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    Has Public Schools Failed in United States of America

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    Public education in poorer urban and rural areas is in crisis. Too many of the students are dropping out well before high school graduation. Too many are receiving high school “certificates of attendance” that do not certify academic confidence in basic subjects. Too many are being left unprepared for the world of work. Too many are being left unprepared to go on to higher education and advanced technical training. We are condemning the American society to the perpetuation of inequalities across lines of race, ethnicity, and class that we've been struggling to overcome in recent generations. The disparities in education concord with racial inequalities and socioeconomic class in America. The present system leaves a substantial portion of America behind. School problems are reflected in student apathy, student absenteeism, student disrespect for teachers, and student tardiness. Behaviors and attitudes of students are problematic particularly in the “senior high school level”. Restoring safety and discipline and backing up teachers who are determined to maintain discipline in their classrooms  are imperatives to recruit and retain high quality teachers. 

    Everyone I know see “No Child Left Behind” as a detriment to the public education environment. There is lip-service to reforming “No Child Left Behind” policies, but the focus in education continues to be in the testing process. The conversation about education is really about who will be part of the intellectual capital of this nation. Who will have access to the resources that that intellectual capital commands? Who will have access to the marketplace? And how will they access that marketplace? All of this is predicated on who has computers and uses technology now. Who is becoming technologically literate?

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    Substance Abuse and Mental Illness on the Job - Employee Assistance Programs

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    If you are a business owner or human resources professional, you may have been aware of employees who are struggling with addictions or are mentally unstable.  It may be a problem for his manager because it interferes with his/her performance on the job.  He/she may be very skilled at what they do, but their tardiness or excessive absenteeism is affecting company profits and the overall morale of his/her co-workers.  Fortunately, there is a program which is gaining in popularity which may be able to help you.  In this session, I discuss the Employee  Assistance programs which many health insurance companies offer to employers. 

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    Back By Popular Demand 'Teachers vs. Parents'

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    Back by popular demand 'Teachers vs. Parents'. Lets further expound on factors that limits a child ability to learn. For example language barrier, economical disadvantages, absenteeism of parents/guardians and etc. Last week session was very informative and resourceful! If you missed out please join T'arie and Kendra on Sunday, October 25th at 6 pm (EST). You can listen to the show by clicking on this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/savingruralamerica or you can listen, ask questions, or voice a comment by calling 323-580-5735.

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    Guest: Zach Stone, Chief Strategy Officer, Red Kite Project

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    Zach Stone, Chief Strategy Officer, Red Kite Project

    Red Kite Projects help innovative companies in healthcare, transit and crisis management fields that struggle with employee burnout, high absenteeism, and performance problems, so they can improve the resiliency of their workforce, and improve their bottom line. 


    Zach Stone holds a degree in Counseling and Behavioral Health from Drexel University and certificates in crisis intervention, victim/offender conferencing, addiction studies, and human services. He specializes in resiliency building, conflict management, and violence prevention. Zach Stone has spent the last decade as a mediator, facilitator, and corporate trainer and coach. He has worked in a variety of environments including the prison system, government, universities, NPO's, and corporations. He has presented lectures and workshops on a variety of topics to many organizations, including the International Coaching Federation, the Association for Conflict Resolution, and University of Pennsylvania. He is on staff at Drexel University in the Behavioral Health Counseling department.



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    Lose Weight ~ 5 Ways to Eat Better Today - Dr. Janet Young ~ The Natural Pathway

    in Nutrition

    Are you ready to eat better, lose weight, live better and add more vitality to your life? Natural foods and water can actually heal your body, just give them a try. Today we have Dr. Janet Young here to enlighten us. Tune in and get ready to improve your health, naturally.

    Who we are: The Natural Pathway, LLC

    What we do: We offer Wholistic Nutrition, Health Education, as well as a Wellness Consultation. Specifically, we offer Nutrition presentations, courses and seminars from a wholistic perspective; one-on-one consultation; personal in-home assessment, and personal shopping assistance.

    Our ideal client: Anyone seeking or needing to lose weight, improve their health, or the health of those they are responsible for. In addition to individuals, we are available to persons in the four primary arenas of: Corporations, Churches, Colleges and Conferences.

    How we can help you or your organization: We can help improve personal health. We can also help increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and health care costs.

    How to get started: Contact Dr. Young directly to inform her of your goals and/or responsibilities.
    The best way to connect: Please contact Dr. Young at healthynulife@yahoo.com, 404-229-6758 or visit www.thenaturalpathway.com

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    Radio Show: Wellness in the Workplace: How to Avoid Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    How to bring yoga and mindfulness meditation into your workplace.
    Strategies to go from stressed to bliss in 30 minutes.
    How a holistic practitioner can create a livelihood by delivering wellness to the workplace.

    Background and Guest Information:

    Companies everywhere are struggling with rising healthcare costs because of illness, stress, accidents, absenteeism and burnout! As a result, they are losing money…and they are looking for solutions.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Helen Goldstein as they discuss what is happening in the workplace right now in terms of wellness, and ways we can bring mindfulness meditation to CEOs as a way of making the workplace a better place.

     Helen Goldstein was a high-powered real estate agent in Toronto for 15 years until she became burnt out.  For 13 years, she owned the largest Yoga Studio in Canada, until she realized it owned her. 
    After turning her attention to the corporate marketplace, Helen found her niche, and has since sold the yoga studio to channel all her attention and energy to her new venture, The Work Place Wellness Academy.

    Helen has a replay of her recent teleclass available, “How to Create a Vibrant Practice and Thriving Business with a Workplace Wellness Focus”.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s Vital Health Community for additional ways to handle stress in a positive way.

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    "Absenteeism Doctor" Offers Rx to Manage Lost Employee Days

    in Entrepreneur

    The “Absenteeism Doctor,” Bill Shapiro, is making a house call this week on Workforce Trends. Bill is the owner of Workplace Medical Corporation.
    Absenteeism Management is one of the biggest challenges facing HR executives. Few companies know the true cost of absenteeism. It is estimated that on average, companies spend 10% - 15% of payroll on lost time and 50% - 75% of lost time are short duration absences. And it’s about to get much worse. With populations aging quickly in both the U.S. and Canada, “innocent” absences – those missed work days due to acute illnesses as well as chronic conditions – are on the rise. That’s not even considering the one-third of employees who play “hooky” every now and then.
    Join me on June 9 when I welcome my guest absenteeism management expert Bill Shapiro who will share how he helps companies manage absenteeism and, and as a result, achieve significant savings.

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    How Employee Assistance Programs Engage and Nurture Talent

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    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, from 6:30-7:00 pm ET for radio, 7:00-8:00 pm ET for the Twitter chat.

    Last week we talked about employee engagement, and this week we’re going to talk about employee assistance programs (EAP).

    EAP services are critical for businesses. They help manage costs by reducing absenteeism, health care costs and more by freeing manager time from dealing with employee personal issues, and help encourage employee engagement.

    Join #TChat co-creators and hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we learn more about EAP’s with this week’s guest: Mark Sagor, President of Comprehensive EAP, and Mark McAuliffe, Global Staffing Manager for Waters Corporation.

    A special thank you to our sponsors: RIVS, Dice, TalentWise, Globoforce and Peoplefluent -- and to our marketing partner, Red Branch Media.

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    Relax-N-Breathe Meditation (Zodiac Hour)

    in Psychology

    Today stress is the #1 killer and the biggest cause of long and short term absenteeism. Science tells us that 86% of all illnesses are caused by stress, which equates to 70% of our annual health care spending on stress related illnesses.

    Join us here on the Know Thyself Radio show with guest; "Rock Muhammad" of Relax-N-Breathe. Relax-N-Breathe (RNB) Meditation Therapy is a unique blend of the meditation methods that have been proven for thousands of years to neutralize stress and emotional inflammation through proper breathing and mindfulness.

    It's that time of the month again! Yes, I'm talking about our Zodiac Hour with Sis. So'love Shabazz and Dr. Khailfani Rivers. Call up your loved ones, friends, and associates, and have them tune in as Sis. Shabazz and Dr. Khailfani RAISE our Vibrations of Higher Consciousness through Astrology & Numerology.


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    Show #62: Engaging Employees and Sustainability with Global Action

    in Business

    Special Guest: Shelley McIvor from Global Action

    With help from Global Action Plan, O2 have determined the financial benefits of their Think Big program. For every £1 O2 invest in engaging our people in Think Big - to deliver sustainability benefits, they deliver £1.40 back to the business.

    Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and decreased employee turnover deliver financial benefits for O2. In addition, participation in the Think Big programme represents a significant development opportunity for employees. This perception was reported by both the participants and their managers, both agreeing that Think Big offers a better development opportunity than traditional training options.
    We know this is just the first step, we’ve used the best data available and applied conservative assumptions. TO improve our model we want to extend this research to other organisations. Developing the knowledge is the first step to improving the way that organisations engage with both their employees and sustainability.

    Read more in our website Ideas & Tools section as well.

    Host: Jo Moffat