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    The Afterburners: Winnipeg Jets podcast - Dec 11, 2013

    in Hockey

    Your favourite bloggers are back for more with new guests. Tune to hear the ramblings of the most handsome fanboy hacks in the game. Special guest Melissa Martin (Winnipeg Free Press) will join the cast to talk about the 2016 Heritage Classic, the play of Mark Scheifele and Jacob Trouba and much more. 

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    The Afterburners: Winnipeg Jets podcast - Jan 6, 2014

    in Hockey

    Dejan Kovacevic lit up the Winnpeg Jets on local radio this afternoon bringing their lack of system and a roster that resembles that of the Calgary Flames into question. Sexy Justin, Garret and Terrel will dive into the fodder to discuss the present and future of the team with the possibility of advanced stats making an appearance. 

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    The Afterburners: Winnipeg Jets podcast - Nov 26, 2013

    in Hockey

    An SB Nation blog, Arctic Ice Hockey provides Winnipeg Jets fans with insightful coverage of their favourite team. In our inaugural episode, Justin, TJ, Terrel and Travis (JetsNation.ca) discuss their thought on Jets' head coach Claude Noel and the status of the team moving foward. 

    Be sure to contact them via Twitter, email or by calling in as zany hijynx are sure to be had. 

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    4th of July, Kickin' in the Afterburners!

    in Military

    4th of July. The Night After. Did you have Fun? As in, Did you Get to have Any fun? Are these Fireworks Bans getting just a Little out of Control?

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    The great thing about community broadband marketing is…it works!

    in Internet

    Many communities must understand that, without a well-crafted and executed creative marketing strategy, their broadband networks will have limited success. This is particularly true in states such as North Carolina that have a hostile political climate for public networks. Salisbury, NC has held their own for four years, but plans to turn on the marketing afterburners to accelerate their growth and impact on the community.

    Salisbury Mayor Paul Woodson and Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Blackwell present constituents and listeners with details on some of their marketing ideas. The city launched its Fibrant fiber network in 2010 and has steadily increased its subscriber base in the face of stiff incumbent opposition. They recently upgraded Fibrant to 1 gigabit per second service, which they expect will improve economic development, healthcare service delivery, education and government services.   

    City leaders see their marketing efforts moving forward on two fronts: 1) increasing marketing messages that educate various constituencies about the benefits of gigabit services, and 2) raising Salisbury's national profile as a forward-looking gig city that is a center of innovation. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem describe several of Fibrant's past marketing successes, and provide other community broadband teams with advice on how to market effectively against well-financed adversaries.   

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    Jessica Wade - North Georgia Kids Directory

    in Social Networking

    Jessica Wade bought an existing, but very new Kids’ directory publication a little over a year ago that will one day cover all of Northeast Georgia. Although she had previous working experience with the Kids’ Directory, Jessica paid the price of not having hands on business experience. She had severe financial setbacks as the business she purchased wasn't in the shape she thought both financially and how it was perceived in the community in addition to making business decisions too quickly and without enough research. She had a couple of choices and one of them was to throw in the towel. Jessica didn't do that. Instead, she turned on the afterburners and re-charged her business, her brand, and in so doing herself. Listen as we talk to Jessica Wade about the journey that she has made. She is an inspiration to everyone, but especially when you consider the fact that she is a work at home mother of 3. Find out how social media has made so many differences for her Kids’ directory and how people now recognize her from her laugh alone. This is going to be a great hour and if you have questions, my advice is go get on early. I am actually thinking that the lines will be packed. But even if you don't get on, listen to her amazing story and be inspired. Jessica’s work experience and passion for moms in the community ensures that each advertiser receives the best awareness possible and the dad's/mom's who receive it get the most comprehensive community guide possible! Jessica’s passion is helping moms and families, and with the Kids’ Directory she can do just that!