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    Staging Your Albuquerque Home

    in Real Estate

    Home Stager Tessa Skeens will be our guest this week. Tessa has recently moved to Albuquerque from Santa Fe and brings with her a wealth of experience in the real estate industry. She's been a licensed Realtor, an advertising art director and creative director for a real estate technology company.
    We'll be talking about why stage your home, how it can help a house sell faster and for more money.
    Visit Tessa's Interior design and home staging website to learn more about this week's guest on the Albuquerque real estate show. 
    Missed the show? You can listen on demand or visit my Albuquerque Real Estate Blog for notes on the show.

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    Albuquerque Property Management

    in Real Estate

    Karie Taylor of Venture Realty Group's Property Management division will be our special guest this week. We'll talk about the condition of the Albuquerque rental market as well as the pros and cons of renting out a home versus selling in today's challenging real estate market. 
    For more info about Property Management in Albuquerque visit Venture Realty Group's website http://www.venturerentals.com.
    Please to read more about Albuquerque real estate please visit my blog at http://www.albuquerquerealestatebuzz.com.

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    New Home Construction in NW Albuquerque

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    New home construction is picking up again in NW Albuquerque,but it's not only the big production builders like Pulte and DR Horton who are breaking ground, there's a local builder who's been making a big splash too. 
    This week on the Albuquerque Real Estate show I'll be talking with Mackenzie Bishop of locally owned Abrazo Homes. We'll be talking about some of the unique features of Abrazo homes like the Home Automation System which allows you to control your home's lighting, heating  and cooling from your iPad. We'll also talk about their sensible home design and what smart square footage is.
    Please join me, Rich Cederberg of Venture Realty, and Patsy Bailey of WestStar Mortgage this Wednesday at 9:00AM or listen on demand as we talk about New Home Construction in NW Albuquerque.

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    Buying an Albuquerque Home: Getting from Contract to Close

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of the Albuquerque Real Estate Show we'll be talking about the steps that are required to get you from contract to close on your Albuquerque Home. We'll cover information about home inspections, about the appraisal process and about the title process, all important steps to understand when you're buying a home.
    Join me, Rich Cederberg, Venture Realty Group and Patsy Bailey, WestStar Mortgage to learn more.

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    Albuquerque/West Mesa Murders/West Mesa Bone Collector(s)

    in News


    Police suspect that the bodies were all buried by the same person or persons, and may be the work of a serial killer sometimes referred to as the West Mesa Bone Collector. Authorities also believe that the murders are closely linked to the annual state fair, which attracts large numbers of prostitutes to the area in the fall.

    Two men who initially attracted police attention in connection with the murders were Fred Reynolds and Lorenzo Montoya. Reynolds was a pimp who knew one of the missing women and reportedly had photos of missing prostitutes; he died of natural causes in January 2009. Lorenzo Montoya lived less than two miles from the burial site; in 2006 there were reportedly tire tracks leading from his trailer to the site. In December 2006, Montoya strangled a teenage prostitute at his trailer; he was shot to death by the prostitute's boyfriend

     A Woman thats very concern with missing people in the Albuquerque New Mexico area and what she believes happened to the missing women that society has forgotten about. Well she is here to remind us and to shed some light on what really went down, who is involved and who should be sitting in jail as a convicted serial killer(s).

    This persons Identity will not be given to protect her.





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    This was not a conversation we had. It was one of us waiting on the other and not having a show. It's not about Albuquerque, neither is it worth your time.

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    Balloons, buttes, and blue skies are among the myriad of reasons Albuquerque sends a siren call to prospective visitors. Hear more from Megan Mayo Ryan at 8p EDT on Oct. 31via iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    @AVandSeanShow #80 - It's a wild world with Special Guest Jeff Holland!

    in Entertainment

    Tune in at 8PM EST this Friday 8/28 as we return on the airwaves to discuss news of the week, crazy stories and much more!

    Plus we are talking with Albuquerque's own Jeff Holland about his music, work in the community, anything else on his mind!

    All this and your phone calls!

    That's LIVE this Friday night 8/28 at 8PM EST!

    Call us up (619)924-0762

    tweet us @AVandSeanShow

    or follow us on Facebook!

    Check out the Mothership site where you can listen to this show as well as others on the Intestinal Fortitude Radio Network!

  • Episode 58 | August 28, 2015: Finding Tyler Matzek

    in Sports

    In as rambling and incoherent of an episode of the PDP as we can recall (just kidding, that's every episode), we've got a whole lot of topics on tap. First and foremost is our conversation with Rockies pitcher Tyler Matzek who is back with the Triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes and having success with a clear mind on the mound. We talk with Tyler about his hiatus, his new mental approach and what it's like to be yelled at by the lady who lives in Walter White's house in Albuquerque.

    Plus Tyler and Anthony dive into how long it's been since the Rockies won back-to-back games at Atlanta and some other things possibly related to Rockies baseball.


    in Radio

    B i o g r a p h y

    Ryan Montaño is Jazz's newest star:

    Trumpeter, songwriter and movie actor with a role in Ethan Hawke's latest release "Good Kill", Ryan is a multi talented performer who also recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, backing The Hanson Brothers.

    Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ryan Montaño is much more than just Jazz or smooth jazz for that matter. We could say it's fair to illustrate Ryan Montaño's style as being more instrumental pop than smooth jazz.

    Ryan Montaño's Influences are everyone from Chet Baker to Celia Cruz. His style has been described as Chet Baker meets Chris Botti meets Coldplay.

    If you find yourself attending a Ryan Montaño performance, you will hear everything from an instrumental version of 'Shake your body', a latin jazz version of 'Just the two of us' by Bill Withers, all the way to Ryan's very own Billboard chart topping song, "I'd Like That'.

    With solid technique, jazz sensibilities and emotive songwriting, Ryan Montaño’s sound is a captivating fusion of jazz, folk, blues and singer-songwriting style never before heard from any trumpeter or instrumental artist.

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    Get angel reading and learn how to activate light energy in your body

    in Spirituality

    Diana practiced as a Registered Nurse for 30 years. She studied natural healing, obtaining a BS and MS then graduated with honors as a Dr.of Naturopathy in 2000. She later became a holistic nurse.

    Diana is also an energy vitality technique practitioner, from soma energetics, which to Diana, is at the basics of sound healing, clearing of the chakras and the energy body. The solfeggio scale tuning forks, angel otto and om forks are used in the therapeutic sessions.

    Diana has also been reading cards off and on most of her life and now has her first Angel deck. This started when she was taking basic herbal classes and astrology classes  from an herb shop in Albuquerque NM in the

    Diana started in the 60s while a teen ager reading books that T. Lobsang Rampa, Ruth Montgumery and Edgar Cayce wrote. She had a NDE at 4 years of age in which she came back asking people what was wrong with them and told them that her humpty dumpty, herself, and Jesus could put them back together again. This was all in a family that did not accept her love of healing and knowing that we were supposed to be like Jesus.

    Diana will speak about some new energies that she has shifted through and the newest technique for bringing yourself back to intuition after straining at a computer which disconnects. She calls what comes through her Quantum Neuro as in her teaching about the lightbody she is now adding the neurons. There is so much we need to know that really is simple to keep our lightbody activated, she claims.

    Diana has been part of waking up folks to their light body activation for 5 years. She talked about the heartbeats in every cell and bringing in the pyramid from the sun on a show  in 2011, October that she did before she left to live on the road and develop her own light in 2011.

    For past life regression or free life coaching session, call David at 315-478-1086