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    50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act with Joan and Loki Mulholland

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    Tune in as the Sistas commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They'll be joined by Civil Rights Activist and Freedom Rider, Joan Mulholland, and her son Loki Mulholland, award-winning filmmaker and director of An Ordinary Hero: The True Story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland.

    Joan Trumpauer Mulholland participated in one of the most famous and violent sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement at the Jackson Woolworth lunch counter. She has come face-to-face with the KKK, was put on death row in Mississippi’s notorious Parchman Penitentiary with fellow Freedom Riders, and helped plan and organize the March on Washington. Following in his mother's footsteps, Loki Mulholland creates films that make a difference in the world. Joan and Loki founded the JTM Foundation, a non-profit organization that educates youth about the Civil Rights Movement and empowers them with the idea that they can make a difference. Click here to learn more and contribute to their work.



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    O Patriota: Antes de 1964...

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    Nesse programa, irei comentar as notícias que mais nos afetam e explicar o contexto histórico da Revolução de 1964.
    Não percam!!!

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    So a few weeks ago, I mentioned a highly troubling document I found online. I have sat on this document, debating upon sharing it. With all the present-day confusion as to what is Real Afrikan Spirituality and what is not, I have now been moved to share this document and also discuss its present-day ramifications, esp. for those pursuing liberation down a specifically Afrikan Centered Pathway.


    The document is linked below for all listeners to have in their personal archives.

    ALL THE b.s. THAT HAS BEEN TOUTED AS REAL AFRIKAN SPIRITUALITY should go away after a proper listening to this show!


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    Episode 1964 - Pine Ridge Warriors - Marcus Samuel and Curtis Horse

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    Episode 1964 - Pine Ridge Warriors
    Minister Marcus Samuel and Curtis Horse
    Recorded LIVE Fri 11-21-2014

    Website: www.pineridgegathering.com 
    Address: Pine Ridge Warriors, P.O. Box 18, Porcupine, SD 57772
    Brother Curtis pineridgewarriors@yahoo.com
    Brother Marcus throne_zone2@hotmail.com
    Contact Phone Number: 605-455-1069

    Shannon Ray Davis is The Omega Man
    The Official Website of Omega Man Radio is: omegamanradio.com
    Facebook: omegamanradio
    Email omegamanradio@yahoo.com

    Casting out devils, Exorcism, Exorcist, Deliverance from demons in Jesus Christ Name is what omega man radio is all about.

    Tune in live Mon-Fri Nightly at 7pm Eastern at: mixlr.com/omegamanradio

    Dial 1-917-889-2745 if you need an exorcism or deliverance from demons - in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.

    You can support Omega Man Radio and keep it on the air by donating any amount online at omegamanradio.com

    "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." LUKE 10:19


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    The Timmons Brothers - "The Beatles in 1964 and the Rebirth of American Rock''

    in Music

    Friday, February 7, 1964 began the renaissance of ‘rock ‘n’ roll music in America as the Beatles landed at the JFK airport in New York City and became the vanguard of the British Invasion. The Timmons Brothers will analyze and review the contemporary reports of 1964  and the skepticism that surrounded the possibility of success for British artists in the United States. Such questions as timing, the music landscape and the type of artist before 1964 will be addressed and why 1964r may be the benchmark year in rock’s history.

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    The 1964 New York World's Fair: Remember when we used to manufacture?

    in Politics

    Guest:  Frank Burke, management consultant and contributor to American Thinker.

    We will remember the 50th anniversary of the New York World's Fair (1964) and how we used to manufacture and make everything in the US.    The Fair was a tribute to things "Made in the USA" and there were great exhibitions from US manufacturers and their products.  

    Will we ever manufacture again in the US?

    Thinking of a Mother's Day gift?  Check out my book: 


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    Episode #4 - Off to Vietnam 1964

    in Military

    In this episode we'll be talking to CSM about more training for the Special Forces. Then it's off to Vietnam in 1964 with the 5th Special Forces . You can call in with questions for CSM 914-338-0944 or send an email to csmhessblogtalkradio@gmail.com. If you send in an email we'll address your question in our next episode.

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    Racism Hid Behind Rose Colored Glasses in America, 1964~2008

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    America is into rose color glasses. Americans only want to see certain things in certain ways. It may be OK to pretend we are not 50 pounds over weight. We can just buy a larger size of the same outfit. Then we don't have to face the truth. Is it never OK to wear rose colored glasses when it is about our own health and well being. It is not OK when it harms society. This country was once was young, but now we are old. America is old enough to have fixed broken from centuries ago. It is time for America face the facts of our history and grow up. Repent and fix the mistakes past and present. This is the only way we all can begin to heal. America was the land of the Indians. Whites immigrated to America and stole America from Indians. White sea Captains stole Africans and brought them to America to sell to plantation owners to use as free labor. Africans that survived the trip to America were beat into submission to obey White men. Animals and Africans had basically the same value. Property of White men. Africans were stripped of their language to prevent plotting to escape. Africans were property of Whites until 1865. Africans were freed, yet freedom for many lead to sharecropping on some of the same plantations where they slaved in bondage. When Black begin to use their skills to produce and make money, Black code laws were put in place to keep Blacks dependent on Whites. Immigrants entering America were blended into the social order of the country, putting immigrants above Africans. Africans by now were viewed very negatively by all. African either submitted to being characterized as nothing, or they were beat brutally or hung by the neck until dead and left to be seen by all other Africans who dared to not accept racism in America. After the Civil Rights Act of 1965 racism put on rose colored glasses. 2008, the glasses come off.

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    Jefferson Bronco Reunion Class of 1964 with Gary Bailey

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    Dr Synonymous, aka, Dr Pat Jonas, Jefferson Township Class of 1964, interviews another Bronco- Gary Bailey, a 50th Reunion Committee leader for the Class of 1964.  Gary will reflect on the reunion, Jefferson and the class of 1964- not just those who were in the class at graduation.  We include everyone who was ever in the class as members of the class. Listen in as Gary reflects and looks ahead through the "heart of a Bronco".

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    Episode #5 - Wrapping up first tour in Vietnam 1964/65

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    "Joureny Into A Soldier's Life"

    In this episode we'll be wrapping up CSM John Hess first tour in Vietnam. We will highlight some areas where we missed some information during this tour as well. You can call in with questions for CSM 914-338-0944 or send an email to csmhessblogtalkradio@gmail.com. If you send in an email we'll address your question in our next episode.

    Those of you following our Blog Talk Radio Show, The first two Episodes are here:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/csmhess Called - Episode 1 - Joining the Army or Navy in 1959 & Episode 2 - Murphy's law We've changed to another link for Episode 3 - CSM Hess as a Recovery Specialist in 1962 and anything going forward to this link:

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    Beyond Selma: Making a Difference 50 Years Later

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    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

    "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others."

    ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


    So much has been spoken, written, and even sung about this great, historic American icon. Most would agree that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was THE definitive voice of change during one of the most tumultuous seasons in American history. Because of the collaborative efforts of Dr. King and many of his contemporaries at the time, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 became a reality. But that was 50 years ago. What's left of Dr. King's legacy for us to take and use to impact this current generation? Why are we still battling with racism, classism, and sexism? Are there lessons that we failed to learn in the past 50 years?

    Tune in today as we chat with Edward Perry, Psalmist, U. S. Army Veteran and Senior Pastor of Bethsalem Baptist Church in Springfield, NY. We're discussing the legacy of Dr. King and how it translates into our current social issues.

    Call in, 646-716-6910, or log in to our LIVE chat room during the broadcast.


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