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    Kelly OConnell Show: Islam Conquering West

    in Politics

    As London welcomes its new mayor Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of a major European city, an uncomfortable threshold has been crossed. Because the relentless multiculturalism of Europe has finally borne it’s potentially deadly spore. That, of a European caliphate in the world heartland of natural rights, which cannot possibly be sympathetic to constitutionalism when their constituency relentlessly demand sharia Muslim law.

    Europe is capitulating to the mindless demands of the PC & Multicultural crowd who demand the oppressive traditional Christian God must stand down, while downtrodden  -- being Allahs’ people must be allowed free reign. Now, with a Muslim mayor leading the way, we see the astonishing inroads Muslims have made in the UK.

    What is behind the large leap of Islam in Britain as the Christian religion falls? The unfortunate combination of several things. First, Europe allowed former colonists to relocate to their European states. Second, these Muslims began reproducing quickly. Third, that Europeans, being highly influenced by Modernity, walked away from marriage, are not reproducing within it, and also have become skeptics when it comes to religion generally.

    With 63 million people, the UK now has 3 million Muslim. Overall, the Muslim population of England could hit 26 million by 2050. This study is repeated across Europe, with France at 7.5% and Germany 5.8%, both about 5 million Muslims. So now what will Europe do when the leaders, blindly following the PC religion, have wildly failed their populations. It’s too late to teach the adults about rights, natural law and constitutionalism. And is there any will to teach the kids, or do they just sit back and watch Sharia deform and convert the continent? So the obvious application is for America, which does not have nearly the same number, at 1%. But what are our plans? Is it the West’s fate to roll over as Islam conquers the West?

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    May Day 2016

    in Politics

    The native populations don’t exist at all in Obama’s mind. Nor does he say that the Revolution swept away racial discrimination, or that pensions and salaries for all Cubans were decreed by it before Mr. Barack Obama was 10 years old. The hateful, racist bourgeois custom of hiring strongmen to expel Black citizens from recreational centers was swept away by the Cuban Revolution - that which would go down in history for the battle against apartheid that liberated Angola, putting an end to the presence of nuclear weapons on a continent of more than a billion inhabitants.Nobody should be under the illusion that the people of this dignified and selfless country will renounce the glory, the rights, or the spiritual wealth they have gained with the development of education, science and culture.Fidel Castro Ruz

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    In Dedication to Mr. Billy Paul

    in Music

    Billy has recorded over 20 albums. The Grammy award winning “Me And Mrs. Jones” gold album and platinum single broke records worldwide. Billy continued to captivate audiences throughout the world. He toured extensively in South America and Europe. His album, “The Very Best Of Billy Paul” went double platinum in France. His latest recording, as yet untitled, will display the many musical styles of Billy Paul.  In 2008 Billy received the Congressional Recognition Of Lifetime Achievement Award in San Francisco. Billy and his wife of 44 years, Blanche, are currently in production of a reality syndicated radio show. Billy’s career has endured over fifty years, and his fans span from continent to continent. We were honored to have Billy join us on WDKK Radio for a very candid interview about his lifes work. Billy passed away Sunday, April 24th 2016.

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    THE TIME IS NOW #1 Antarctica: Continent or Ice Wall?

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to "The Time is Now" round-table discussion group hosted by Charles Holler Sr., Cathy Dunson, Jackie Evans and Bro ken (AKA Kenneth Beer).

    Our mission is to expose the lies of the enemy with The Light of Truth: The LORD Jesus Christ.

    And our purpose to prepare us all for "The Time is Now". We believe these Truths will lead all of us to a closer relationship with the only One who can prepare us for these times: Our LORD & Savior Jesus Christ.

    It is only through the Cross of Christ that True prepping can be accomplished.

    So let's prep together on each show by discussing various topics in a round-table format as we field questions from the listeners when time permits and at times fellowship with guests specializing in relevant esoteric topics.

    Our topic choices will pertain to the End Times issues we are all living in as we formulate our conclusions to The Word of God by the leading of The Holy Spirit; for these are truly The End of Days and "The Time is Now".

    So join us in Episode #1 - Antarctica: Continent or Ice Wall?


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    Out of Africa Theory Exposed|AFRICAN AMERICANS AIN'T AFRICANS

    in History

    The myth of the African-American could distinctly be contributed to the European propaganda that Indigenous American Negros and all melanin people originated in Africa and walked to every continent on earth planting melanin people. The concept that people with melanin are aboriginal on the land they were born on should not come with debate. It should not shock people that African Americans ain’t Africans, but it does. We should not be so naïve today to go along with a lie that has crippled a nation. The problem with this ‘Out of Africa’ theory is that it could be easily disproven. It is the system that creates such a fairy tale using it to oppress Indigenous Americans. When foreigners like Africans come to America, they are set up with a position or a business. The American Negro continues to be passed over for foreigners and we’re supposed to be content in that? Why was the “Out of Africa” theory created? Since its inception, what damage has been done to the Indigenous AmeR’ican community? Bring your questions, because the first step is knowing the truth. Join host, The Indigenous One Buck Wylam, Rick Moon and special guests Tuesday as they dissect and expose the “Out of Africa” theory.

    Press (1) and You're in the Cue

    Gabriel Rich of The RICH Report https://www.facebook.com/gabriel.rich1?fref=ts

    Neicey LaShelle of Mocha Masseusse 'Talk Back'

    Michael Hampton of Yesterday's Problems, Today's Issues, and Tomorrow's Future



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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to this special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our regular PANW reports with dispatches on the intensifying sanctions enacted by the United States government against the Southern African state of Zimbabwe; President Barack Obama has defended former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton against protests by Black Lives Matter forces in the U.S. while he is on a state visit to Britain; the most powerful bloc in the Egyptian parliament is aligned with the military-turned-civilian rule of the North African state President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi; and the Islamic State in Libya has been reportedly driven out of the eastern city of Derna. In the second hour we will focus on the anti-racist demonstrations which have continued in the U.S. since 2013 prompted by several high-profile killings by police and vigilantes. Finally a review of several news stories taking place on the African continent are presented in further detail.

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    Intro to PAID Africa

    in Motivation

    PAID Africa is an community based organization founded to continue the work of Marcus Mosiah Garvey by bringing Africans from the Diaspora home as much need resources for our Motherland.

    I have been blessed to be able to sit at the strategic planning table with African ministers tasked with oversight of the development of Africa. 

    Yet when you sit in a meeting at any one of the African Administrative offices (aka ministries) everyone is represented except we... Africans from the Diaspora.

    You will see government representatives from USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Japan, China, Turkey, Saudi, UN you name it.... nearly every country has an opportunity to influence public policy on the African continent, except the people who stand to benefit from their ancestral inheritance.... Africans

    I have therefore dedicated my life to providing a platform for Africans in the diaspora to come home and invest in infrastructure on the African continent.
    Pan African Investment 4 Development of Africa seeks to fill the gap by organizing Africans in the Diaspora into one solid body of development professionals committed to the upliftment of our motherland, via grassroots donations to community based projects and volunteer programs where members of the African Diaspora can serve as technical advisors to rural communities, African governments and community based organizations.
    Support our humble mission
    PAID AFRICA is here to help you develop a plan to repatriate your love, skill sets and financial resources to ensure a brighter future for Africans globally.


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    Travel Today with Peter Greenberg--World Travel & Tourism Global Summit

    in Travel

    This week, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from the 25th annual World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit in Dallas, Texas. This is the travel industry’s equivalent of the G-20. There are heads of state, foreign ministers, U.S. cabinet secretaries and CEOs from airlines, hotels, and cruise lines all in one room.

    On the show this week: James Hogan—CEO of Etihad Airways, Sean Donohue—CEO of DFW. Akel Biltaji, the mayor of Amman, Jordan, Manfrede Lefebvre, Chairman of Silversea Cruises, and legendary hotelier Raymond Bickson will also be in attendance. These guests will discuss everything from Open Skies and terrorism to hotel mergers and cruises to the Antarctic. But that’s just the beginning, as Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from Dallas, Texas and the WTTC Global Summit.

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    The Existence of Black People in the US, a Blessing or a Curse?

    in History

    Black people have been a significant part of the history of the North American continent since at least the 17th century and even before.  This long, often tortured,  painful, yet inspirational and uplifting saga of black people as chattel slaves, freedmen, and now citizens has been endlessly and alternately discussed,  analyzed, praised, condemned, mischarecterized, obssesed over, and lamented.  It is as variegated and complex a story as any in the history of mankind can possibly be.  Yet the simple existence of the people at the heart of this incredible saga as US citizens is rarely examined as to whether it is a blessing or a curse in the aggregate scheme of things.

    Join your ebullient host Sarge as we seek your thoughts and opinions on this controversial matter. The objective is to contextualize and place it into a modern day perspective.  You, our listening audience are essential to the process of vigorous interaction and debate as we seek to gain better insights into this provocative notion.  We welcome and solicit your participation.  Join us!!!


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    How do we really feel pt. 3 ( Was Homosexuality in Ancient Africa)?

    in Radio

    Is this true? The very denying of indigenous homosexuality among African cultures plays into the hands of racism.
    Gays and lesbians existed in Africa long before the Europeans. To be honest, recent examples of African homophobia are not much different from the homophobia in the United States, but what makes them noticeable is the assertion that homosexuality belongs solely to other cultures.The leaders of these anti-gay campaigns seem to share a common belief that homosexuality is somehow un-African, a vestige of European colonialism.Much of the modern anti-gay rhetoric, however, is based on Christianity, which white Europeans introduced to Africa. If African homosexuality existed freely before the Europeans, then it seems that homophobia, not homosexuality, is what the Europeans actually brought to the continent.

    Thus, anti-gay rhetoric makes the African leaders less revolutionary, and more evolutionary, as they evolve into the same prejudiced culture of their oppressors.

    The truth is, after hundreds of years of racist colonial exploitation, white people have no credibility to challenge homophobia in black Africa. That's why black leaders in Africa and America must stand up on these issues. Or are we on the side of the Christian Conservatives? Black people in America, often cling to a sense of hyper machismo to protect their pride against the memory of former slavery, imagining themselves as warriors or "soldiers". Some of us do have this spirit, but we cannot deny the diversity of our people. Homosexuals are an ancient and natural minority in human populations and are not a threat. 

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    The Rogue Researcher burns some wood with the Ancient Agenda Team

    in Radio

    I chatted with Fred,JD and Jon the other night and will say I learned some things as they did also. USOKS are global and we try to make sense of the nonsense that surrounds us and the info and research they have done and presented from the Grass Roots as we do here in the roots, on our own. They have taken the steps forward to bring their research to the public so why don't you lend an ear and give this very inetersting connection to a past we are just beginng to realize and comprehend the depths of time the Beginnings we know existed. 

     Ancient Agenda introduction from their website: http://www.ancientagenda.com/

      We are a provocative new community website, disclosing never before seen information to our ancient past - thereby setting the history books right.

      We welcome all with open arms to this quest to re-right our historical origins; we must stress however our research is on a professional level, therefore we ask everyone please keep posts and information relevant to our work. 

      We believe that our world suffered a catastrophe decimating an advanced race, which left survivors scattered to the four corners of Earth. To rebuild the once lost fabled Eden, which our research correlates. Also leading us to believe the Atlantis theory was not an island or sunken continent. but a global advanced unified civilization. Much as Earth is today and why we chose to sanctify the name.

      Our intent is to share this new found history FREELY, with all like-minded individuals. In hopes they will in turn, share their personal knowledge. To leave no stone unearthed in this quest of ancient agenda. Exposing our now corrected blueprinted history, once lost in the sands of time.