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    Enthusiastic Educator Ashanti Ruffin on LIF Talk with Cherie

    in Education

    Join me for this Special Edition on LIF Talk with Cherie as Ashanti speaks about her newest project that teaches Chemistry through animated songs and mini-lectures that breaks the information down to the most elementary level.  This new learning system will help high school students, special ed students, adults seeking to go back to school, homeschool students.  And once completed will be affordable than any traditional tutorial program and will be most convenient because it will be in the comfort of your home and could be reviewed as often as the learner would like.  If, or by faith when the project reaches beyond its original goal, steps will be made to provide tutorial DVDs for all math and sciences in K-12 education.

    Being a married mother of two sons, I am also a self-directed, enthusiastic educator of 15 years with a commitment to student development. Awards/recognitions include Teacher of the Year, maintaining EOC test scores 90-100% for 9 precedent years, and having a low achievement gap within all reporting categories of 5%. I initiated an effective alternative method of dealing with minor infractions instead of administrative referrals. I am an author of a book on closing the achievement gap that cleverly implies your students’ actions are a reflection of your attitude toward them. I am the founder/executive director of "YHWH Tutoring and Assistance", a new nonprofit organization that provides year-round assistance for transitioning 9th graders but also offer mentorship services to high schoolers with scholarship incentives to ensure on-time graduation with post secondary plans.

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    GetAtMe3PcSnack ft KevinGates, TheWeekEnd & AShanti

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight on the GetAtMe 3PcSnack man do we have a smoker.  Producer Dun Deal (just off his "Stoner" Young Thug success) has struck gold again with new artist Kevin Gates' "Amnesia" (man this is that cut).  Then we have The WeekEnd (probably the best underground online group in terms of that silent majority) and their new cut "Ur NUh" (this group is like the temptations if they all were Drake). and we wind up with a fan favorite who after so much time has passed is releasing a new single.  Ashanti's "Early In The Morning" ft French Montanna might wind up being the spring time jam.  We're at the last month off the first quarter and the spring time releases are in play.  So check out these 3 that will be in the 2nd quarter (Apr, May, June) mix.  #GetAtMe

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    Kiara Ashanti on the Willie Lawson Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Kiara Ashanti and Willie Lawson talk political strategy by conservatives and Republicans as 2014 looms large.

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    PUFF TV Morning Convo.. "Ashanti the new Gina or Nah?"

    in Entertainment

    Thank you for listening to the PUFF TV Morning Convo! If you hav any questions about the show please email us



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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ Ashanti x Mya x Jackie Christie

    in Music

    Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, actor and author Ashanti is a native of Glen Cove, Long Island. Ashanti burst onto the music scene with her 2002 smash hit, self-titled debut album "Ashanti." It landed the #1 spot on both the Billboard Top 200 and R&B album charts, selling a whopping 504,593 units in its first week. Her first week showing set a SoundScan record as the most albums sold by any debut female artist in the chart's history, granting her a spot on Guinness World Records.  With her hit song, "Foolish," Ashanti also secured the #1 top spot on SIX Billboard charts simultaneously, including Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Airplay, The Billboard 200, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks, Hot 100 Airplay, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Hot 100!  "Foolish" stayed on the Billboard charts for 11 consecutive weeks.  She made Billboard history by having her first three chart entries land in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time.

    Grammy Award Winning Artist Mýa, is celebrating 16 years in the entertainment industry as an internationally known, respected singer, songwriter, producer, dancer/choreographer, designer, actress, activist and philanthropist. Mýa released her self-titled, double platinum, debut album, Mýa, in 1998.  The album launched the then 18-year-old Mýa into the fabric of pop-culture.  Mýa featured the massively successful singles “It’s All About Me,” “Movin On” and “My First Night With You” “Ghetto Superstar” & “Take Me There.” In 2000, Mýa released her second double platinum album, Fear of Flying, featuring the hits “Case of the Ex”, “Free” and “Best of Me.” Mýa has just completed her first sci-fi film in Los Angeles, CA & is currently in the recording her new album.

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    Making fun of the future, it's fake Ashanti and more! INTERVIEW, LIVE MUSIC

    in Pop Culture

    For more interviews like this one: http://www.MrMedia.com

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Re-Air Interview with Pynk Lemonade!

    in Entertainment

    Un4gettable, Fearless and Determined to be the next top triple threat in singing, dancing, and acting these four talented Los Angeles native consisting of Brielle Angelique ,Sydney Bourne, Inaya Ashanti, and, Simone Carillo who are setting social media on fire with their trendy fashion style, hot moves and musical chemistry. Collectively they have worked with some of entertainments hottest like Dj Skrillez, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, TI, and more. Tune in Saturday, March 7th at 11am pst. with Urban Teen Magazine on blogtalkradio.com/urbanteenmagazine.

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    Welcome to the Gray Leopard Cove with Gary Norris Gray Music Box Hour

    in Sports

    This is the LOVE JONES ON THE GRAY LEOPARD COVE. The SISTERS take the stage to tonight from Gladys Knight, The Supremes, The Jones Girls, Lady T... Tina Marie, to Alica Keys and Ashanti

    Soul Tree Radio in the Raw, Pad Nation, and The Batchelor Pad and Cowboy Reggie Howell of WCLM 1450 Richmond Va., The Mighty O-ba of WUFO 1080 Buffalo New York and the 707 with the 609.

    call in 646-727-3649 with your questions and yours thoughts THIS IS A DISABLED FRIENDLY SHOW on www.blogtalkradio.com THE GRAY LEOPARD COVE THIS SAT. 1 PAC 4 EASTERN TIME


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    I was just thinking...Storytellers! Anansi, Aesop, and your Grandmother!

    in Education

    The people in my family are griots.

    A griot is a West African term for a storyteller of family, tribe, nation and cultural history. 

    A griot (/'gri.o?/; French pronunciation: ?[g?i.o]), jali or jeli (djeli or djéli in French spelling) is a West African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet and/or musician. The griot is a repository of oral tradition and is often seen as a societal leader due to his traditional position as an adviser to royal personages. As a result of the former of these two functions, he is sometimes also called a bard.

    "Though [the griot] has to know many traditional songs without error, he must also have the ability to extemporize on current events, chance incidents and the passing scene. His wit can be devastating and his knowledge of local history formidable".

    Although they are popularly known as "praise singers", griots may use their vocal expertise for gossip, satire, or political comment.

    Who do we have from our community that will have precise political commentary?

    We are hidden away from commentary that will help our people because our time in front of the fire talking to our ancestors and our elders has been eliminated and the ideas of the dominate culture that is filtered through the televisions have become our concern and our touchstone.

    Let's tell our stories and keep our culture alive!

    Friday nite 5pm pacific time or 8pm eastern time



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    in Radio

    -Show 148


    -Latest News on your Local events & Sports(Provided by Precice), Entertainment(Provided by Ladie Roc) w/ The Health tip of the day(Provided By 845’s Nubian Queen) & Horoscope(Aquarius Season) + The Careers(Jobs) Segment


    -We will honor another Black Figure for black history month.


    -Special Guest: We have an interview w/ R&B artist Maleek as he will be discussing his career working with artists like Ashanti to Wyclef Jean to LL Cool J to Neyo to many more, he’s got allot on his belt so listen up as will explain the journey he took to get here Then he steps into the booth as he will become the 1st participant of a dope R&B Roc Runna Radio In-Studio Performance.


    -Latest Music from Rockland’s finest & beyond


    -Big Vegg, Ladie Roc & Precice Hostin’


    -Roc w/ US!

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    in Education

    Our guest is Ashanti Branch, founder of the Everforward Club, addressing the challenge of dropout rates