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    Powerful Overcomer - Mike Pistorino

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    Mike Pistorino is a thriving survivor of childhood sexual abuse who is using his voice to empower survivors everywhere and stop sexual violence.

    Growing up in the Bronx, Mike was neglected by family as a young boy and taken in by a neighbor, who raped him repeatedly for years. Trapped by the abuse and the rage it created within him, Mike turned to drugs, which led him to homelessness, crime, jail, and eventually federal prison. As an adult, he completed rehab and was finally able to get help for the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child.

    Today, Mike is the vice president of a multi-million dollar distribution business in Cleveland, Ohio, an avid runner and marathoner, and a married father of three. He is an outspoken champion for survivors, an unapologetic activist for the prevention of child sexual abuse, and a prolific public speaker. With powerful, unparalleled honesty and enthusiasm, Mike shares his story with audiences nationally and internationally, inspiring all who hear him to be champions for change in their own lives and communities.

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    Domestic Violence Overcomer Ly Syin Lobster

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    Ly Syin Lobster is an overcomer. Her early influences in life were reading, Christianity, and abuse.  As teenage she became interested in writing as a way to express herself. She started writing for her church newsletter. 
                    After dealing with more domestic violence and being homeless, In 2006 she completed  Connections to Success Leading lady Leadership Series.  Ms. Lobster completed additional leadership training at Human development Corporations ‘s Stepping Up to Leadership Program.  Four years later, she was selected as the  Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group delegate. She organized the community action project “ Yes We Can Women Overcoming Obstacles. She lead outreach activities such as feeding the homeless women and their families. Collecting personal hygiene items and organizing a conference for homeless women  In 2006 she completed  Connections to Success Leading lady Leadership Series.  Ms. Lobster completed additional leadership training at Human development Corporations ‘s Stepping Up to Leadership Program.

                      Ms. Lobster has overcome many issues such as domestic violence, alcoholism and homelessness.  Through her personal experience and her professional skills as a freelance - journalist, blogger, communications guru has empowered her to become an advocate for women’s  causes.



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    Human Trafficking - A Survivors Story - "B"

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    "B" survived trafficking in 2004 following a stranger abduction. She is now an advocate for awareness, and hopes to spread the truth about trafficking.

    In an effort to keep this survivor/warrior safe and anonymous we are choosing not to disclose her name or her story.  Be sure to tune in to hear her story of trauma and hope!!!

    Human trafficking is real and its in our backyards, neighborhoods, schools, etc. Its time for the community to get educated and informed. Dont miss this show and share with others.....


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    Slaves of a Different Kind - Yvonne Williams

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    "Somewhere in between all the creeds and dogmas of faith lies a beautiful place of human compassion and the ability to relate to one another on the same level. Many have a genuine love for the people of the United States and long to see better days Because of that love we've watched the light in our Statue of Liberty fade, with the evidence that our own policies are destroying lives not only in America but across the world. We are becoming like those we have been battling for decades, and our lip service of human rights is belied by our actions of torture and hypocritical policies of “stand your ground” and unrestrictive gun laws. Cultural terrorism, violence, hatred, and the like permeate our states and metropolitan cities. Our light is going out.


    We are at a crossroads in American history, a place of such deep division that dramatic change in every facet of our social structure is necessary if we are going to prevent the continued destruction of innocence, including those who have been deceived by the erroneous dogmas of our three greatest institutions: religion, economics, and politics.


    Slaves of a Different Kind tells us that a new day brightens on the horizon, a day that demands responsibility for the freedom. It is a day when humankind must answer to the blessings of liberty of pay a higher price for taking them for granted. If we are able to embrace and repent from the damaging issues within ourselves and the elements of division and turmoil in which we have been complicit, good will come."



  • Effects Human Trafficking has on Mental Health - Dr. DeGaglia

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    So many human trafficking victims suffer with mental health issues once they have become free from their traffickers. We will discuss trauma bond, PTSD and more to better understand the mental health effects of this horrendous crime!

    J. De Gaglia, Ph.D., N.C.C., L.M.H.C., C.A.P., E.M.T.-P. is a “jack of all trades. He has earned credentials in both allied health and mental health. His research presented both nationally and internationally, involved hundreds of first responders over a two-year period. Eventually published, the research was recognized by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (I.C.I.S.F.). Professionally, Dr. De Gaglia has completed appointments with the Department of Juvenile Justice (Florida), the Department of Corrections (Florida), and a fourteen year stint with a Native American community residing within the Florida Everglades. Presently, Dr. De Gaglia works predominantly with substance abusers in the South Florida area.

  • Domestic Violence Survivor Alyse Purdy

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    Alyse shares her story of rebellion, hurt, brokeness, and a husband that abused her and made her feel she was nothing!! But once she gained her freedom she didnt let anything or anybody else stop her from all she has accomplished at such a young age!

    Alyse Purdy is originally from Aurora, Illinois where she lived until she was 21 years old. After completing her Associate degree in Art she decided it was time to venture on her own.  She traveled the long 15 hours from Aurora to Jacksonville Florida where she lived until she was 24 years old.  During that time she waited tables, banquet bartender, cocktail waitressed etc.  When she turned 22 she was offered a position as a Assistant Wedding and Event Coordinator, the young lady was then modeled to handle small weddings of her own.  In just a short year later she took the position of Sales/Catering Manager at only 23; being in charge of 7,000 feet of meeting space.

    Being that Alyse is now 30 she has two children that are the ages of 5 and 3.  She has graduated with her Bachelors in Health Care Administration and currently working on her Master’s.  She now resides in Southaven, Ms. at the Crowne Plaza as the Meeting Director.

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    Breast Cancer Awareness - Patrice Keeling WineMiller

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    Patrice says "In November 2009, after an 8 and a half years with the disease, my mother gained her wings and joined her oldest sister and her mom (both cancer victims) in heaven.  With one maternal aunt surviving cancer, I saw no choice but to find out all I could of this horrible disease and how to keep it from affecting me and my daughters.

    As my mother’s last gift to me at her final doctors visit, she donated to me her DNA, so that any testing needed could be done.  WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT!   In January 2010, I started my first doctor visits.  I spoke with my mom’s Oncologist regarding how in depth the cancer was and what my chances were at the time of possibly getting cancer.  I spoke to specialist about testing for certain genes that my family might have .  I finally decided something more HAD to be done.  The doctor stated with my chances of getting cancer, that it would be best for me to have testing every six months or I could go ahead and have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  That weighed heavily on me at first but with thoughts going back to all my mom and aunts had gone through, it became an easy decision….I was having surgery!  I spoke to mom’s Oncologist who recommended the perfect person to perform my Mastectomy and a great friend who had already been through the procedure introduced me to my plastic surgeon.  Together, we had the perfect team!   This was something I had to do not just for me but for my future – my kids.  I wanted to be around for them."  

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    Brought Out From Ashes to Beauty - Kelley Alsobrook

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    Our very own Host will be interviewed by Yvonne Williams, Co-Founder & President of Network For Culteral Change, for their Perpetual Conference. 

    Kelley Alsobrook was born and raised in Miami, Florida and has resided in Memphis, TN with her husband for the past fourteen years. Growing up in an abusive home was something that is known well to Mrs. Alsobrook. Being sexually, physically, and mentally abused in her youth  she came to accept this kind of treatment from a man. This abuse continued into her adult hood as she became the victim of human trafficking and domestic violence. Being disconnected from her family and being a single mother she became a very easy target for a pimp that preyed on her vulnerability. She continued in this lifestyle for approx 4 years. The guilt, shame and self loathing of this lifestyle led her into drug use as her life spiraled downward. She felt there was no hope of ever escaping. Once she escaped this torturous lifestyle she was determined to help others get through these same experiences. She is now passionate about seeing those who have been beaten, broken, battered, and bruised become whole. This was the motivation for beginning Ashes2Beauty.

  • Rising Above The Scars - Johnnetta McSwain

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    Johnnetta McSwain, *Ph.D., from the mean streets of Birmingham, Alabama to the halls of academia, and from GED to Ph.D., Johnnetta McSwain, EMMY Award Winning documentarian, “The Road Beyond Abuse”, expert in Child Sexual abuse (CSA), Child Abuse and Neglect, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Sexual Violence (SV), published author, “Rising Above the Scars”,  Life Development Coach, Program Development/ facilitator and International empowerment speaker extraordinaire tells it like it is with wit, charm & wisdom. Wearing her signature fabulous stilettos, she aids to empower and inspire individuals to move from hopelessness to hope by becoming of aware of their cycles that impede their life and take action to break them to reach their fullest potential in their life.

    Born to an alcoholic mother and an absent father, the odds were unceremoniously stacked against her .  By the innocent age of five, she was viciously raped and incessantly battered by her three uncles while in the custody of her grandparents.

    At age 17, she dropped out of high school and started a life of self-destruction, selling drugs, tricking, clubbing, & promiscuity. At age 19, she bore her first son With no baby daddy, nor a high school diploma, Johnnetta got her GED and a few temp jobs here and there. While continuing her lifestyle of clubbing 5 nights out of 7, shoplifting, & promiscuity, she bore her second son at age 26.

    7 months later, she got caught stealing at the mall  left her 7 year old son and 7 month old son in the middle of the mall parking lot, while running from the police.  While sitting in jail overnight, she decided she needed to change her life to save her boys. With no money and little knowledge about the criminal system; she was convicted with a felony and a year probation

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    Share Life - Kamekio Lewis

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    Surviving a 2 year abusive relationship fueled her passion to help other women in similar situations and motivated her to write her 1st book, "Looking for Love....In All the Wrong Places. The community support was overwhelming and she used the book as the basis to continue to bring awareness to domestic violence and wrote and produced her first Hit Stage in 2012 to a sold out crowd in Memphis, TN. Her mission is to continue to use print, publications, and plays to help bring awareness to the seriousness of domestic violence.

    Kamekio has a passion to share the love of God through ministry and fellowship with women and children. In 2009, she completed Ministry Training International has continuously worked in ministry throughout her military career in Alaska, Kansas, and now in Tennessee.

    As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, she has worked in the rehabilitation field for 10 years, helping individuals with disabilities transition.  Her passion to help others succeed is demonstrated through her countless volunteer hours and outreach ministries. She is the Executive Director of A New Day Rehabilitation & Counseling Services, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate transitional barriers and coordinate services for women and children.

    In efforts to provide housing for these families in need, A New Day has collaborated with The Share Life Community Housing Initiative, to provide a comfortable, caring, and conducive environment where women and children receive hope and healing to help get their lives back on track. Our Share Life Community is a community of passionate professionals working together to provide supportive housing, resources, and support services. Our primary population are individuals transitioning from domestic violence.


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    Chosen Advocates - Angela Graf

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    Angela Graf is the President and Founder of CAA. and an RN & Healthcare professional. Angela completed her Nursing Residency Program at St. Mary Corwin Medical Center in 2010 and received the Florence Nightingale award in 2009.  During her time at St. Mary Corwin Angela served as a Critical Care Nurse in their Intensive Care Unit and the Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Angela works for Professional Case Management (PCM) in their Denver Corporate Office as their RN Clinical Operations Coordinator. Angela also manages all clinical operations in her assigned state territories and manages the national catastrophic division for PCM. Additionally, Angela has developed a proactive empowerment skill set which has become the foundation for her drive and heart to build a Medical Rehabilitative-Restorative Facility and community for sex trafficked survivors. She is currently headed towards obtaining her Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner / Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SANE/SAFE) certifications to effectively develop a multidisciplinary Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), to be first responders in the Denver, CO based medical facility servicing recovered sex trafficked victims. 

    As a nurse leader in the health care industry, Angela has developed, and established, a network of personal and professional contacts and relationships with key community leaders and businesses. This is instrumental in raising the profile of CAA’s Medical Rehabilitative-Restorative healing center within the Denver community. Angela’s compassion to restore the broken lives of HT victims holistically, with emphasis on women and children victims of forced human trafficking, body, mind, and spirit is unrelenting as she and her team will provide optimum holistic quality services focused on the healing process to each victim that will walk through the doors of CAA’s Healing Center.