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    Brain Injury Survival Kit on Recovery Now with Kim Justus

    in Health

    Dr Cheryle Sullivan worked solo many years, as a family physician in private practice in Michigan and as a family physician-clinic administrator in Colorado.

    In 2002, a skiing accident caused a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that ended Dr. Sullivan’s medical career. Dr. Sullivan now follows her passion, raising awareness about brain injury among the general public as well as in health care providers. She has presented on topics related to brain injury to the general public, medical providers, educators, vocational rehabilitation staff and military staff and troops. She is the author of the book Brain Injury Survival Kit, 365 Tips, Tricks and Tools to Deal with Cognitive Function Loss and contributing author for the book Chicken Soup for the Soul, Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injury. See tbijourney.com

    This show is a gathering place for anyone seeking recovery from the challenges of life on life's terms. We discuss useful tools that have helped us lighten the load, of our journey through recovery. This is a "we" recovery program, because it is in the "we," that we find the new "me."

    We focus on the four A's of Recovery: Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Adaptation. This is a place for survivor's striving to become thrivers.

    Front part of show is a featured guest. The second is Open Mic and some great Indy Music, sure to inspire! Host is Kim Justus, author of In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond found at www.inaflash.org & "Like" at www.facebook.com/inaflash.org and braininjuryradio.com

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    Brain Injury Communication - Michael Idell - Who Needs A Place to Vent?

    in Social Networking

    Who needs a place to vent when they won't be judged???


    It is unlikely that there is a typical developing individual who has never had a tantrum of some sort or an irrational behavior, who has not balked at being separated from a loved one or been fed up about circumstances they are dealt with . Rarer still are people who are never moody or withdrawn, aggressive or antisocial, argumentative or oppositional.

    It is typical of anyone to retreat or respond negatively or aggressively to situations that are new, frightening, or beyond their understanding.
    Why is this unacceptable behavior for a person surviving a brain injury?

    Why is it culturally acceptable for someone to be this way but when an individual with a neurological impairment, it becomes an excuse this person is acting irrational?

    Why should this person be judged based on his or her disability?

    Why can't this be looked at as a normal behavior by someone who was mistreated somehow?
    Are you a brain inury survivor and don't know who to turn to?

    Are you a caregiver who can't get any support?

    Are you a parent of someone with special needs and cant find someone who understands?


    This is A Simple Brain Injury Support Group Organization Inc.



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    Brain Injury Communication - Michael Idell - You can't live without medication?

    in Education

    Many people think they can not get by in life without medications. Rightfully so, some may be medically needed for survival. 

    Others may be needed but are only a temporary fix like a bandaid but do not solve or treat the problem. The problem is chemical dependencies from being hooked on these medications pre cribed by doctors.

    Are you hooked on meds or have trouble getting by without the use of addictive medications prescribed by your doctors? 

    Please call our Brain Injury Radio Network Show April 1st at 5:30pm (Pacific Time)

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    Jen Kirkman // The Matthew Aaron Show

    in Entertainment

    Comedian/Actress/Best Selling Author Jen Kirkman (Chelsea Lately, Drunk History...) joins us on The Matthew Aaron Show thisWednesday (4/20) as we broadcast live from Chicago starting at5pm PT / 7pm CT.

    Jen will be with us to discuss her new book I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING - AND OTHER LIES I TELL MYSELF and current book tour which includes a stop/signing here in Chicago on April 23rd. Get your TICKETS now!

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    Happy Brain Injury Awareness Month with Craig & Cheryl

    in Radio

    Here we are in another March, celebrating brain injury awareness, it is a time to share our stories and tell the world what it is like living with a brain injury.  It is a journey that is hard and and leaves most of us isolated and lonely.  It is a loneliness than most will never understand.  Pray you never understand.

    Never the less we must find a way to learn to live a life that has meaning.  Finding meaning is harder than it sounds, ultimatly we must figure out how to live in a way we can hold our head up high.  Tongith share how you find purpose, how you make it day to day.  How you find a reason to get up every morning.

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    Brain Injury Communication - Michael Idell - Do You Feel You Are In This Alone

    in Education


    Do You Feel You Are in This Alone??????

    Are you a brain inury survivor and don't know who to turn to?

    Are you a caregiver who can't get any support?

    Are you a parent of someone with special needs and cant find someone who understands?

    WE ARE HERE! We have survivors, caregivers, family members, medical professionals and peers who can share their knowledge, experiences and accomplishments to guide through hard times!

    This is A Simple Brain Injury Support Group Organization Inc. www.ASBISG.org

    Please join us Friday March 18th at 5:30pm-6:50pm Pacific Time (8:30pm-9:50pm Eastern Time) on Brain Injury Radio Network.

    Guest call 424-243-9540

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    Episode 15: Planet 9 update, Aaron Rodgers, and a special guest

    in Paranormal

    On This Episode…

    We are joined by the host of the Dave in the Morning Show. Dave began his radio career as the morning host on WMCW and WKKD. His wacky and upbeat voice brought his audience something new every day.

    The three of us UFO stuff and there is a quick update on the Planet 9 discussion from Michael Brown, the scientist known for downgrading Pluto.

    Big O also discusses the recent Aaron Rodgers UFO story as well as Hillary Clinton’s return to Prime Time TV and her promise to tackle the UAP issue when elected.






    Music loops from DL Sounds websites.

    To contact Big O: dabigo82@gmail.com, or on Twitter @Big_O_Est_1982
    To contact Manny: ufobusterradio@gmail.com, or on Twitter @ufobusterradio

    Call the show anytime at (972) 290-1329 and leave us a message with your point of view, UFO sighting, and ghostly experiences or join the discussion on www.ufobusterradio.com.

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    Another Fork in the Road: Panel - Grief After Brain Injury

    in Education

    This evening, my panel – Sandra Williams (both survivor and caregiver), Dr. David Figurski (survivor), and Lisabeth Mackall (caregiver), joins me to discuss the topic of GRIEF. Grief is experienced not only by the survivor, who may have lost his or her “old” self and is trying to adjust to his or her new world, but also by those who have frequent contact with the survivor. As we know, brain injury affects ALL members of the family, who are often the caregivers. We will examine the feelings of the family as they adjust to their loved one’s change.

    Every TBI survivor and caregiver has encountered a fork in the road that has diverted his or her life-plan. A car accident, a fall from the roof, doing one more chin-up, or a door literally slamming one in the face are just some causes of traumatic brain injury. College plans, walking down the aisle in the perfect dress, or the coveted job quickly slip from reality as dreams turn to struggle. These unexpected life-happenings that divert one from his or her chosen path in life can be devastating. But as Yogi Berra once said, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Life is all about choices!

    To learn more about me, please visit my blogs.

    Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury Blog: survivingtraumaticbraininjury.com

    Donna's Blog: donnaodonnellfigurski.wordpress.com

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    An Evening with Aaron Evans

    in Entertainment

    Our guest Aaron Evans will be joining us to discuss everything from his music to his glass artwork and more.

    "Hello, My name is Aaron Evans. I make a art. A LOT of art. From Music to Glassblowing to Journalism to Crocheting (And don’t even get me started on DIY craft projects.) there are several simple common bonds which permeate threw each piece I create and I would like to share those with you. A. Each and every piece of art I manifest into this world, contains a small piece of my heart. Literally. Fuck the hype. This is 110% heart. B. I never settle for my latest accomplishment. Ever. I strive to make every piece better than the last. Tho I may not always succeed in that task, I’m convinced that we must alway reached for higher rungs if our aim is rise. C. I believe that art is the most powerful tool in our world in which to affect change. Period. D. I’ve made countless pieces of art. Some of it lies dormant, hidden, and will perhaps never be seen. Other offerings have literally shaken the world and touched millions of lives. ALL of them, have saved me from a life of self destruction and self hate time and time again. ART IS MY SALVATION!!! And I’m eternally grateful for the cyclic semblance and peace I find within my personal creative universe. I could tell you a million other things ABOUT my art, but at this point in life I’d rather leave you with this simple introduction, let my work speak for itself and ask to you EXPERIENCE my art for yourself. Beyond that all I ask is that you keep the motto near your heart. #WeAreRising #WeAreOne Stay Lifted. Brother AE"



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    Aaron Glenn - Glenndyne Design

    in Automotive

    Host Courtney Lambert talks with Aaron Glenn of Glenndyne Design about his intregal role in the custom motorcycle industry. Glenndyne's designs and quality have earned their reputation amongst top builders in the industry. Their style is undeniable and recognized around the world. Aaron will tell listeners about his background and what led him to the motorcycle industry. He and Courtney will also talk about the products they offer and what we can look forward to from Glenndyne Design.

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    Tiya Sircar // Kulap Vilaysack // The Matthew Aaron Show

    in Entertainment

    Actress Tiya Sircar (Miss India America, The Internship, Star Wars Rebels...) & Comedian/Producer/Actress Kulap Vilaysack (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Office...) join us on The Matthew Aaron Show this Wednesday (3/30) as we broadcast live from Chicago starting at 5pm PT / 7pm CT.

    Tiya will be with us to discuss her new film MISS INDIA AMERICA which is currently playing in select theaters and will be available on VOD starting April 5th.

    Kulap chatted with Matt earlier in the week about her new comedy series BAJILLION DOLLAR PROPERTIE$ which she created and Executive Produces. The series currently airs on SEESO, NBC’s new comedy digital platform.