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    President Abbas runs out of patience

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    President Abbas is gonna go on his own and to hell with Kerry, Netanyahu and the President himself.

    The Palestinians are sick and tired of the BS that is called Peace Negotiations which is nothing but a charade to screw Palestine, steal more land, and humiliate her people.  It is about time for hard ball to start.


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    This is fantastic! Bravo President Abbas Bravo!

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    President Abbas has done a poker trick I love.

    Mr. Netanyahu has lost this round and it sure as hell is about time.  Even Secretary Kerry was caught flat footed on this.  He never thought that it would come to this.  I wish I could have seen his face when he got the news.

    President Abbas has kept his promise to go ahead with plans to join 15 international agencies to improve the State of Palestine's image and, perhaps, further move closer to real independence.



  • 01:59

    President Abbas is asking for UN force in future State.

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    President Abbas of Palestine has come up with an ideal idea.

    The IDF would remain in the West Bank for 5 instead of 3 years, but NATO would be in charge of the border security and Palestine will have their own police force for Gaza and the West Bank.

    I don't know about you, but I think it is a good thing to have NATO troops on the borders so the IDF will have to mind their business instead of abusing, torturing, arresting, raping and killing the people of Palestine.

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    Abbas new government getting pat on the back by world leaders, privately

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    EU, US, UK, South Africa, UN is working with the coalition government of Abbas.

      It is showing that Israel is the true enemy of the world and not Hamas etc.  I like the idea of the new elections too. that will make a big difference to many of the NATO countries aside from Israel and perhaps Russia.  Time will tell which way the wind may blow.  

      I see a very positive trend from Egypt with and agreement to open the Rafah gate permanently upon the realization of the new government in Palestine.  I wonder how long the segregated Israel will last after that. Hopefully not long.



  • 01:59

    Palestine is in deep trouble. Abbas must go!

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    A new election is supposed to come within six months.  About time!

    During the term of Abbas' presidency he has lost control of Gazans and let Bibi's gang tear the resistance to taters, little pieces of materials fluttering in the wind.

    This last  assault by the weather was the worst hit on Gaza in memory.  Where the hell was Abbas?  Nowhere to be seen.  Not a word come out of his camp nor help.  It might have been Bibi in charge.


    Call US Ambassador Danial Shapiro:       1-212-963-1234  Tell him to get the Gaza humanitarian supplies through.


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    Abbas meets with UN SG, Bibi cuts ties with Palestine

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    Smoke is coming out of Bibi's ears he is so pissed off.

    I say good!  It is time for the grown ups to take over.  Bibi is old enough to be a good leader, but he has no soul nor wisdom.

    Abbas is older and wiser even though he has never been given the proper respect for his wisdom and patience.  In reality he is more settled and pragmatic and is much more comfortable with President Obama than he was around the previous 3 presidents.  



    Call me at 702-444-8422  Let's talk.

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    Kerry doesn't know what to do now. President Abbas reigns!

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    Kerry was so dumbfounded he has yet to openly address the "Peace Process."

    That is good because what does one say when the main leader steps on the master plan as he exits the negoitiations.  

    President Abbas may have done in Netanyahu and his radical agenda.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime Netanyahu has threatened to sanction and stop any progress for reconstruction of facilities.  Big deal!  How much more can the SOB do that could cause more misery to these brave people that hasn't allready been done?



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    Abbas is keeping his promise!

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    President has moved away from the "peace process."

    He has become a pretty good card player.  This latest card was the trump I have wanted him to play for a long time.  He did it in royal fashion and has gotten the attention of MSM for the first time since the 2012 bombing of Gaza by the occupying forces of Israel. 

    Bimbo I mean Bibi Netanyahu is boiling mad and Sec Kerry is so confused that he has nothing to say.  Which is a good thing to do when you are caught by surprise.

    By the way, I have a petition asking for folks to sign on to advocate a cut of the $3 billion given to Israel for weapons of all kinds, but does pay too for settlers to reside in illegal settlements in West Side Palestine.


    And remember:  #BDSIsrael

  • 03:10

    Coming Apocalypse Pastor Paul Begley

    in Current Events

    Discussing current world events with a Biblical perspective. Sadly, there was a church shooting at the Mother Emanuel AME church of Charleston, SC. Nine were killed including the Pastor Clementa Pinckney who also served as South Carolina State Senator. This is being called a "hate crime". Special guest Pastor LeRoy Carter of Back to Basics Ministry will speak to us about the South Carolina tragedy.  The "largest ever" toxic algae bloom has been spotted from Northern California to Washington state. Many shellfish, razor clams, crabs, hake and sardines are contaminated with domoic acid and several people have died and at least 100 others are sick. Will Abbas of the Palestinian Authority resign? 


  • 00:29

    PIJN News: Abbas Threatens Million Martyr March to Sieze Jerusalem

    in Current Events

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    + The government of Israel has stopped issuing gas masks to its citizens
    + Palestinian President Abbas threatens a “million martyr march” to seize Jerusalem from Israel
    + Iran begins a 6-month moratorium on making enriched uranium?