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    THE BLACK ILLUMINATI (mysteries of the Qabala) ft Bro. AA Rashid-The Qabala God

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    Transmitting live from the center of the Primordial Black Dot....Amun-Ra & His Company of Gods & Goddesses return shining light on the Higher Degrees of Ancestral Magick. Materializing on the scene we welcome the Honorable Bro. AA Rashid aka the QABALA GOD! AA is going to help break the spell of ignorance by breaking down the facts on "The Illuminati" & the magick of The Qabala. He will also answer the question: "Who are the Black Illuminati?" So make sure you have pen & pad in hand..cause the God is going to GO IN!!! And Oh Yeah...The God got Barz too! We will also listen to some of his musical transmissions. HTP/PEACE!  

    In Cosmic Harmony.....Ba Ayi Amun



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    THE SCIENCE OF THE ANKH ft The Ghetto Shaman

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    HTP/PEACE to the Gods & Goddesses! You're now in TUNE with Pure Energy Transmissions. Amun-Ra & His Company of Gods & Goddesses are back to transmitt Pure Light Frequencies on THE SCIENCE OF THE ANKH. This ancient symbol/tool/talisman has many different purposes. Tonight we will expound on those purposes. Also joining the NTRS(gods & goddesses) is The G.H.E.T.T.O. Shaman. (Master jeweler, music producer, emcee, spiritual Shaman ) The Shaman is going to deliver enlightening information on the mystical & misunderstood symbol. 

    Also we are welcoming our new co-host The Goddess YEYE. YeYe's Body of Knowledge is a heterogenus educator sharing journalistic research from a historical perspective. . .  presenting privileged information to actualize informed decisions. A graduate from Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts recieving a Bachelor of Science in Humanities with an emphasis on Research. This Goddess will definitely connect with your soul. 


    In Cosmic Harmony....Ba-Ayi-Amun 


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     IT'S THE RETURN OF "DIMENSIONAL SHIFT MUSIC TRANSMISSIONS" (Pure Green Light Frequencies) 6-15-14 sun 9p-10p Amun-Ra will be joined by 2 master alchemists: Djehwti Khepra Awsar-El -Producer for the Wu-Tang affiliate group HARLEM 6 http://artistecard.com/djehwtiawsar & Tariq SoundRight El- Producer/artist of Soundright Music Internationalhttp://www.reverbnation.com/tariql Both producers create on behalf of the Green Healing Light! Also eye will be transmitting hip-hop music from others that are affiliated or travel the path thru the Order of Melchizedek. Tune In! Dedicated to All those on the path of Higher Consciousness!  

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    Artist interview with Amun Ra

    in Education

    We back with the Theory of Everything Show. After a long hiatus as a service to the community we return for a ground breaking interview with a equally ground breaking artist Amun Ra.

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    THE SCIENCE OF HIP-HOP ft The Black Dot

    in Spirituality

    HTP, PEACE & BLESSINGS TO ALL! You are now in tune with Pure Energy Transmissions.  Travel with Amun and the Starseeds thru the ethers on another enlightening experience.  The Gods & Goddesses are accompanied by the Hip-Hop Scientist "THE BLACK DOT".  Not only is Black Dot a writer, author, poet & emcee but he's also a Hip-Hop Legend &  master metaphysician. He will be breaking down the science of Hip-Hop & discussing information from his book HIP-HOP DECODED. 

    This Transmissions is for all of those who love pure Hip-Hop music and want to reclaim our great culture! 


    EACH 1, TEACH 9

    Ba Ayi Amun (soul of the divine hidden one) 






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    THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK ft High Priest Radael Ptah

    in Spirituality

    AMUN-RA & HIS COMPANY OF GODS & GODDESSES (Melanated Consciousness on a Higher Frequecy-with Hip-Hop Vibe)

    Peace & Blessings to ALL IN TUNE & to ALL TUNING IN. Amun & the Ntrs(gods & goddesses) will be communicating with the Elder High Priest Radael Ptah. Take a trip thru the worm hole/star gate with us as we journey back thru time then back to the future. The High Priest will be transmitting enlightening information about the Original Order of Melchizedek. 

    Dedicated to ALL you light workers, starseeds, dna reactivators & messengers of Re/Ra! This show is for you. THE TIME IS NOW!!!





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    Greetings & welcome to another meeting of the minds. Amun-Ra & His Company of Gods & Goddesses share & learn about Energy Healing. Tonight the Light Workers are accompanied by the Goddess, Ra Sekhie Energy Healer, Ambassador of Wellness, Priestess & Spiritual Warrior- NIA YAA. The Goddess will expound on her energy healing technique Ra Sekhie Energy Healing.  

    Tune in to an interesting & enlightening show. Let's all learn together. Each 1, Teach 9.



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    AMUN-RA & HIS COMPANY OF GODS & GODDESSES           (melanated consciousness on a higher frequency with a hip-hop vibe)

    Join Amun-Ra & the panel of Enlightened Star Seeds as they break down the system of White Supremacy and how it has  infiltrated the Hip-Hop Culture. Higher Infinite Power - Healing Our People

    The Gods & Goddesses are accompanied by Hip-Hop Legend, The Minister of Information: PROFESSOR GRIFF of the world renowned group PUBLIC ENEMY. Tune in to an exciting and informative show! The Rebel Without a Pause is definitely going to FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE with insightful and mind altering information. You don't want to miss this transmission! 



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    MELANIN POWER ft Amir Bey & Naazir Alim Bey

    in Spirituality

    Htp/Peace to all you enlightened Supreme Melanated Beings! Tonight we are going to travel thru the worm hole into triple stage darkness. 6 ELECTRONS, 6 PROTONS & 6 NEUTRONS = MELANIN.

    Tonight we welcome Naazir Alim Bey (Film Director) & Amir Bey (Ceo of A. Bey Management) The Gods are bringing forth the film documentary "MELANIN THE GOD PARTICLE". 

    "There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the study of melanin. Some scientist say that melanin is only responsible for the skin pigmentation while others claim that it is a lot more to than that. There are many theories associated with melanin by scholars, such as melanin allowing people of color to receive sound in its fullness, allowing them to see colors in its fullness, allowing them to develop spiritually at a much faster rate, and the claim that diamonds are a result of melanin and carbon fusing together just to name a few. There are also startling claims that suggest that people of color organs are being stolen from their graves to use the melanin in which they have. Its been said that people of color organs are in very high demand. Could this possibly be true? Many melanin scholars claim that melanin is a superconductor and that it absorbs all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. They claim  It can convert sound energy to light energy reversibly and that it can function as a minicomputer to process information. This film will examine each and every theory associated with melanin. We will examine what melanin is, why is it so important to human existence, and why the science of melanin is being hidden from the general population. We have some of the top metaphysical teachers apart of the film including but not limited to Dr. Phil Valentine, Taj Tariq Bey, Dr. Supreme Understanding,and more."  


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    CRYSTAL POWER 2 ft Ras Ben

    in Spirituality

    AMUN-RA & HIS COMPANY OF GODS & GODDESSES                       (Melanated Consciousness On a Higher Frequency with a Hip-Hop Vibe)

    Due to the overwhelming downloads of the 1st Crystal Power show we decided to bless yall once again with another transmission on Crystals & Gemstones!  Join us as we travel through the worm hole/star gate & build with the Crystal Master Ras Ben. If you enjoyed the 1st show you are going to LOVE this one! The God is also going to enlighten us with a special 4/20 message. 



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    THE TIME IS NOW! (Rise of the Super Herus) ft Red & Blue Pills

    in Spirituality

    The Time is Now for you to rise into your higher selves! To become in tuned with the true you. This transmission is transmitted to open your chakras & energize you down to the molecular cellular level. DNA REACTIVATION!!! 

    We are accompanied by two Pillars of the Conscious Community: Red & Blue Pills. These brothers have dedicated their lives to educate & reactivate our people. Tonight we will build on the future of our Supreme Melanated race.  We also challange you to stand up as Gods & Goddesses and reclaim your Divine Birthright as the original caretakers of the planet!  THE TIME IS NOW!!!


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