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    Shaping Special Hearts: Making Worship Accessible & Inclusive

    in Religion

    Ever felt that incorporating people with special needs in worship was impossible or maybe just too big a challenge for your church to face? Good news - you don't have to do it alone!

    Join host Vangie Rodenbeck as she interviews special guest Barbara J. Newman from CLC Network about her new book Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship. Learn steps and strategies for finding common ground when learning how to include people with different abilities in our worship settings. Hear Barbara uncover some principles that reveal how accessible the gospel message can really be. Then, listen as we break down worship into habits of a community that anyone can fully participate in - regardless of their abilities.

    Barbara J. Newman is a church and school consultant for CLC Network. She is the author of several books and is a frequent national speaker at educational conferences and churches. In addition to writing and speaking, Barb enjoys working in her classroom at Zeeland Christian School.

    Vangie Rodenbeck began her journey in special needs advocacy when her son, Noah, was diagnosed with autism at age four; the same year she also began full-time ministry to children. Through efforts to create a place where her son could learn about God, special needs advocacy and ministry became one and the same. Vangie has a B.S. in Christian Ministry and an M.A. in Contemporary Theology. Her thesis project, “Disability and the Image of God”, continued her desire to meld theology, practical ministry, and disability advocacy. She also serves as the Director of Resources for PURE Ministries. Vangie lives and ministers in Meridian, Idaho.





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    INNERSIGHT FREEDOM FOUNDATION -Demand that the gov't and agencies make things accessible immediately

    in Self Help


    INNERSIGHT FREEDOM FOUNDATION - We demand that the government and agencies make things totally accessible immediately! 



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    Addressing the needs of every learner: A look at developing Born Accessible

    in Education

    A considerable amount of time has been spent by publishers on developing educational resources that address different learning styles, making sure that the needs of every child is met. Without pointing fingers, the core issue of ensuring that all learners can engage meaningfully with educational resources has been an after thought. Learners with disabilities need to have access to not just text but also images, interactive simulations, and a variety of manipulatives. While Section 508 dictates that all users regardless of their disability must have access to educational assets this seems to be treated as a recommendation and not a requirement. In this show we will explore ways to architect solutions from early in the development process to address the needs of all learners.

    Guests at the table:

    George Kerscher, Secretary General at  DAISY Consortium
    Robin Seaman, Director of Content at Benetech
    Clayton Lewis, Professor of Computer Science at University of Colorado, Boulder

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    New Vibrations, Fresh, Energetic, Informative and Accessible

    in Current Events

    4TLOMP (FOR THE LOVE OF MY PEOPLE) is back tonight from 7-8PM. Our main topics: Republican Canidate Ben Carson, Violence/Planned recourse by Police Commissioner, Pending Supreme Court Nomination, Philly News, The Oscars, Poetry Place, Clips from the Caliph, Status of Your Community Health Clinic and so much more!

    Balitmore and the World Wide Web over, we want to hear from you! It is your voice that makes the difference to us.  To talk please dial: 646-668-2962 and press "1" and                 to listen simply dial 646-668-2962. To connect online go to blogtalkradio.com/4tlomp or you can email us your comments, questions, etc to 4tlomp@gmail.com.

    We look forward to our experice with you tonight. Thank you!!!

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    Let's go to the Show! Accessible Theater

    in Education

    New York City has the best theater in the world. But what if your vision is poor? Does that mean you can't enjoy Shakespeare, musical extravaganzas or even some hip new off-Broadway show? Not according to Andrea Day. 

    Day is an audio describer. She works in theaters in New York and on the West Coast, describing what happens on stage. She tells us what it's like to be just one step ahead of the action.

    But first we speak to Lisa Carling, the director of Theatre Development Fund's accessibility programs. She decribes TDF's many programs for people who are hard of hearing or have vision impairments. TDF also has programming devoted to especially to families with autistic children. She also reveals how technology is transforming theater--making it more accessible to every kind of audience. 

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    Accessible Astronomy: Reach for the Stars

    in Education

    Dr. Elena Sabbi's inspiration for accessible astronomy books occured after she hired a visually impaired intern. Dr. Sabbi works at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Her new book Reach for the Stars is a free e-book is designed to be accessible for people with visual and reading impairments. She describes the book as well as her fascinating work researching star formation in the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellenic Cloud.

    After that, we talk with David Gaynes, the director and producer of the film, Saving Hubble. This remarkable film gives us insight into how the telescope has changed how we think about science and our place in the universe.

  • Accessible Travel Specialist Tarita Davenock CEO of Taritas Travel Connections

    in Self Help

    Tarita Was a Social Worker and on the advice of her Neurologist, she  changed careers.  She  has  traveled the world and when  she  saw an advert in the local paper for a position as a ‘well- traveled people person’  she  had coffee with the owner & was hired on the spot.  She learned all about the nitty and gritty of booking travel; however, after 15 years . She started my own company. MS affected how she traveled and saw that this demographic of travelers was not being serviced well.  She knew that it was perhaps her calling to become someone who helped people with varied disabilities to travel the world. Nineteen years later,  she is  known as the Accessible Travel Guru, Host a Global radio show called ‘ThisABILITY’ and have partnered with the Accessible Travel Manager at the iconic Lonely Planet and he and  her  will be visiting places in the world and recording a travel show. The show is catered to seniors and those with a disability to see and learn about how ‘inclusive’ the world is becoming. They are   scheduled to visit the Caribbean, Spain, South Africa, Estonia, The Baltics and are in the process of confirming other destinations! It is an ‘Access Revolution’ for wheelchair users.  

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    Accessible Technology and the ADA with Attorney William Goren

    in Culture

    Attorney William Goren returns to PA Independent Living Radio Show to talk about accessible technology and the ADA. We'll talk about the many questions regarding accessible digital devices and their applications - and what the ADA says about requirements for their accessability to individuals with disability. 

    Are private brick and mortar and web based businesses required to have accessible websites? What about thrid party websites, often called software as a service, and the applications a website is linked to? If you can't use a website due to disability, do you still qualify for web based discounts on products and services? These are just some of the many interesting questions to be discussed on the horizon of the digital landscape.

    Don't miss this episode!

    William Goren is one of the country’s foremost authorities on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For more than 20 years, he has been advising on ADA compliance as both an attorney and professor. He is the author of Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fourth Edition, penned numerous other articles on the rights of persons with disabilities and publishes a blog — an ABA Top 100 Legal Blawg for 2014 — on current topics related to ADA compliance.

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you Fridays at 12:00 pm EDT by The Arc of Luzerne County. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

    Visit PA Disability News to stay up to date on news and events of interest to the PA disability community. Thanks for listening!

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    Access Astrology May 4, 2016

    in Current Events

    Three astrologers, Heather Roan Robbins, Mark Wolz and Anne Ortelee combine their talents to make real astrology accessible through information-packed, entertaining and interactive weekly talks which are meaningful, useful and fun. We know astrology is a great tool to make the most out of life, love, and this moment in time, and want to share it with you. For more detail, please see our bios and individual websites: www.dharmarising.com for Mark Wolz, www.astroanne.com for Anne Ortelee and www.roanrobbins.com for Heather Roan Robbins.

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    Raja Yoga Meditation with Sister Jenna & Sister Gita on America Meditating Radio

    in Self Help

    Tune in as Sister Jenna and Sister Gita from the America Meditating Radio Show discuss the benefits of Raja Yoga Meditation. Raja Yoga meditation is a form of meditation that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. It is a meditation without rituals or mantras and can be practiced anywhere at any time. Raja Yoga meditation is practiced with 'open eyes', which makes this method of meditation versatile, simple and easy to practice. Meditation is a state of being in that place just beyond every day consciousness, which is where spiritual empowerment begins. Spiritual awareness gives us the power to choose good and positive thoughts over those which are negative and wasteful. We start to respond to situations, rather than just reacting to them. We begin to live with harmony, we create better and happier, healthier relationships and change our lives in a most positive way.

    With Raja Yoga meditation you can throw off the old patterns of influence and recreate yourself to be how you want to be. That is the power of Raja Yoga. This ancient meditation practice harnesses your natural powers and trains your mind to be your friend. You are not your mind; you are not your body. You have a mind and you have a body. These ‘tools' sometimes work well and at other times may need calm and exercise to get back to a healthy path. 

    Raja Yoga teaches us to step back and observe life, take a calm breath, cool our reactions, and step forward in the way we choose - independent of others urging us to think or act as they wish.

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. 

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    Episode 32: Equal Access in Emergencies: During and After

    in Education

    Christy Dunaway was recently hired by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency to serve as the Disability Integration Advisor. Mississippi is only the third state in the country to develop this position within their emergency management system. In her position, Christy will ensure that all programs and services related to emergency management, preparedness, response and recovery, are fully accessible for residents with disabilities living in Mississippi. Christy will talk about her recent experiences covering her first disaster in this new position and lessons learned.

    For more information, resources, program schedule and archived shows including transcripts, explore www.adalive.org. Note: Real-time captioning available on day of broadcast.