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    Atlanta as a Leader in Education

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    Show will discuss Atlanta's prominence as a national leader in k-12 education. We will discuss the achievement gap in Atlanta, retention of good teachers, and the recent leadership changes in the Atlanta public school system. This episode will focus on various factors which are responsible for the system's success and failure, and key causes for the achievement gap in the greater Atlanta region in addition to sound strategy for providing opportunities for Atlanta youth.

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    More Than Just A Good Idea: Education Research to Guide Product Development

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    More than Just a Good Idea: Education Research Guide to Product Development

    Ideas abound for new teaching methodologies, and curriculum, and each claims to be innovative and effective. Governments throughout the world fund a wealth of research into educational strategies and instructional design every year, yet we find that these communities often don’t communicate well with each other. It is not unusual for popular educational solutions to lack research into their effectiveness and how best they can be applied. Equally unusual, many educational research programs, in which curriculum is developed, never see the commercial light of day, or broad distribution.

    We will examine what educational research brings to improving products today and in the future and how publishers can take advantage of research findings to improve their offerings. 

    Host Michael Jay and our leading education thinkers will contemplate the following:

    How closely tied is today’s research programs to educational practice?
    Where are there challenges for the research community in working with commercial vendors?
    How are requirements at funding agencies changing to bring these communities closer together?
    How are our universities and research institutions working to accommodate the commercialization of products from their research?
    How can publishers reach out to the research community to improve their offerings and gain greater credibility with the educational community? 

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    Education 4 All Radio Show: LEAP into Literacy

    in Moms and Family

    Special Guest: Barbara Primm, Executive Director of LEAP, Inc. (Literacy & Education Applied with Purpose), located at: 12127 Bellefontaine Rd., Suite 16; St. Louis, MO 63138

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, 1 in 4 children grow up without learning how to read (2010).

    Tune in as Barbara shares how she assists both children and adults in overcoming challenges to literacy.  Barbara offers services in individualized tutoring, small group sessions, ACT Prep, enrichment programs, Adult Basic Education, and GED instruction.  Feel free to call in with your questions and/or comments!

    For more information, visit LEAP's website: http://www.weleap4literacy.com

    Also, contact Barbara Primm: 314-281-3228 or barbara@weleap4literacy.com


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    Science Education: The Next Generation

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    Science Education: The Next Generation

    What does it take to implement a science standard at a national level? National scale standards in the US level have been controversial and the science standards are no different. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have taken an inventive approach to describe and represent the inherently complex process of how we engage learners in making sense of the world around them.

    Science benefits from having a degree of universality like mathematics making the content somewhat less controversial than language arts or the social sciences. However, helping educators understand what it looks like to integrate those standards into their teaching, engage their students in learning and develop understanding is no small task. The NGSS delves into the process and content of science, while incorporating other standards. How is this reflected in pre-service and in-service programs that will support educators and school administrator’s practices to embrace the intent of these standards? 

    What are the expectations of publishers implementing the standard? How can educators use the standard to support their teaching methods, and how should parents expect that science teaching would look different? Join Michael Jay and guests as they discuss Science Education and how it will change science education for decades to come.

    Peter McLaren, Science and Technology Specialist, Rhode Island Department of Education
    Pat Shane, Ph.D., Executive Director, NC Science Leadership Association (NCSLA)
    Ted Willard, Program Director, National Science Teaching Association (NSTA)

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    Standards, Standards, Everywhere: The Technical Side to Education Standards

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    When someone mentions standards in education most people assume they are referring to curriculum or instructional standard. Get ready to delve into the world of technical standards that serve as the foundation of our digital offerings. We’ll take a look at a wide variety of such standards and examine how they impact your product implementation, platform support, and business development.

    For those of you who shy away from the technical, this is an opportunity to unwrap some of the jargon you hear but have been too embarrassed to ask about… xml, HTML5, APIP, Dublin Core, RDFa all sound familiar but you have no idea what they mean? Stop just nodding knowingly and learn what you need to know to engage in discussion about how to apply these standards to make the best products.

    For those propeller heads out there, we have a seat at the Table for you as well. Get up to date on the latest happenings on several different standards and join the online discussion. It’s a veritable technical feast!

    Knowledge is key to driving business and structuring your solutions so you can address the needs of your customers. Join host Michael Jay and guests as they explore the structure behind standards and answer questions such as:

    How are instructional standards continuing to evolve?
    What are the impacts instructional standards have on teaching and learning?
    What standards are used by publishers and development shops?
    What impact do standards have on my business?

    Experts and beginners alike can embrace the value of understanding more about standards, and the common misconceptions.


    1. Bethann Canada, Director of Education Information Management

    2. Jim Goodell, Senior Analyst at Quality Information Partners, Inc.

    3. Matt Howard, Manager of Digital Experience Strategy at Zaner-Bloser

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    Education 4 All Radio Show: Urban Born Literacy

    in Moms and Family

    Special Guest: Mr. Johnel Langerston, Founder & Executive Director of Urban Born, located at: 1455 East College Ave.; St. Louis, MO 63107

    "Students who are struggling to read at 3rd grade can be identified earlier, most by September or October of their Kindergarten year." (Kindergarten-tips)

    Tune in as Mr. Langerston shares how he supports students in grades 5-12 in overcoming challenges to literacy and life.  Johnel offers the following programs: 

    Pull as We Climb
    Leadership Training
    From Girlz II Women Revolution
    Mother & Daughter Brunch

    Johnel's mission and vision are so powerful that he has caught the attention and support of celebrities such as: Master P, Darius McCray, & Ryan Blair!

    Feel free to call in with your questions and/or comments!

    For more information, visit Urban Born's website: http://www.urbanborn.org

    Also, contact Urban Born at: 314-383-0199 or Johnel@urbanborn.org


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    Education 4 All Radio Show: Your Child & Next Semester, What You Need To Know

    in Moms and Family

    Parents, learn tips to...

    evaluate your child's transcript.
    help your child maintain or increase his/her grades & grade point average (GPA).
    prepare your child for prom, graduation, & summer.
    prepare your child for college
    prepare your child's siblings and yourself for when your child leaves for college.

    Things to consider...

    Being proactive
    Including others
    School resources
    Your Faith & Church
    Your Family's needs
    Your Family's future


    Remember to register for Education 4 All's Holiday Business Networking Event: Sat., Dec. 20, from 10:00am - 12noon @ LEAP Literacy Center (12127 Bellefontaine Rd., Suite 16; St. Louis, MO 63138)

    $10 registration includes: Contental Breakfast, 1-hour e-mail marketing workshop w/Constant Contact Representative Barry, and Networking

    Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/holiday-business-networking-event-december-20-2014-tickets-14054237603

    Or call: 314-397-8757


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    Resistance and Protest in Education

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    Protest and resistance have been grassroots tools that communities use to create systemic change. Today, protests in education are demanding common-sense approaches to education and education reform. Students, parents and families, teachers are banding together in cities across the country in protest of, among other things, school discipline policies and practices, teacher evaluation rubrics, and standardized tests.

    My guest, Jesse Hagopian, is a history teacher at Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington. Jesse recently organized his fellow teachers at Garfield and other Seattle schools and refused to administer the state standardized test, the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress). This boycott has led to several other local efforts to resist the national push to test public-school students, rather than provide meaningful, teacher-developed assessment. Jesse will talk to us about the MAP boycott and about how it fits in the larger picture of resistance and protest in education.

    Host Allison R. Brown is a civil rights attorney and President of Allison Brown Consulting (ABC), which works with schools and non-profit organizations to create education equity plans and promote equity in education in compliance with federal civil rights law.

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    "New Heights Show on Education" American vs. Foreign Education System

    in Education

    This week, I will be having Isaac Moffett on the show to discuss the contract between American schools and Foreign schools. He is currently the host of a podcast "The Great Education Struggle" and an expert on the topic. We will be covering the difference in curriculum, the American standards of common core, and why American students are outperformed by foreigners when the U.S. government spends around $12,000 per student each year.

    Isaac Moffett's Podcast: http://www.thegreateducationstruggle.com/

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include assisting families in the selection of schools, organization of educational activities, and acquisition of materials. We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.

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    Education that is Multicultural

    in Education

    In this episode we will discuss the fundamentals of Multicultural Education.

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