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    Talk the Talk (T3) Radio Show With Chris & Steve

    in Christianity

    Join us Monday April 18 at 6:30pm EST.

    On tonight’s show we will be hearing “Wisdom from the Road” with Brick Mason and Redeemed Biker Church!

    Special Guest Rodger Duvall “A True Damascus Experience”

    This week on “Talk The Talk” we are honored to have Rodger Duvall with us.

     Rodger went from hopelessness to a heart of hope, from a hardened heart to heart softened by Jesus. 

     We are going to hear tonight how this brother came to a knowledge of Christ and got a new heart in a true Damascus Road experience.

    His intention was to clean out his old shed, God’s intention was to clean out his old life.

    Be sure to tune in!



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    in Religion

    To study the Word of God with simplicity and Understanding!

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    The Polymer-Talk Radio ep2

    in News

    Join Brian and Trey as they cover news, sports, and talk about random stuff.

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    Talk the Talk (T3) Radio Show with Chris & Steve

    in Christianity


    Have you ever been cut off while out riding, get behind some one driving to slow?

    What do you do? Listen in tonight as we discuss ways to deal with rage.

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    Talk The Talk (T3) Radio Show With Chris & Steve

    in Christianity

    Join us Monday April 11th at 6:30pm EST.

    On tonight’s show we will be hearing “Wisdom from the Road” with Brick Mason and Redeemed Biker Church!

    Special Guest Billy Rivers “A Hardened Biker Switches Gears”

    This week on Talk The Talk we are excited to have Billy Rivers back with us on the show. If you tuned in a few months back you heard the riveting story of Billy’s journey from Crime to Christ, from addiction to acceptance by the one who matters most.  

    Billy is launching a new ministry and will be here to talk with us about “A Hardened Biker Switches Gears” whose mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the motorcycle community, prisons, in drug rehab units, with anyone having addiction issues and in homeless communities. 

    You don’t want to miss what this brother is doing for the Kingdom.

    Be sure to tune in!




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    Spirit Talk Radio " Spirit Talk " with David Francis

    in Spirituality

    Spirit Talk Radio " Spirit Talk " with David Francis 

    Spirit Talk Radio are Delighted to be broadcasting live from Believe Youghal Co Cork and David is once again delighted to speak with Ber  , Ber is an irish women with an unquenchable thirst for spiritual and ancient knowledge we go live at 2: 30 pm gmt IRE

    Guidinghand Tours is owned and run by Ber (Bernadette). Ber is an Irish woman with an unquenchable thirst for Spiritual and Ancient Knowledge.  Born, raised and currently living in Ireland, she has had a childhood steeped in Folklore, Fairies, Local Legends, Magic and Myths.  Bedtimes stories of children being turned into swans, lands of eternal youth (Tir na Nóg), Druids, Tuatha De Dannan and Fairies.

    As a child Ber also had a connection to all things Egyptian.  No one in her family had ever been there yet she always knew from an early age that she would visit the land of Egypt.  Her passion for history as a young girl kept her seeking more knowledge from books and teachers (no internet back then).

    Ber became the proud mother of six wonderful children while still continuing with her explorations with Crystals, Meditation, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Rebirthing, Energy and Natural Healing and of course Sacred Sites.

    Ber has worked with healers in Ireland, the UK and Egypt; with Mayan Shamans in Mexico and the Shamans of the jungle in Peru.  Of the many modalities and tools she uses in her work, Meditation has always been an integral component.

    Ber formed Guidinghand Tours to share her love, passion, knowledge and sacred connection with others who are called to visit and experience the energy of Sacred Sites.


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    in Entertainment

    Byrgundy Mallory (Host) and A'kniyai Seivwright will get the opportunity to interview Jr. Miss MGN Role Model 2015 on the premier of Crown Talk with Byrgundy Radio Talk Show: KIDOZ EDITION!


    Adriana Rafanelli Biography:

    Adriana Rafanelli is the daughter of Chris and Renee Rafanelli.  She is an active fifth grader at Dacula Elementary where she is a Spark Leader, Chorus member and participates in the Art Club and Impact Bible Club.  She has been involved in dance since she was two and was recently appointed her pointe shoes and accepted into the Joffrey NYC summer dance intensive.  She is most proud of her community service involvement and has served over 1300 hours of service earning 12 Presidential medals for her volunteer efforts.  She is also a huge Disney fan and loves to visit Disney parks whenever she can!   

    When she was crowned the 2015 MGN Junior Miss Role Model she could hardly believe it.  She was beyond amazed to hold such a prestigious title and to represent the MGN Pageant System as their Role Model ambassador.  She has grown to love the Phillips family and is proud to have Mrs. Lisa Phillips as her director.  This year, she has had the opportunity to be in the Buford Christmas parade, serve at local food banks and many other events! She loves spending time with her MGN friends and is excited to see the pageant expand and grow in 2016.

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    Women Talk & Empowerment Productions Radio Show Special Guest BJ Releford

    in Women


       Women Talk & Empowerment Productions Radio Show with your Host Shareta. Today we have a special Guest BJ Releford as she talks about her Re-Launch of "The Lady Leader" & Introduction of "The Lady Leader Morning Manna Manual" You can call in to talk with the Host and our Special Guest. Also you can listen in live via our website 24/7 365 Days by going to http://sharetaberry.wix.com/ihizhmp 

    Don't forget you can also find us on IHeart Radio by going to this link http://www.iheart.com/show/Women-Talk-Empowerment-Show/ add us as one of your stations. Download the IHeart App to your phone and then add us as one of your listening station.

    If you are an up and coming Artist and would like us to play your music on our show send us an email at sharetaberry@outlook.com or call us at (442) 224.3267

    We Air Each and every 3rd Saturday in the Month so be on the look out for some great shows, Interviews and Good Music.



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    The Sound Mind Sound Body Radio Talk Show

    in Sports

    Episode #6: “Under The Radar Recruits”


    On this Monday's Sound Mind Sound Body Football Radio Show, Ann Arbor Skyline head football coach Chanterius Brock will be along to discuss the history of SMSB, his role with the nation’s premier football academy plus his reaction to the NCAA's ban of satellite camps. You can assist in the movement to overturn the NCAA's ruling by signing the following petition: https://www.change.org/p/mark-emmert-memmert-ncaa-org-overturn-ncaa-ban-on-satellite-camps.


    Additionally, Brock, co-founder of the Detroit-based "Maximum Exposure" 7-on-7 team, will talk about how arguably the greatest 7v7 team ever assembled came to be.


    The show will also feature under-the-radar recruits, who will explain what a camp like SMSB does for them in gaining exposure.    


    Send in your questions for host Joe Gladney and fill-in co-host Vito Chirco plus our guest Chanterius Brock before & during the show by tweeting at our Twitter handle, @SMSBFootball. In addition, when you tweet us your Q’s, use either #SMSBFootball or #SMSBTakeover. You can call in your questions as well by calling us during the show at 347-850-8025.


    So, tune-in Monday night at 8 EST to hear from our featured “Under The Radar Recruits” plus to learn much more about the ultimate grassroots initiative among high school football camps nationwide.



    Episodes of the show air each and every single Monday night at 8 EST on Play Book Talk Radio.


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    BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio May 2

    in Sports

    We're kicking off a new week and the month of May here on BangTheBook Radio with a really interesting May 2 broadcast. We'll hear from Cole Ryan with the first of three installments of Betting the Buckets for this week, as he breaks down the NBA playoffs and everything that we have seen so far. The series between the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers begins tonight and the Oklahoma City Thunder will try for a better performance against the San Antonio Spurs. Host Adam Burke will talk MLB and NHL with a relatively light set of games in both of those leagues. Chris Connelly of Contrarian Investments, LLC will join the show as we talk about a new sports betting investment opportunity that could gain a lot of steam in the coming months and years.


    0:20-12:45 - Show intro, Adam Burke's NHL thoughts for May 2

    12:45-21:45 - Cole Ryan's Betting the Buckets

    21:45-30:50 - Burke's MLB thoughts for May 2

    30:50-1:01:00 - Chris Connelly, CEO of Contrarian Investments, LLC, the sports betting mutual fund; sports betting investment opportunity

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    in Youth

    The Chattaboyz are a talented high energy hip-hop group from Philadelphia that is quickly taking the local scene by storm. This urban group loves to turn up and have everyone on their feet. Chattaboyz is a group of two young men that are out to inspire younger generations to never stop chasing dreams. In Chattaboyz there is Nesco “17” and Lil’ Shorty “16”. There is also the drummer Dave. 9The Chattaboyz have successfully performed at Club NuNu as well as a concert in the infamous Love Park, a few Youth Conferences in Philadelphia, Willingboro and Trenton, New Jersey, The Ronald Mcdonald House and more. Follow the Chattaboyz on Soundcloud as well. Also, their first single is now out on WorldstarHiphop.com as well as Vevo.com and is for sale on iTunes and Cdbaby.com Stay tuned for upcoming releases and music videos. 



    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Chattaboyz-457459637770773/ 


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/chattaboyz


    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/chattaboyz


    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chattaboyz


    Tumblr: http://chattaboyz.tumblr.com/


    Reverbnation Page: https://www.reverbnation.com/chattaboyz