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    Ariel Tweto - Actress, Writer, Producer & Former Star of Flying Wild Alaska

    in Entertainment

    Ariel Tweto is an actress, writer, producer and is currently working on a number of projects including a new Realty TV Show as well as her own cartoon.  She is also involved in multiple projects relating to suicide prevention in Alaska.

    Ariel is best known for Flying Wild Alaska (2011), The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005) and Native Shorts Presented by Sundance Institute's Native American and Indigenous Program (2013).

    Ariel is also the president and a founder of non-for-profit: Popping Bubbles. Popping Bubbles came about after an interview Ariel had with CBC Radio where she discussed suicide prevention and said, "We all live in little bubbles (never leaving the village, hanging out with only certain people, not trying a new food, not being open to different ethnicities, religions, ways of life, etc.)  ...so I want to go around and pop them!"




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    Ariel Phenomenon Director Randall Nickerson

    in Movies

    A live conversation with Ariel Phenomenon Director Randall Nickerson

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    Ravens Monday (Tuesday) Night QB, Guests Include Duane Starks & Nestor Aparicio

    in Football

    Join Alan Zlotorzynski at 8:00 p.m. for the best Baltimore Ravens podcast anywhere, Ravens Monday Night Quarterback---Tuesday edition presented by The Fantasy Sports Warehouse and sponsored by Lupton’s Sports Collectibles.

    Tonight, Alan gets back to celebrating the teams 20th season in Baltimore with two very special guests. First up will be the Nestor Aparicio. Nestor, or “Nasty Nestor” as he used to be known on Baltimore airwaves, began his career in 1984 chronicling sports for The News American and The Baltimore Sun before hosting sports radio in 1992. In 1998, he purchased WNST-AM 1570 and the rest is history but there is plenty to talk about along the way. Nestor & Alan will reminisce about the days when the Ravens arrived, his career on Baltimore radio and all of Baltimore Sports. Nestor also authored two books about the Ravens Super Bowl seasons, Purple Reign I & II.

    Next up will be the Ravens 10th overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, Cornerback from the University of Miami, Duane Starks. Right away Starks was an important player in the Ravens famous defense. Recording 20 interceptions in his first four years as a Raven. He is most well-known by Raven fans by his interception for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXXV, a play that many agree ended the New York Giants small chance for a comeback.

    Alan will of course recap the Ravens loss, leading to the first 0-3 start under HC John Harbaugh. We will also look ahead to Thursday night’s pivotal showdown in the “Burgh” with Steelers.

    Also appearing on the show tonight will Chris Lupton of Lupton’s Sports Collectibles to talk about a very special autograph show and he will give his assessment of the Ravens start to the 2015 season.


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    The Quest 10. Ms. Ariel Barrett

    in Entertainment

    Here is my chat with this powerful 23 year old future leader.  We talk religion, politics, crime and  music.  Thank you Ms. Barrett for your time, and thanks to EVERYONE who supports The Quest.


    Roy Washington

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    in Culture

    ENVISION THIS: A new frontier in personal and planetary transformation

    Dr. Aurora Ariel brings her dynamic vision  to our present planetary equation in landmark discoveries from years of pioneering work in the psyche, a life altering healing system, and advanced healing protocols in neuroscience, psychology and health she developed. As a doctor and scientist, author and musician, entrepreneur and producer, mystic and healer, Aurora Juliana Ariel is a Renaissance woman for the New Millennium. Creator of The Quest, and award winning author of the Earth 2012-33 series, Aurora brings a profound understanding of the psyche and the tools to heal an ailing humanity. She has successfully healed conditions once thought incurable, irreversible or unchangeable, releasing countless individuals from life sentences of suffering.  Dr. Ariel is also a Kahuna in the Hawaiian Tradition and successor of Hawaiian Kahuna, Shaolin Grand Master Pang.

    Inspired to translate her knowledge into healing, life transforming media productions, she set up AEOS, her Hawaii based multimedia company, releasing a first 34 products in seven collections of healing inspired music, books, and audio CDs in 4 years, including her first book, Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest, which highlights The Quest as a remedy for a world in transition. A host of exciting music, books, and films are soon to follow.

    It is Aurora’s great joy to offer Soul Remedy and Global Healings for Personal and Planetary Transformation at the end of the interview. Working closely with Divine Beings on Higher Realms, her Global Healings facilitate an unprecedented personal and planetary transformation that can include healing on every level.

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    Brett Rappaport Show w/ guests Congressman Phil Roe & Ariel Cohen

    in Politics Conservative

    Congressman Phil Roe from the great state of Tennessee, 1st District will join me to discuss the critical Iran Deal and a few other pressing issues. See the link to his Congressional page here http://roe.house.gov/

    Ariel Cohen is a policy expert who has recent articles in the Washington Examiner  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/clinton-apologizes-to-supporters-transparency-is-important/article/2571639


  • GLENN APARICIO, PhD, aka Kizhe Naabe Ojibwe for “Kind-Hearted Man"

    in Spirituality

    Glenn Aparicio Parry, PhD, also given the name Kizhe Naabe (Ojibwe for “Kind-Hearted Man),” is the author of the bestselling book: Original Thinking: A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature. Parry is an educator, international speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary whose life-long passion is to reform thinking and education into a coherent, cohesive whole. The founder and past president of the SEED Institute, Parry is currently the president of the think tank: The Circle for Original Thinking. Parry organized and participated in the groundbreaking Language of Spirit Conferences from 1999 – 2011 that brought together Native and Western scientists in dialogue, moderated by Leroy Little Bear.

  • GLENN APARICIO, PhD, aka Kizhe Naabe Ojibwe for “Kind-Hearted Man"

    in Spirituality

    August 25: 8:00-9:00 pm CT. GLENN APARICIO, PhD, also given the name Kizhe Naabe (Ojibwe for “Kind-Hearted Man),” is the author of the bestselling book Original Thinking: A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature (North Atlantic Books). Parry is an educator, international speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary whose life-long passion is to reform thinking and education into a coherent, cohesive whole. The founder and past president of the SEED Institute, Parry is currently the president of the think tank: The Circle for Original Thinking. http://originalthinking.us/

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    in Sports

    Thomas "Cornflake" Lamanna joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss his upcoming fight at The Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City on December 5 against Ariel Vasquez.Cornflake talks about making his 147 debut in this fight and how he feels heading into it at the new weight.We get Lamanna's thoughts on how he rates his 2015 and what he wants to accomplish in 2016.We also talk about the Atlantic City fight scene and why it has faded since the days of Arturo Gatti.Cornflake also gives his thoughts on Canelo's win over Cotto,Fury vs Klitschko,Jacobs vs Quillin,Garcia vs Guerrero and Ronda Rousey taking her first loss to Holly Holm.

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    Archangel Haniel: Ep 2 The Archangel Series on Angel Heart Radio

    in Spirituality

    Archangel Haniel is the featured Archangel on this episode of THE ARCHANGEL SERIES. Every 2nd week  Anayah Joi Holilly - cert advanced Angel Intuitive, Angel Heart Radio founder, voice for the angels and author , Leesa Ellis - Angel specialist & intuitive  & Ros Place  author, angel communicator, & clairvoyant focus specifically on the 15 Archangels, their roles, and how you can connect and work with them in your everyday life, and your everyday needs.

    You are invited to call in  and Anayah, Leesa and Ros will help you connect with the featured Archangel, to help you  to help you personally connect and receive their loving guidance. Dial USA (347) 202 0232 

    Every 2nd week at 7pm Brisbane Australia/10pmNZ/9am UK/ 1am PTwe focus on a different Archangel. 

    This is the order the archangels will be featured: Sandalphon, Haniel, Michael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Raziel, Ariel, Raguel, Gabriel, Jeremiel, Metatron, Raphael, Chamuel, Azrael & Jophiel

    We have created beautiful Archangel Meme's free for you to use, copy, keep. share are available on our Facebook page


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    The Balance Broadcast 11/14/2015

    in Sports

    Finally a show for all FANS

    If your a fan of the game...Your a fan of the BALANCE. Become a Balance Minion today @TBalance, follow our family @ProIndy @2Hotcorner @IndyInMay 

    Fan Pages https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Balance/132589863441272 



    Its Saturday Morning

    Join host Tom Marquis and The Balance Team

    This is the ONE place where fanatics can come together and talk about their favorite teams. The Balance brings you an analytical breakdown of sports from a Fans point of view.

    We bring breaking news, commentary, scores, stats, standings, audio and highlights!

    We will provide great interviews and sound Bytes…..

    You don't wanna miss the Balance !!!