in Books

    At the top of the hour, host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Muhammad Ibn Bashir to Conversations LIVE to discuss how his legal background gave him invaluable insight into writing his latest book. Then at 30 min. past the hour, Webb talks with author M. Beatryce Shaw about the issue of being different and how it fits into her children's book series Mr. Browne's Roses.

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    Authors Dorothy Guyton, M. Beatryce Shaw and R. Jenkins Oliver on Conversations LIVE Radio

    in Books

    At the top of the hour host Cyrus Webb talks with author Dorothy Guyton about what led her to writing and her new projects. At 30 min. past the hour, Webb talks with author M. Beatryce Shaw about her writing children's books with important lessons for all of us. Finally at 45 min. past the hour, Webb talks with author R. Jenkins Oliver about her literary career.

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    Mr. GE-6309 Speaks - Interview with Nivens Thompson

    in Romance

    As part of the Keeping Love Alive show and in honor of our anniversary, my husband, Nivens Thompson, called to share his thoughts.

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    Betty White on Aging Well

    in Health

    If you caught the Betty White interview on David Letterman recently you probably got a chuckle at her comedic version of "The Top 10 Betty White Tips for Living a Long and Happy Life".  In this episode Bobbie takes a look at Betty's humorous advice and puts it into context for everyday practical use from her perspective as an integrative medicine practitioner of the popular Immune Recovery & Wellness Clinic in Tucson, Arizona.
    No question we all could certainly take a page from Betty White, who at 89 is a multi Emmy Award winning actress, best known for her roles on the long running television shows Mary Tyler Moore as Sue Ann Nivens, and The Golden Girls as Rose Nylund.  Still going strong with appearances in major A List  movies like The Proposal,  top television shows like Saturday Night Live, and the publication of her newest 2011 best selling book "If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)" Betty's endearing, ageless zest for life gives new expression and meaning to the word "anti aging" - and Bobbie will give us an inside look at how it's done.

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    Reesy Floyd-Thompson, Director of Prisoners' Wives, Girlfriends, & Partners (PWGP)

    in Culture

    From Native Trailblazers ShowThe incarceration rate of Native Americans is 38% higher than the national rate. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights attributes this higher rate to differential treatment by the criminal justice system, lack of access to adequate counsel and racial profiling. -- The person that knows this firsthand is Reesy Floyd-Thompson, Director of Prisoners' Wives, Girlfriends, & Partners(PWGP)- Thompson's husband Nivens is a Cherokee man that is currently incarcerated. -- According to Thompson, The mission of PWGP is to address the needs of those with an incarcerated partner, serve as a resource for families, provide opportunities for advocacy and collaborate with the community to enhance public
    awareness to eliminate stigma. The PWGP
    promotes healthy relationships through
    education, support, and fellowship, preparing
    partners for reintegration and reunification,
    working under the belief that keeping
    families together aids in reducing recidivism. (habitual relapse into crime)-- Join us tonight on Native Trailblazers as we discuss ways for PWGP's to cope and live without their partners by their side. -- JOIN US TONIGHT FOR GREAT CONVERSATION - FOLLOW THE NATIVE TRAILBLAZERS BLOGTALK RADIO SHOW ON TWITTER - @NATIVETRAILBLAZ ---- SEND AN EMAIL - NATIVETRAILBLAZERS@GMAIL.COM

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    Free Style Friday

    in Religion

    Today we have as our special Guest, LLoyd Nivens of N.I.V. Connects. Join us as he will be discussing his life, organization, and much more.

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    Dresser After Dark - The Place Where Authors and Experts Spread Their Word...

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us tonight for another great show! Please feel free to call our studio, 646-478-3410, to just listen to the show or ask a particular question to one of our guests directly when they are on the air. Our guest line up tonight:

    Peter Walsh: Author of "It's All Too Much, So Get It Together", a book that guides teens on how to get organized and on track by decluttering their lives! www.PeterWalshDesign.com

    C. Ernie Nivens: Author of "Baker's Dozen: Thirteen Insights From Highly Successful Financial Advisors", www.ernienivens.com

    George Gilder: Author of "The Israel Test" talking tonight about U.S. relations with Israel and why a strong Israel is crucial to our national security

    Rick Shalvoy: Holistic health expert and cancer survivor; www.WorldsChoiceProducts.com www.CancerAssistanceCenter.org www.Twitter.com/RickShalvoy

    Susan A. Marshall: Author of "How to Grow A Backbone: 10 Strategies for Gaining Power and Influence At Work", founder of "The Backbone Institute" talking tonight about what it means to find and recognize your own voice; www.executiveadvisorllc.com www.Twitter.com/EXECADVISE www.Facebook.com/susan.a.marshall

    Dr. Alicia Stanton, M.D. Author of "Hormone Therapy" and how it relates to the upcoming holiday season; www.hormoneharmony.org www.Twitter.com/HarmoneHarmony

    Debra Schepp: Co-Author of "The Official Alibaba.com Success Guide: Insider Tips and Strategies for Sourcing Products from the World's Largest B2B Marketplace", www.alibaba.com

    Thank you for joining us tonight!