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    Don Graham & Marshall Dane

    in Country Music

    Don Graham and Marshall Dane - Together Again For the First Time!

    Don Graham is a veteran country singer/songwriter having spent over four decades perfecting his craft. He has performed globally, picking up friends and fans around the world. Don was signed in the early days to Irving Almo Music to a writers deal by the legendary Brian Chater, resulting in him relocating from his hometown of Montreal to Toronto. Don now spends his time performing at select venues, while also travelling to showcase at places like the Nashville Palace in Tennessee, a private party during MIDEM in Cannes, France and appearing on the pilot for a video show hosted by Dave Woods.

    Marshall Dane was born in Southern Ontario and brought up on music, with a preacher Dad who played guitar and a musical Mum who played piano. Playing his first solo gig at age fifteen for thirty-five bucks and a plate of cheesecake, Marshall tried working in a band before eventually taking fate in to his own hands in 2008, heading down to Nashville for a master-class in composing country songs. Playing in bars and clubs as a solo singer and with a touring band has given him his fair share of stories and insights – great for writing songs. But when it comes to cooking up a tune, Marshall admits that his parents’ spiritual upbringing permeates his writing, with themes of love, home and kindness appearing throughout his songs.

    Don and Marshall will be performing their show - Don Graham and Marshall Dane - Together Again For the First Time! - on November 26th at Musideum in Toronto.

    Tune in to hear this dynamic duo tell stories, tell jokes and share songs on this special episode of In The Country.

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    in Entertainment

    From 'Anytime,' Wheel in the Sky,' & 'Winds of March,' which were composed for the Infinity akbum while he was with Journey in 1977, to Robert's 'Look at the Dream' which is a powerful recent album that focuses on the strengths and artistic talents of Robert Fleischman and his interests now, Fleischman has lived and travelled the internationjal musicians' life and is a prodigious composer of songs, TV and Film soundtracks and was associated with Almo Irving Publishing. Robert Fleischman sums up his musicalm approach in this way: "I think of myself as a songwriter more than anything and of course i like recording my own material. Every album I have done recently had been different from the others and that is because I like yo gom in and record what6ever bI am feeling at the moment. I am fortunate that my songwriting career has given me the freedom to do that."                      

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    Live Your Music - Margaux and Guests Stephen Sea and Tricia Greenwood 04/08/15

    in Lifestyle

    My guests for 04/08/15 are Stephen Sea and Tricia Greenwood.

    Stephen Sea began his music career at age five when he and his brothers Michael, Roy, and Frank began performing as a band. Later, when working as a session musician in Los Angeles, he began composing scores for films. As a music producer and session musician Stephen has served industry majors including Motown, Elektra, Warner Brothers, RCA, Chrysalis, 20th Century Fox Music, CBS Songs, A&M, Almo/Moss Publishing, United Artists Publishing, and more.

    Known for his "radio-friendly" approach to music composition and production, Stephen Sea brings a history to the label that includes film, television, multimedia soundtracks and scoring.

    Tricia Greenwood is a solo artist, musician, guitar player, vocalist and film maker. She began her music career in 2003 with her first album, No Fear in Love. 

    Tricia expresses her thoughts and feelings about love and loss and hopes to comfort and inspire others with her songs. Tricia’s lyrics poetically express her deepest feelings of victory over circumstances.

    Tricia has currently been working with Stephen Sea on her latest song release Soul Harmony which includes an animated music video for kids of all ages and cultures. Tricia is also working on new music to be released in her upcoming 2016 documentary Shout of Faith that includes an on film interview with Paul Zollo, author of Songwriters on Songwriting.

    During the show you'll get to hear their new song, Soul Harmony.

    To connect with Stephen Sea and Tricia Greenwood online, please visit there website: www.heartspeakmusic.com

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    Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent for Internal Audit-Sandra Alamo

    in Business

    Sandra Almo, Director of Internal Audit at Clean Energy, shares her insight about how to attract and retain top Internal Audit professionals.  Clean Energy is the largest provider of natural gas fuel for transportation in North America.  Sandra has nearly twenty years of experience in the Internal Audit field, serving as Assistant Internal Audit Director with Volt Information Services and Senior Manager with Ernst & Young.  Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from USC.

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    Part 2-African Holistic Health - The Overlooked Revolution

    in Health

    African Holistic Heath, by Dr. Llaila O. Africka is the first major book which addresses health issues from a comprehensive African-centered viewpoint.  It provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homepathic disease treatments. What makes African Holistic Health truly unique is the research Dr. Afrika has provided on the physiological and psychological differences between people of African descent versus people of European descent.  In addition Dr. Afrika provides a complete history (from the ninth century to the eighteenth century) of the European herb trade and why Europe invaded Africa for healing plants.  Finally, he concludes by detailing how European diseases defeated ancient Africa.                                          African Holistic Heath helps you learn about holistic sex laws, self diagnosis, disease treatments, the danger of commercial foods and much more.  But the most important lesson learned in this book is the concept of holistic health.                                                                                          African Holistic Health is written from an African-centered viewpoint and appropriately condems European commercialism, people ofEuropean descent as well as people of African descent will find that this book is the key to healing their bodies. All people regardless ofnationality, can use African Holistic Health as a reference guide to healthy living.

    For information regarding Heath products go to :

    Healthisalwayswealth dot com   Call 888-338-2508 

    Email babawesleygray @ Gmail dot com