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    Israel is going to lose! BDS works!

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    Every day another company, State, and community joins BDS of Israel!

    I just hope we can sustain this momentum for the rest of the year.  

    April is when the time is up in the search for a peace between Israel and Palestine.  If only Fatah and Hammas would call a truce and work together for a just peace with Israel.   Let's pray that it will happen.

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    #BDS scares the crap out of Israel!

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    BDS is the rage now in America and getting stronger by the day!

    Israel is soon going to be isolated it has deserved for many years only now it is in the public eye like never before.  America is opening her eyes because even some of the msn is seeing the public plead for more information than the pablum they have been fed.


    Israel has earned a special award for the atrocities they have commited over the last 70 plus years.  Perhaps our United States will finally quit covering their backside.


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    3KMGRADIO W/ DJ A-Tre & He's DJ 910. "THE MOVE"

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    "The Move"

    EMAIL: TheMoveRadioSHow@gmail.com

    REQUEST LINE: (713)955-0560





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    "The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel

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    Amcha:  A nonprofit organization translated as "Your Nation" was founded to stands against government funded anti-Semites on campus. 

    Tammy Rossman-Benjamin will appear tonight to discuss the important matter of 'The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel.. She has contributed a chapter in this book, and is the director of the Amcha Initiative. She is a speaker, educator, and activist.

    Boycott Divest Sanction, also known as BDS; is a movement within the American Universities that is designed to destroy the State of Israel. Tammy Rossman-Benjamin, is  leading the fight against this illegal and immoral movement.

    She has studied and written extensively on this issue, and is even leading the legal fight against this grave danger that is threatening to explode. 

    Today we will discuss, the activities, the danger and the possible way that you can help to put a stop to it. 

    Need more proof on the reality of today's campus. Here is an experiment to prove that we are quickly approaching the danger zone, if we are not already there:


    Amcha website: www.amchainitiative.org


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    The Final Say - with Herbert London & Chris Arps & James S. Robbins

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    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say every day, Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    Herbert London, President of the London Center for Policy Research, joins the show to discuss the BDS movement and UCLA's actions against Israel

    Chris Arps, a member of the Project 21 National Advisory Council, joins the show to discuss the Ferguson outcome.

    James S. Robbins joins us every Tuesday to discuss the latest political, policy, and security issues.  Don't forget to order a copy of his new book The Real Custer.

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    The Final Say - with guest co host Tiffany Gabbay

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    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say every day, Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    Tiffany Gabbay, an Independent Consultant with Quidlibet, joins the show to discuss immigration, BDS, attacks in Jerusalem & related issues, Iran negotiations.

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    Wise Women Media 10/3/14--BLOCK THE BOAT TAMPA w/ Bette Jo, Dezeray, Feral, Mona

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    BLOCK THE BOAT TAMPA has been organizing and led successful direct actions in the past several weeks. Tonight we will join them to talk about why they are doing these types of actions, about the successes of BLOCK THE BOAT organizations in Oakland and other locations, the BDS Movement, a bit about the history of this part of the Middle East, the current situation in Palestine and Israel and why these types of direct actions are so effective.

    The next BLOCK THE BOAT TAMPA direct action will be at the Port of Tampa on October 11th, 2014. To see more information about the event and how you can join them, CLICK HERE!


    (Scroll down, lots of articles and pictures!)

    Check us out at WISE WOMEN MEDIA for links to our social networks, a list of our sponsors, archived shows, complete show descriptions and more.

    ***Remember, it's just a conversation!


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    BDS Movement Claims Victory, Looks Towards Pittsburgh

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    Last week it was revealed that pension fund giant TIAA-CREF had dropped more than $72m in Caterpillar shares from its Social Choices Fund. The move was based on Caterpillar's downgrading by ethical investment ratings agency MSCI, which said in a statement that one of the key factors in its decision was the "on-going controversy associated with use of the company’s equipment in the occupied Palestinian territories."
    Beginning this weekend, the Presbyterian Church (USA) will also consider a motion to divest church holdings from Caterpillar and two other companies for their involvement in sustaining Israel's occupation and settlement enterprise, during the Presbyterian General Assembly taking place in Pittsburgh.
    Please join us as we discuss these and other developments in the global BDS movement with Rabbi Alissa Wise of We Divest, Reverend Walt Davis of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and Omar Barghouti, one of the initiators of the Palestinian BDS call.

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    The Shattered Hopes of Obama for Peace in Palestine

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    Josh Ruebner will talk about his book Shattered Hopes, concerning President Obama's failed goals for Palestine. Ruebner will also talk about the BDS campaign and the current war in Gaza.

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    Ridin Durty Radio w/Vic XL...Guest Sandman Esquire @sandmanesq

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    Ridin Durty Radio is a Hip Hop Show which bridges the gap between indie and mainstream. We Bring you the next in Hip-Hop R&B and Entertainment News.

    Sandman Esq...

    Born in Harlem, but molded and smelted in the asphalt jungle of the A town, Sandman Esquire occupies the rarefied airspace of the truly gifted literati. Always an alpha among men and the chosen one of the ladies, his style is reminiscent of Pac’s cultural reconnaissance coupled with the melodic delivery of Future and the vision of Kanye West. The significance of the Sandman Esquire Factor, is his insistence that each new song should educate, enlighten and elevate.Sandman Esq is methodically building his fan base online with more than 21,000 veiws on his Youtube pages and 3k+ fans on his Twitter account (www.Twitter.com/SandmanEsq). He is preparing for a lifetime of musicianship by striving for craft mastery from the stage to the production suite. A prolific songwriter he has written more than 500+ songs.His first  hit single “Swagger Swipper” was produced by super producer InTact  (LGM). This rhythmically breezy song showcases the swagger of a newbie with the hit making ability of a seasoned vet. “Swagger Swipper” was a regional hit that reached 900+ BDS spins. It was also used  as the intro for one of the biggest mix shows in the southeast, the 5 O’clock Mix on 98.3TheBeat (Columbus, Ga).With mixtapes worldwide, Sandman Esquire has been building an international buzz. He is building his brand loyalty by exploiting the natural kinship of music, art and fashion by serving as brand ambassador  for Rock God Eyewear.A community activist and an advocate for the underprivileged, Sandman recognizes his responsibility to raise the banner of Hip Hop high through positive associations. For worthwhile causes with short ends, he performs gratis.


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    Israel is immune to BDS so they say.

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    If this headline is true why is the propaganda train loading up against it?

    Do you think they fear the success of a good program that forced South Africa's white Afrikaners' to the peace table?  I think so and so does much of the smart folks all over the world except the United States Congress that is bought and paid for by your tax money.



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