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    The Power Of The Mind

    in Christianity

    I am amazed at how the enemy focuses his efforts on our minds because we are always thinking about something so what are you thinking?

    Interestingly enough Satan has a rythmn with which he hammers away at you, His ultimate desire is to kill you however he takes pleasure in causing you to stress out, freak out, be filled with anxity or paralyzed by fear! I was really looking at my own mind and how I was thinking and whether it lined up with the word of God and learned a valuable lesson I wanted to share with you today to help you have a good mindset and positive outlook rather than the poisen the devil plants if you are not watching or careful guarding your heart and your mind.

    The Lord is love and it's powerful and the devil is a defeated and has a mission to mess with us who believe and every person on the face of the earth. So by facing your fears straaight on or whatever the enemy is trying to do to throw you into a state of panic or stress and worry or sorrow like He does to all of us we can gain the upper hand and keep the devil under our foot where he belongs by keeping the truth that sets us free!

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    ANCA Healthy Living 10-noon PST

    in Health

    Today's shows hosted by Leonora Gregory-Collura with guest host Colleen Skinner
    10am - Great show coming up today with specil guest "ANNA KENNEDY" - Anna has been a 'friend of the ANCA Family' since we all gathered here online - many, many years ago. For those who do not know Anna, she is an awesome mom, who started schools/colleges initially for her sons both of whom are on the spectrum, as is her husband. Her book 'Not Stupid' is a bestseller and she not only was the recipient of Woman of the Year Award in Great Britain, she recently was given the OBE!
    11am - Colleen Skinner, author of 'Just an Interruption' my guest host for ANCA Healthy Living continues to discuss loss, grief, fear, anxity and much more related to life and death