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    Bring "Awe" and Healing into your Life: Kirk Schneider PhD

    in Self Help

    Our increasing technological sophistication has, seemingly, given us greater connectivity to each other  – through smart phones, social media, etc. – which have allowed us to reach out to anyone in the world. However, it has, ironically, allowed us, as individuals, to be in our own little world – tied to screens – in effect shutting out much of the world and polarizing us from each other. 

    My guest today is Kirk Schneider, PhD and he is going to share with us some fascinating Tips and suggestions on how to bring more "Awe" into our lives and thereby literally opening the channels for more abundance and awesomeness to come flowing into our lives.  For more information please visit www.saybrook.edu 

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    Roots of Ferguson Problems; Interviews with authors Jeff Doty and Richard Awe

    in Politics

    The Ferguson city council has only one memeber that is black.  The population of Ferguson is 67% black.  How is that?  How does that affect the population?  The court system seems to support a practice of using the law and law enforcement as a revenue generating tool for the city.  If this is supported by the courts, therefore the judges...the judges are appointed by the city council each and every 2 years!

    A very intersting interview with author Jeff Doty (Piggyback) and author Richard Awe (Cry For Me) talking about their new books

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    AWE Wrestling Superstar Priscilla Kelly joins the show

    in Television

    The Wrestling Lounge Welcomes AWE Wrestler and Reality Star The Priscilla Kelly to the show. Have a question. Call in at 773-897-6289 press 1 to be in hosts view.

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    Characteristics of a Chayil Woman -- Awe

    in Self Help

    She Awakened to the Awe of God

    Bob Proctor,  from the series, The Secret, say that we hear with our ears, but we listen with our emotions. It is like the difference between respect and reverence. We respect with the mind, but reverence is woven into the emotions leaving you with a sense of personal wonder and awe. It overwhelms, swallows and engulfs you. Reverence creates AWE. And AWE takes our breath away.

    Awe is born out of a divine encounter which morphs what you are. It is not a change. It is a complete reworking of your inner being. 

    Proverbs 31:30, says that Chayil was a woman that feared the Lord. She had come alive to the knowledge of her own insignificance; yet she was aware that she was infinitely loved by God. 

    The first characteristic of a true Chayil woman is realizing her value to God. It is the awareness that she has a place in the universe by God’s own doing. She knows that regardless of what circumstances she might face in life, the solution has already been crafted.

    The flip side of the coin of reverence is  Godly fear. Not fear as in being afraid, but a fear rooted in being accountable for what you have been given and an extreme fear of the one who gave it to you.

    It is a fear that knows one day you will have to give an account of how you spent your TALENTS. We are all expected to produce something out of what has been placed in us. God wants fruit out of our lives. He will come looking for how we manifested our PURPOSE / WITH / PURITY / AND POWER.

    A Chayil Woman is alive to the AWE of GOD. She Fears with HONOR her LORD and responds with HOLINESS in HEART. And she is inclined to manifest it in her life.

    AWAKENING to the AWE of GOD is the topic of the next episode of Better Life With Stella.

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    in Religion

    SHABBAT SHALOM!   As we enter these DAYS OF AWE in preparing our hearts for the MUTUAL HEALING of OUR PEOPLE beyond EVERY SIN of MISALLEGIANCE and UNBELIEF, let us DISCERN that for which we SHOULD be WAITING, even that for which we should therefore KNOW that WE ALL MUST PRAY FOR!

    The SHOCKING TRUTH is that all the varied OPINIONS, BELIEFS, DENOMINATIONS and NATIONAL ALLEGIANCES after which this WORLD, even them who say they are the people of FAITH are DIVIDED, are evidence of a WORLD far from the FOUNDATION that is LIFE ETERNAL from the BEGINNING!    Indeed, the MULTITUDE of these DIFFERENCES unto much DEBATE and DOUBT, are the CURSES of SIN to our PEOPLE, against the HOPE for PEACE, and even against the very sanctity and surety of the HOLY NAME!   Therefore we really should all be asking, WHY  are there so MANY DIVISIONS?   Did the Most High intend it so?   Is the confusions of controversy we see in this world today to be counted a work of the Holy Spirit of the True Gospel?    The ANSWER to that question TOO will soon be a SHOCK to many who have dared not even to CONSIDER!   For having not known what mutually ALL who BELIEVE should be PRAYING FOR, hardly has mankind CONVERTED unto the TRUTH of the FAITH at all!    Yet to KNOW this GREAT EXPECTATION is a TRUTH of which this WORLD has for a LONG TIME been SILENT is the BEGINNING of a RESTORATION unto FAITHFULNESS and indeed the TRUE SALVATION of the MOST HIGH!   Indeed, NOT to know this TRUTH is to be counted yet a CHILD of the DARKNESS!

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    * Day 15 | A 40 Day Journey | Prayer! Praise! Power! I Stand in Awe of YOU! *

    in Prayer

    I stand I stand in awe of You. (repeat)

    Father who art in Heaven I stand in Awe

    of You today. How excellent is Your is Your Name 

    and Your Name is Worthy to be Praised. Father as

    I type the outline of my Praise to this Morning...as I 

    consider How Faithful You have been. As I consider

    Your Loving Kindness's, Father I stand in awe of You.

    Beloved, I sincerely Praise and Thank the LORD for You.

    I Thank You for Being a Faithful Co-Laborer with Christ

    in the Name of Jesus. Father I Thank You for Your Goodness.

    I Thank You for Your Mercies and I Thank You for Your Grace.

    Beloved the LORD Our God is truly faithful. He is truly Our Provider.

    He is truly Our Protector. And I Praise Your Name Oh LORD. Father

    I Praise You and I Glorify Your Name. Yesterday was a Day of First 

    Fruits Beloved...We had plans however the Holy Spirit had even greater

    Surprises in store for us. Father as I come this morning I just want to say

    Thank You for the awesome message on the "Power of Prayer" delivered 

    by Our Faithful Sister in Christ Merline "DaughterofaKing" Jacobs. She was 

    right on point and that was one of the First Fruits as this was her first Planned

    Lesson. And like I anticipated, She did an awesome job reminding us to Pray to

    the LORD and not run to our Friends. To develop a closer walk with Jesus. Father

    I Praise Your Name for Your Name is worthy to be Praised. A next First Fruit is we

    had several powerful women of Jehovah-God on the line. Mother's and Prayer Warriors

    who loves the LORD and His People. A huge surprise and a First, was inviting my friend

    and Sister in the LORD, Evangelist Cherry Tucker to the Prayer Call. She Blessed the

    Ministry and Encouraged Others to Sow a Seed...Beginning with her. Praise The LORD!

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    The Wrestling Lounge Welcomes AWE Wrestler Priscilla Kelly & Roger Davis

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    in Moms and Family

    AWE Co- founder Wambui Njau will host the show;She will give updates & highlights of upcoming AWE Awards Event in London for 29th June 2013! The organisers have lined up great speakers and entertainers, they have promised a memorable day and evening. There will be • Three course Caribbean Dinner • Fashion Show from best African designers • International Gospel Dancers • Award Ceremony to African Women and Young achievers • Key note speakers • Comedy • Disco till 1:00am. Kindly share with friends, and remember that tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. you can book via: http://africanwomenineurope.eventbrite.co.uk
    Thank you.AWE team!  

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    Living in Awe

    in Spirituality

    To begin the pursuit of the King, we must first understand just how incredible He truly is (why else would we be pursuing Him?). This episode is designed to bring to the forefront of your thoughts some ways in which He is awe-inspiring, wholly AMAZING and worthy to be praised.

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    Georgia Wrestling Now with Cedric Alexander

    in Wrestling

    As Ring of Honor's Reloaded Tour date at the North Atlanta Trade Center approaches, Georgia Wrestling Now is happy to welcome Cedric Alexander to the show. Wrestling with Pop Culture's Jonathan Williams and Southern Fried Championship Wrestling owner Charles Anschutz talk to the ROH star and former WrestleForce and Premiere Wrestling Xperience Champion about his recent upset victory over Moose, his upcoming Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment match against Jimmy Rave and more. We also discuss the recent passing of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, WWE and other wrestling topics. Listen live every Monday at 7 p.m. EST and call 347-324-5735 for questions and comments.

  • Gary Sinclair - Healing Memories in Seconds

    in Self Help

    This week we’ve had a magnificent journey to spend a couple of hours with Gary Sinclair on two separate Skype sessions experiencing the download that was given to him in May of this year … from his latest book that cracks the code for healing titled ‘Healing Memories in Seconds.’ This download returns a loving energy to all … and will be featured on a TV PBS Special soon on Soul Healing.

    Gary’s book releases how to scientifically neutralize any negative emotion or feeling including memories all the way to your worst ever in just seconds! He just returned from 6 weeks teaching in Australia where 10,000 memories were healed or neutralized all the way to PTSD.

    Gary says, “He still remains in awe with what the universe delivered to him–as most therapies work only 60 to 80% of the time.”

    Website: http://www.garysinclair.com

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