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    LL Sports 2 - "The 2015 NFL Schedule is Released!"

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    Welcome to LL SPORTS 2! A sports show for everyone!! – but for the ladies, we’ll get an opportunity each show to teach you some of the fundamentals of baseball, basketball or football.  We promise to never answer your questions with "not right now, the game is on!"

    The NFL schedule has been released; does your team have an easy or hard road to San Francisco in February 2016? The NBA playoffs are in full swing! The ladies will get you caught up on all of the series and does anyone predict a first round sweep? Also, can your employer suspend you for incidents that occur while NOT on the company clock??

    All of this, plus the Wednesday Wikipedia, the Ladies Learn Moment, your phone calls, comments, questions and much much more!!

    Join TJ & TIFF Wednesday night @8p EST!

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    Intuitive Coaching Call-In with the Mystic 3

    in Self Help

    We Mystic 3 gals are all certified Master Intuitive Coaches who have been successfully helping our clients move past obstacles in their lives, find their life's purpose, and live their dreams! These are challenging times with lots of change and upheaval.  We can help you navigate whatever is challenging you. We love being of service to our listeners by offering the opportunity to receive the benefits of coaching expertise.

    Please join us for the show by call in or chat. Or post questions on our Facebook page to be answered live on the show. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Tonight is a special thirty minute broadcast with detailed information concerning the four judgments that will be released against the United States. There is a fifth judgment that will complete the cycle. You must be prepared! 

    Our Father in heaven is about to do a favor for the Christians in America. Please share this message with everyone you love and care about. Let righteousness rain down from above and enter into the hearts of a remnant who will be able to stand in the midst of the judgments being released. 

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    Patriots Schedule Released

    in Football

    In this episode we discussed the release of the Patriots schedule along with several other topics.

  • prerecord may 3

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    prerecord may 3

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    test show 3

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    test show #3

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    BIBLE BOOK # 3

    in Religion

    BIBLE BOOK #   3

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    Ann Pale 5-3-2015

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    Ann Pale 5-3-2015

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    TALK BACK TUESDAYS: The Freedom Fighters, The Baltimore Riots!!!!

    in Self Help

    Why do you want to be on the front line and put your life in danger?

    Yesterday in the Westside of Baltimore MD, some young high school children planned a protest in response to the brutal death of Freddie Gray once again by the police.  Why has it come down to the children giving a response?  Why did the news spend all day focusing on the riots and not the escalating frustration of historical marginalization, oppression, and violent attacks against African American males? Why are there so many excuses used by African Americans to justify not mobilizing against these assassinations? Why are we still talking and not doing?  Where are the freedom fighters for 2015 the flash back of 1968? These unjust murders are a state of EMERGENCY and we have no more time to answer these questions and so many others. Let’s talk about how we can mobilize on talk back Tuesdays with 3 counselors and a couch. Come get on the Couch!

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    International Sunday School Lesson on 3 John for the Week of 05-03-15

    in Christianity

    Hello Everybody welcome to my weekly commentary on the International Sunday School Lesson for May 3, 2015.

    v.1: John begins his epistle by addressing himself as an elder. He greets ‘’’the well-beloved’’ Gaius..v.2-8: Is John’s Tribute to godly Gaius to his service to the church: in v2 is his is three-fold prayer for Gaius’ soul prosperity, for his good health and wealth continuation..v3 & 4: It did John’s heart good to hear from the brethren that one of his converts (one of  his little children) was walking in Christ’s truth he had shared..v5 & 6: is a declaration of devotion to his word the writer was impress how the minister treated his neighbor as he wanted to be treated.v.7: is the traveling minister went in his Gaius’s name and they went without begging the Gentiles for money to support their ministry...v.8: Tells us we do not have to begging for the Church...v,9-11 are John’s rebuke of Diotrephes and his dastardly deeds..in v9 the elder said ‘’I wrote to the Church’’ to inform it the brethren had borne witness that Gaius and Demetrius had a good report but Diotrephes does not,v.10: continues the chastisement and a promise to follow up on report of the preacher’s mis ’deeds’’.v.11 John compared the men and made proclamation ‘’he that doeth good is of God, but he that does evil hath not seen God.v.12: Devotional Demetrius gets a good report .v.13 & 14: are the conclusion to the epistle, ‘’I have many things to write, he would say, but...I trust I will see you shortly..


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    Episcopal Q and A 3

    in Religion

    This is part 3 of the Question and Answer Series.  

    Where does the color red comes from?
    Mozetta and the Mantellone/Mantelletta
    Suitable Vestments - why women don't wear their personal hats
    Vestments are not about you, but about maintaining the sacred
    History, Meaning, development of vestments
    Clerical formation process
    What do I wear when I am not Eucharistic/Ceremonial Dress? What do I wear on Holy Days/Feasts?  Ordinary Time?