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    Part 2 Transforming your Mindset Post-Divorce

    in Relationships

     Founder believe and live again zina Arinze is back to for part 2 to share with us valuable advice on pitfalls to avoid whilst going through what can be a traumatic and gut wrenching experience, whether you're going through a divorce, a separation or relationship breakdown. Zina will give practical, easy to implement tips that help transform your mindset from "we" to "me" as single person.If you've ever felt like you lost who you were during your marriage or relationship, then this is exactly what you need to hear.

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    Transforming your Mindset Post-Divorce

    in Relationships

    A big break up can leave you feeling lonely, confused and even scared. Whether it’s scared from not knowing how you will cope or fear from being unsure what to do with your life now; but Divorce, or any kind of relationship break-up, doesn’t have to be the end; instead you need to see it as the beginning; the start of something new with boundless opportunities. Join us live with relationship  expert   zina Arinze- founder of believe and live again  

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    SIGNS OF THE TIMES - the largest repository of talks by priests, clergy and theologians on the web. Join us for a very special presentation of excerpts from Q&A sessions and deep insights into the book, "Theology of the Body" by John Paul II. Go to www.arinzewebcast.com for full podcast.

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    The Owners of HLS Restaurant

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    Our mission is to prove that foods and beverages can be delicious and fun without sacrificing nutrition or principles. We strive to be the destination of choice for selective meat eaters and vegetarians alike by offering a menu that caters equally to both.  We pride ourselves on bringing diverse groups together in one warm and welcoming environment.  HLS: Many choices. One love.
    ­- Arinze and Emeka, Proud owners of HLS

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    Wednesday Interview - Elisabeth Espersen

    in Spirituality

    We are grateful that Elisabeth Espersen (link to bio) will be our guest with host, Ann Garner. Elisabeth is a pioneer in the Interfaith movement, co-founding the North American Interfaith Network www.nain.org. Prior to serving as Executive Director of Thanks-Giving Square www.thanksgiving.org, she was a Catholic nun. Her classic book, “Meeting in Faith” (1996) became a model and guide for Interfaith groups around the world.   Elisabeth spearheaded a five-day seminar (1999) that drew participants from 33 countries to discuss the global implications of gratitude and thankful living. World religious leaders attended the gathering, due to her gracious leadership and friendships, including the Chief Tibetan Archivist for the Dahli Lama, Archbishop of Canterbury, Imam Muzamil Siddiqi and Francis Cardinal Arinze, who walked amongst the participants as ‘men amongst men.’    
    Upon retiring from Thanks-Giving Square in 2000, she returned to upper state New York, where she continued her contemplative life style and currently serves as assistant to the pastor of a Catholic parish.    
    Elizabeth’s visionary insights include, "Today's interfaith organizations have achieved a first level of success by creating structures where diverse religious groups can overcome ignorance and fear of one another. This achievement has created excitement, awe, and gratitude among the participants. Most seem ready for a next level, though they may not know what it is."    Although Elizabeth does not consider herself a seasoned reader of The Urantia Book, she has read the book twice and will provide valuable insights from her theological perspective.

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    The Wings

    in Music

    ABA Music as represented by The Wings. Arinze was an able band leader. Spud Nathan was everybody's vocal darling. Manford Best was no less powerful on the vocals, but he combined good guitar presentation and one of the best set of compositions anyone could listen to! Listening to Manford Best's songs will make you wonder how exactly he came about his songwriting gift. The band's 'banana' album featured knock-out tunes. I called it 'banana' album because of the banana on the sleeve of their album. Simply put, everyone loved The Wings.