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    Zack Hample on The Final Out

    in Sports

    In this podcast, I interview famed ballhawk Zack Hample on his baseball collection, his charity work, and how to snag baseballs at a ballgame. 

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    Section 149- 7000 Coliseum Way -1/19/13

    in Baseball

    Tonight, I'm interviewing ballhawks Paul Kom and Quinn Imiola! THIS is Section 149 at 7000 Coliseum Way- On BlogTalkRadio.
    7000 Coliseum Way
    A Piece of The Game
    Minor League Ballhawk
    Wayne Peck'

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    A View From the Bullpen

    in Baseball

    What's happening around the League? Find out on A View From the Bullpen!
    Mets player, Noah Snydergaard makes "anti-gay" comment regarding someone wearing Crocs. We will discuss his true intentions.
    Charity information; www.stock350i.mlblogs.com. Snagging Baseballs for Puppies!
    Twitter feed- @MLBwayneMLB
    Time permits, Ballhawk topic #1- discussion of whether or not to tell game home runs that are caught. What's your price?

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    The Nick Badders Show- 7000 Coliseum Way -12/16/12

    in Baseball

    Tonight, I have a co-host. His name is Shawn B, and he is a ballhawk in Milwalkee with 22 game home runs and over 1,650 balls snagged! Tonight, we'll be talking about the Rangers signing Josh Hamilton and the impact he brings to he Angels lineup. I'm sure I'll squeeze some stuff about the impact he puts on the A's and AL as well! THIS is the Nick Badders Show on BlogTalkRadio.